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Phantomime is a Ghost mime that lives in the underground to perform for others. In Hard Mode he will always be encountered with at least one Migospel.


Phantomime is one of the many members in the ghost family. He's a ghost whose dream is become a professional mime. Ever since he could remember, he alway found happiness in spreading joy to others. But he couldn't find a way to entertain people. Soon however he came across a clown bug monster named "Migospel". He was very intrigued by Migospel comedy routine and how his funny actions seemed to entertain the other monsters. Since He decided to become a comedic entertainer, by become a mime and helping Migospel with his performances. He and Migospel both enjoy miming and performing for others, hence why they are friends.



He is a white colored ghost who wears a black beret, mime makeup, a white shirt with black stripes and white cartoony gloves. He always has a positive expression of his face, but can show negative expression under very serious conditions.


Like any normal mime he can't really speak, so he communicates through body language and sign language. If a person doesn't like his performance he will get sad. But if a Human doesn't like his performance or tries to hurt Migospel, he will get mad and break character speaking very angrily in a french accent.


  • Possession: Inhabiting the bodies of coperal beings and taking control over them. When he possesses someone, they end up acting and looking like a mime.
  • Ecto kinesis: Summoning small wisp minions to attack.
  • Ghost Wall: Creating an invisible wall that blocks all damage.
  • Transparency: Been able to go through walls and other solid objects.
  • Ecto-Ball: An ability that all ghosts have through which they can make a powerful energy ball that can deal a large amount of damage to their opponents.



He is Phantomime's inspiration for becoming a mime and is his close friend.

Ruins Dummy, Napstablook, Mettaton and Mad Dummy

They are his cousins.


Emboo is Phanto's firey and prank loving cousin who makes fun of his mime act and his "Ridiculous" french accent.


  • His name is a combination of the words "Phantom" and "Mime" and a pun the word Pantomime.
    • His name is also comes from the Super mario 2 enemy "Phanto".
  • He is a minor character in the AUs Underswap:Super Sigma and Turnedtables.
    • He is enemy that you randomly encounter in the sparkle-stone caves (Super Sigma) and in Crystal catacombs (Turnedtables).
  • His ability to create invisible walls is slightly based on Mr Mime from the Pokemon series. Also his Ecto-ball attack is inspired by the pokemon move "Shadow Ball".