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Poison is an evil copy of J, who's sole purpose is to infect others with it's plauge. He was created when J caught the first strain of the Poison infection, but managed to split the Poison molecules from his own, essentially making a sentent zombie.

The Poison Virus is spread through bites. It's easy to tell if someone is a 'Poison' because they will be pretty much a walking glowstick. A host's body will become covered in a green membrane, and then a new life form will emerge. That life form, along with Poison, and any others of it's kind, will have two goals: Infect an AU, and destroy ones that resist.



Posion wears a dark green hoodie with two black sashes going across his chest in a X. His hair is white, and hid by his hood. His skin is the color as the inside of an Avocado.


This is for Posion J, any others depend on what powers the host had when infected (poisoned). Also, being hot by one of these attacks don't cause poisoning, only bites.

  • Poison Blaster: A Gaster Blaster that has been poisoned. A green Ray of not good fluid will shoot out of the Blaster, melting anything on contact.
  • Posion Needle: Instead of bones, Poison shoots green needles out of his hands. They stick into their targets and siphons thier life force.
  • Posion Spike: Posion slams the ground, and green spikes blast out of the ground twoards thier target. The target is then pulled back over to Posion, perfectly ready to be bit.
  • Copy: Posion can make himself a perfect copy of anyone, perfect for lureing people in.
  • Bite: The signature move of any Posion, this is the only attack that causes poisoning.



Posion aboslutly HATES J, the reason he hasn't been able to spread his poison. He doesn't want to infect his former self, he wants to erase him from the code of the multiverse.


Poison hasn't met Error, but desperately wants to poison him.


  • Poison is one of the only few who can damage J without unzipping this sweatshirt.