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Portal Sans Is a Out-Code created by Keion15. He was made to Watch over Dimensions in Multiverse and He now is one of Protectors in the Multiverse.

Portals Sans Is the God of Dimensions.



He is very Calm and Nice to Others and Often Help Ink and Error with Jobs By Telling Them Which Au and He also Like to Hangout with Time!Sans and He like to Watch Over the Gate to Dimensions.


He wears a Black Jacket with a Yellow Shirt and also He have a White Scarf around his Neck.


  • Gaster Blaster: He use Gaster Blasters and They do 23 Damage
  • Bones: He use Bones which do 5 Damage
  • AU Hop: He can Hop to Each Au at Will.
  • Dual Blades: He use Dual Blades for His Weapon
  • Telekinesis: He can Move Enemies and Throw Enemies.
  • Scarf Chains: He can Turn His Scarf into Chains and Grab/Throw People.
  • Eye Beam: He have Third Eye on Forehead and He can blast out of.


King Multiverse (Boss)

He work for King Multiverse since Being one of the Gods and He is His Servant.

Ink and Error Sans (Friends/Allies)

He is very Good friends with Ink and Error and He sometimes Like to Hangout with them.

Core Frisk (Friend/Ally)

He is very good friends with Core Frisk and He sometimes like to visits the Omega Timeline.


  • He Is the God of Dimensions
  • He Is also the Guardian of Dimensions
  • He watches over Dimensions
  • He like to watch Movies
  • He Is a Protector/Guardian of Dimensions
  • He Is one of the Gods
  • He work for King Multiverse