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Say, you're the one Gaster told me to track?Chara to CORE!Frisk

Pendulum-Chara (Who likes to go as the name "Chalet") is a Human Out-Code created by TartCrimson, she is the first experimental Modified Human by Pendulum!Gaster and assistant to him. originating from an Undertale Pacifist Timeline.


Throughout the entire Pacifist route it felt as if they have experienced nothing different, even through the unstable timeline they and everyone was passing through was collapsing. Certain monsters and roles were disappearing without a trace, and no one remembering them. texts and dialogues changing randomly the only ones seeming to notice the changes being Flowey and Sans.

At the end of the Pacifist Route where Asriel was supposed to appear, the game crashed completely. Revealing the Figure, Gaster who has been watching the timeline in its entirety Gaster decided on letting the timeline run one more time to see if the reality would correct itself if or not manually resetting the timeline without the players consent.

The Players memory of the event was erased and they continued the Pacifist route earning the True Ending until suddenly Frisk detached from the timeline turning a Monochrome color and killing everyone in sight. Chara was awakened by this but unlike normally they didn’t attempt to help the player but wanted to stop them, they didn’t want to give up the ending that was nearly created, Chara confronted the unhinged Frisk at New Home. Though through the fight Chara was overpowered and before they were killed Gaster interrupted the timeline yet again.

It seemed as time stopped for everybody but the two. Gaster explained his intentions: the timeline was far gone and to end it’s miserable existence he would kill Chara and then the player and erase the timeline for good. Chara obviously protested and claimed they were able to save the timeline, they could win and create a happy ending. Gaster knew this was a bluff they were on the brink of death and prepared to end their life.

Though before this Gaster had second thoughts, Chara had shown great determination to keep their timeline and friends, something they haven’t seen from a Human before, so Gaster offered them a choice;

“If you want to leave this place alive, you shall become a servant and Subject for him in exchange. Your timeline will disappear for good, your memory of the timeline gone as well. ” Chara didn’t want to accept the fact they would become a guinea pig, but they looked at their situation and realized just how hopeless they were. Without a choice she accepted to become Gasters first Human Experiment with Free Will.

After experimentation Chara acted like a different person with no other memories to fall back on, they saw Gaster as a father figure and even though they took up the name “Chara” they didn’t think of themselves as one. Gaster was proud of his only successful human subject and the only one capable of being his assistant as he intended, from then on she acted as a Protector of the Multiverse going on jobs assigned by Gaster to fix any problems showing in Timelines.



Chara wears a pitch Black Hat with the texture and appearance of a Straw Hat, though made with some unknown material, with this she wears a long black dress made with a thick black goo like material and occasionally Sunglasses to hide her bright Magenta Pink eyes with Long flowing White Hair. Her soul takes the appearance of Traditional Household clock with Roman Numerals representing her Level of Violence at the said moment. Her body due to being merged with several others in an attempt to stabilize the income of foreign Magic, changed drastically with the look of 14-15 year old Teenager.


Chara upon being used as a subject and having her character rewritten she acts more mature, but still seems to be childish on some occasions. She has easily befriended many other Out-Codes throughout the universe when out on Tasks. She questions her life before being a Assistant for Gaster but tends to give up on thinking about it fairly easily, with Gaster dodging the questions as well.

She is a laid back individual, though she can be overprotective of things special to her such as when one asks her of her past. As a hobby she goes throughout different universes collecting particular items. Unlike Gaster she has a sense of justice and will take justice on things she finds evil and siding people she finds morally correct spawning her like for people such as Dream Sans.


  • Manunal L.O.V.E Manipulation: Chara is capable of controlling her Level of Violence increasing her strength at intervals when needed while keeping most of her Sanity. though the higher the chosen LV is the more violent and distant.
  • Portal Manifestation: Chara can create Portals to different timelines, AU’s, and spaces in the multiverse at will.
  • Black Flame Magic: Chara can manipulate the dormant Magic left from her Wizard heritage allowing her to generate Flame magic specifically black flames which tend to be stronger than normal flames.
  • Immortality: Chara is incapable of aging past her current point, though she can be killed by other means.
  • Time Manipulation: Chara has a loose grip of controlling time, being able to pause time for a few seconds, rewind it, and speed it up overusing this however could be bad for her stabilization.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Experimental Blaster Magic #14: Chara uses Experimental Gaster Blasters. though still being in a developmental stage can break easily and are unreliable in some situations.
  • Wormhole Handbag: Chara carries a Handbag, inside this Handbag is a Mini-Dimension capable of keeping more items then any normal Storage should.


  • Pendulum!Gaster has a set of rules Chara has to follow those being:
    • Do not meddle with a Timelines natural running State via it be Genocide, Pacifistic or Neutral.
    • By all means do not become attached to certain people found in Timelines visited
    • Do not stall on doing a job for your own sake.
    • Do not involve in Multiverse Affairs. (Which is a rule that has been broken by her once)
  • She speaks in the "Shadows into Light" font but writes in the "Tangerine" Font, she can also Transalate and speak in wingdings hence being taken care by Pendulum!Gaster.
  • In Storyswap she has a cameo appearance in Waterfall.
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