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"What's an au? I always just called 'em alts"

-Primal to jake drancov

Primal Sans is an OC created by Prim4l 1instinct. He is an alternate version of sans who knew he was in a genocide timeline, and ended the humans instead. He has been filled with both determination and bravery, his soul has dissapeared through rotting in the core of his earth.

His friend/ally, Jake Drancov, Is a traveler of au's stealing small amounts of material to copy on a mass amount and use to create life. He and primal are the only two left in his universe otherthen ERROR:6:54N5 who occasionally visits in the pity he has for destroying the hidden universe. ERROR:6:54N5 is the pacifist version of primal who drove himself insane while being sent through au's at extreme paces, causing him to glitch and turn into the monster he is now.

Primal has scavenged sevral other hidden universes in search for their primal energy, he has found fire, aqua, sky, terra, and sky, he still needs the darkness and one other to complete his collection and make his universe real again. all he has now is monotone colors of well drawn out images of his own creation, brought to life by sevral boring dyes Ink left behind. In addition, The Inks left behind gave him the power to Teleport to other au's Causing him to be an Out!Code. While he Can't Touch he can see and move around. UNLESS another Out!Code is there and then he is visible but ONLY to that Out!Code.