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Portal!Chara is a Chara variant created by Doc Melonhead. They're mysterious, yet powerful being of the Undertale Multiverse that can transport anything and everything from one place and time to another. They use that ability sparingly as they require a "Fee" for their services. They're mostly hired to imprison dangerous threats to the multiverse, along with guarding certain areas from harm.



Their appearance was similar to Chara, but with their entire body being grayscale. Their skin are usually pitch black with the only light came from the eyes mouth and cheek of their face. When about to transport someone or some thing, their entire body became a doorway, showing the destination.


They seems to have a sassy demeanor, yet polite enough to help those who require their services. They still untrustworthy towards Humans, going by their past experience of course; yet they warmed up to some of them.  Given their past trauma, they're disrespectful towards religion; and hostile towards alcoholics (especially Drunk!Chara).


  • Multiversal Omnipresence: is technically Everywhere and Nowhere within the Undertale Multiverse.
  • Multiversal OmniSight: Like W.D. Gaster and CORE!Frisk, they can observe the entirety of the Undertale Multiverse.
  • Multiversal Visibility: Can manifest a visible form in any place and time in the Undertale Multiverse to interact and communicate with their inhabitants. However, they're unable to physically interact with their environment due to their condition.
  • Void Transportation: Their most powerful ability. They can transport anyone and anything to any place and time that they desire. When activated, they seems to envelop the object or person before disappearing; in reality, they became a portal and transport the object or person to the destination. They create a service in which they let their customers use that ability in exchange of chocolate. There’s no place that they can’t access.



Their best friend most valuable customer. The All seeing war Refugee often pay them the finest of chocolate in exchange of redirecting all malicious beings away from the Omega Timeline; which makes them loyal to the multiversal savior. Though, the true relationship between them, and their history together, are currently unknown.


They found them to be an interesting character; the Closet Human often have to keep a steady supply of chocolate in order to transverse to places that lacks doors for them to go through, though the exchange doesn't aways go through.


  • Despite their abilities, there are some places that they aren’t willing to bring access to (Omega Timeline is one of them).
  • Their warping ability was based off of the First Guardians of Homestuck; namely, Jade's pet dog, Becquerel.