Lira is the player and coder of an AT (Now AU) Playertale. They are a true pacifist with the only intent on sparing and befriending anyone they come across. Lira has a big part in making her Au into an au. They are also the pure half of a 3 part broken soul of her creator. More information on that here:

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Lira has orange hair and a frisk expression. They have a pink sweater with a yellow stripe. And they have Brown shorts and regular brown boots.
-Playertale- Lira sprite

Lira In sprite Form.


They are very friendly and polite. When in a fight they will always try to befriend their opponent no matter the circumstance. On rare circumstances if they ABSOLUTELY have to they will go into an emotionless state to stop their opponent depending on how many people their opponent has killed.
Lira Gains LV

Lira with their Menu.

What they do in the Multiverse

  • Protect Alternete Timelines And Alternete Universes
  • Attempt to befriend everyone they meet
  • Defeat any Extreme Threats.
  • Try to befriend any Extreme Threats.
  • Try to Reform any extreme threats.

Weapons and Abilites

  • Determination Sword - Like the sword in glitchtale accept theirs only a heart to descorate it.
  • Determination shield just like the one in glitchtale accept Lira's is a lighter shade of red.
  • Love Knife - similar to the Real knife and Toy Knife.
  • Memory Restore - able to restore or remind the person that this is used on about ceratin memories.
  • Memory Erase - erases the memory or certain memories of the person this is used on.
  • Soul Resurrection - Resurectes the Soul its used on, but it takes a lot of power.
  • SAVE Resonates something in the soul that is strong enough to REFORM the person its used on.


Playertale!Frisk - Their partner and one of their best friends. they do everything together.

Playertale!Chara - Their friend. Lira saved them from their Demon child state.

Playertale!Sans - One of their best friends. Lira convinced him to become a royal guard.

Playertale!Papyrus - Their Friend. She supports papyrus in anything he does.

Playertale!Asriel - One of their best friends and a somewhat brother figure.

Playertale!Toriel - Mother figure. They care for Toriel very much.

Playertale!Asgore - Friend and somewhat father figure. Their relationship still needs to be worked out.

Sans - Their Friend. It took a bit of time until sans actually trusted her.

Ink!Sans - The first person that they met in the multiverse and one of their best friends.


  • Whie their AU's frisk has a DETERMINATION soul, Lira has a LOVE soul as in Affection.
  • If Lira becomes extremely depressed their soul will turn Grey.
  • If absolutely necessary Lira will increase their LV.


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