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Polterzul is a recurring character created by Ninadroid. She is a water ghost who lives in Deep Waterfall, in a place called "Ghost Lake". She is a member of the ghost family and one of the many cousins of Napstablook.



She looks very identical to Napstablook, only that her body is made of water. She has short watery hair, a water droplet shaped hairpin and long eyelashes.


While most of the time she is cheerful and bubbly, she is can also be very mischievous towards others (mostly humans). However despite this, she is genuinely cares about her family and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe if the situation is bad.


She can change the shape of her body into to anything she wants since it's made of water and can use this to flatten herself to get through tiny gaps and enter secret passages and into tight spaces.



They are her cousin. She really loves their spooky music.


He is her cousin. Before Mettaton was a robot celebrity he and Blooky used to visit her lake and take care of her and her family. But ever since his rise to popularity, he has forgotten all about his watery cousin and thus has stopped coming to her lake.

Mourelai and Ardabur

They are her Aunt and Uncle. Polterzul's father is Mourelai's younger brother and hence why they have a deep connection to one another. Since Polterzul doesn't indulgence in becoming corporeal or faking her HP, she is one of the few member of the Ghost Family that is not hated by them.


  • She is inspired by Paul's ghost OC Emboo, another elemental ghost.
  • Her name is a combination of the words, "Poltergeist" and "Azul".