Phase Sans

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Phase Sans is an wandering Out!code by Phase Sans. Not much known about about him, as he came from an AU where Frisk never existed. Other than that, his past is a total mystery.



Phase Sans wears a tie-dye hooded sweatshirt with some gray sweatpants, he wears some regular shoes, he wears gloves but just ones to keep warm, he also keeps his robotic gaster blaster by his side. His gaster blaster looks like a regular gaster blaster but with a metal body, wires to the sides of it's mouth, blue eyes, and a 8-headed-lazer cannon in it's mouth. If you were wondering, phase sans has light gray eyes.


He has very few friends, he is capable of tricking people just to take any barbecue, nacho cheese, or original chips from them. He will tend to call random people and say a random word then hang up. Phase Sans likes to have a chat with anyone he comes across, his thing to do is replace any and all oven's he finds with a cheese sculpture.


He has a robotic gaster blaster that looks similar to moniTOR's one but not too much similar, Phase Sans apparently doesn't have a brother, Phase Sans will usually worry if his robotic gaster blaster is not by his side due to the fact it can fire 8 beams and is his special attack, the Robotic gaster blaster will charge up for 3 minutes in his special attack then shoot 9 huge beams for 5 seconds. Phase Sans once took his gaster blaster and was like "hmm, i wonder if i can stand on it?" So he stood on top of it and was just like "yup, i clearly can". Phase Sans is said to look like a skeleton trying to look happy but the only time he is happy is when he is wearing his sweater, he tries to have conversations with his gaster blaster but it's not easy due to the fact his gaster blaster will only look at him.


He has made a discovery while scanning for error sans, he found a sort of power source more than 500 gods located a few miles away, unsure of it right now.

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