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Prisma (Prisma Frisk) is a post-genocidal Frisk with 8 years, which Chara ended up taking the control of his body. Since they were different persons, Frisk's body began to change in the following 3 years, to look more like Chara, however, the result was comparable when combining both characters, but the predominant part was Chara's. Is a seemingly human person. However, even in his young ¨felltype¨ boy (or girl) in appearance, he is not really bad person as he seems.

Despite having been created by the code of two original Undertale characters (Chara and Frisk), the creator of him along with Misterious Man (Original Fanon Gaster), decided to place new material on him, giving the character his own traits outside of the others.

He is a alternative Frisk in body with Chara´s code and mind too... but not one Oc (although it seems so). To this, that is why he prefers to be called Prisma simply (CoreFrisk prefers Frisk and not Code for example, only here it's vice-versa). There are people and monsters, who have confused it with being a Frisk or Chara, and therefore they have called it like that. But, he doesn't mind being called Frisk or Chara.

Aclaration: Since 2019 the Au is not called Underval, as such he have no name since that same year, as it is not necessary due to the context of the story itself... it could be classified as a mystery. The name was removed when the remake of the story, atmosphere and characters began that same year.



Creator Cid was creating an Au, but troublesome situations ended up robbing him of inspiration and time. A total of several Au's alpha were created by it, but none convinced him to continue it. Various characters and environments disappeared, the stories for these were not something that pleased him and he designed them himself. He went on and on without stopping, until at one point, someone behind him gave a voice, which he remembered quite well.

An entity that seemed to be liquid, was manifested... whose clothes were black and his figure was white, as if it were a human with black clothes... Mysterious Man, one of two entities associates as Gaster by the fandom. An unexpected encounter, Misterious Man was not about appearing in front of people... something he had in mind, and most likely, it was not a good thing. They both connected a look for a few seconds... until Mysterious Man decided to be the first to speak.

A feeling of despair had guided him there, a creator failing to create his Au countless times without success. He found that very interesting... experimentation of a creator, with the objetive of create an Au. He could not ignore such an opportunity, he would be a fool if he did. But instead of just standing around to watch, he offered to help him.

A very peculiar offer, the creator did not know what to think... he already knew who the opposite was, and he knew that his intentions should not be good. But what other option did he have? Misterious Man was someone very intelligent because of the association that the fandom gave him with Gaster, he surely had many valuable ideas. Could I have him watched and controlled? He did not believe it, the risk was very high in any case. I think the answer was clear, he should accept for the benefit of both. Both gave the aura of being enemies in one temporal alliance, neither trusted in the other... but they began with creation. Several failed attempts and the time wasted was a lot... hours, days, weeks, Who counted now? the frustration grew, until after a discussion about the number of failed attempts and what each one contributed, both thought the same solution, only one had to be created. But who would be the chosen one? Frisk? Chara? Sans... that last one was discarded instantly, both already hated the infinite versions that existed of this character, and how badly some were made. Maybe they would make one, but not flashy and just to have it as part of the Au.

After a long talk about who would be the lucky one to be the first, and possibly the protagonist of the story. Frisk or Chara were his clearest options, but far from wanting to create something already seen, Creator and Misteryous Man opted for the creation of a character that resembles both in appearance... something like an original character, but, not like that. His clothing was the same as that of the original Chara, in order to differentiate that appearance from the original and from a new individual that had recently appeared, his clothing changed a bit in design, until it became a dark gray clothing, with red stripes. Or so it was at the beginning.

The powers and resistances that it would have, was something quite complex when they thought about it. He should know how to defend himself, but without exaggerating the power... give him something good, a power that makes him needed, but feared at the same time. Give it everything from the beginning and already perfected, what a bad idea. Its development would be null, if it is already perfect in handling everything it touched, who would come up with that idea? They were not going to leave everything served, he will had to learn on his own... give him a hand from time to time was not a bad thing, but the rest would take care of himself. It took longer than expected, but they already had the most abilities and resistances... recurring cases would not be repeated in him.

Here there was no longer a sense of mutual hatred, it seems that so much time and effort had partially resolved the thoughts of both individuals. each one still maintains their interests and ideas, before they seemed to be impossible, but now already seemed to be something to discuss. The personalities of both seemed to have changed, they already seemed even partners, in that experiment that at the moment seemed to be going quite well. how much time had passed in total? I think none already still count, a good result needs time.

The skills and resistances could not be completed, many ideas and many options, they had to stop the subject to be able to think more clearly, what to add and what to omit. So now they would think about the personality and mentality, they both knew that the personality and their mentality were the most important things in a character. It was what would force him to act in the way he thought best. What options did they have to get started? tipical Sans emo version or flat as a typical generic isekai character? Blocking his voice like most of the Frisks was not a good idea either, the character should be able to speak and think on his own, as if he were a Chara... but without the hatred that they holds many of his versions.

No common personality seemed good anymore, they need something new. Creating something from scratch, without having someone at the base, it´s difficult... that's why the creator had an idea, that the inspiration was not need to be internal, it should be external. Throughout his life he had seen a gigantic number of characters that he liked... create a personality with them as a base, they would make it someone very different from the rest. It was a very good idea, to take inspiration from exterior characters, they would allow them to create a good personality and mentality with parts of them, and in adittion, to consider the powers of those characters... maybe someone had something interesting in their arsenal. Part by part the personality and mentality was built, but there were things that they wanted to add to it, those that they hated with their souls.

The creator hated the 99% of the versions of Sans. On the other hand, Misterious Man hated his own versions that were only a half-second joke, those that were the father of Sans and Papyrus, living stories as boring as a generic fanchild. Few were his versions that gave him respect, like his version of Epic! Tale or X-Tale... the rest made him look like a shoddy investigator, inefficient in every way... There was no worse insult to him. Hate... was it really a good thing? whether or not, the truth didn't matter to them, they'd had enough. The fandom was not going to change, each time weirder characters would appear and with a meaningless story and development, which only seemed made in 20 minutes. Everyone hates something, creation will hate what they wanted... Why keep thinking about it? the hate was justified, they were the ascent and now they are the decadence, they did not wanted to stop. But speaking of tastes, what should he like? It seemed that the Creator and Misterious Man had relaxed knowing that they should think about that. I think both of them already knew perfectly well the likes that their creation would have.

They did not want someone evil, their clothing could make them seem otherwise, but they would demonstrate the opposite with their way of acting. In fact, they had some outward personalities, which could look good on him if used in a good way... he would have to see how to apply it little by little. but that would already involve the story, that would be the last thing to do. Now they were in the personality. The creator wanted to give him an adventurous sense, someone interested in the Au's, whether in scenery or their characters... this is because he can always learn something from them, and meet interesting people. And of course, a character with heterosexual likes, for female human characters or for female human-appearance characters...?, this to avoid part of the fandom that may or may not reach him, better be safe than try to fix, right? The creator had enough with so many rare monter-human ships like Sans x Frisk or Asriel x Chara. Misterious Man just sigh at that last, it seemed quite irrelevant. He agreed that the creation can hate the monter-human ships, but he was not very interested in planning his romantic tastes.

What they were both willing to talk about, is that he should be a person with a good personality, something that was disappearing by so many evil characters without much sense... just by wanting to be, not many work only with that. There was no need to make it silly, nor was someone very clever, he just had to be aware of his actions and what they could unleash. Someone who knows more than what is fundamental, what is necessary to survive in hostile Au's, what benefits him and what does not, but... always someone trustworthy and even protective. A person who could become serious or lacking in emotions, when necessary. He would have to have a high morality, but nothing that would really affect his performance, nothing to get bad by killing someone or enjoying doing it... he will have to choose that later, because them will leave what is necessary in his code to change his own sense of alignment between the good and evil. But, in the begining, he will be neutral, with a little of sense in the good side.

They could go on like this for as long as they wanted, in the end, most of what they were saying about the personality, they were very good parts of characters of the outside. In fact, if they took the time, with the objetive that their creation had a good personality, polish the skills and the resistances that he would have. They already had the physique of the character, completely genderless, but just in case, the character already had the ability that would allow him to change gender as best suited him, he would decide that. He also had the ¨initial¨ aspects of personality, abilities and stamina... he was not lacking as much as before. Now one the longest parts, this would undoubtedly be a challenge for both of them... the soul of the character.

Mysterious Man had the souls, from an alternate Undertale line, one pacifist to be exact. Someone had helped him to get them, for a favor he were owed, there were no injuries and the line was restarted, so there were no repercussions... but they were already deviating. In any case, the situation was very convenient... in fact, the creator already knew something about how souls were handled, and it was very interesting to him. They had a lot of souls, so the first thing done was to put all the souls boss monsters together in one, and the souls of common monsters in another, having 2 white. In adition they even had a garnet soul, which belonged to a fanon Chara, for which, the Au from where it was taken, Chara must be alive or it was a true perfect ending.

Many combinations and a lot of time, the combinations and variations were interesting, they could unite souls with others, giving various results when changing one for another. But the creator had the curiosity to unite all the souls... Asriel during the final of the pacifist route, he united the 6 human souls and that of the monsters... but what would happen adding the soul of Frisk and the Chara soul? The result was unexpected, because was not a ordinary soul with another color, or a rainbow soul like the Asriel one. The soul took the appearance of a heart-shaped glass box... its pattern was so irregular, that it even looked like one prism. One moment! thought the creator... Prisma... that was a good name.

Misterious Man didn't think it was a bad name, although that didn't matter much to him. Now they already had the name and the soul ... it was missing more, right? of course, there was much to polish and much to think about. Prisma would be someone completely different from what is seen in everything, now ... his story would be interesting, perhaps not original at all, but enjoyable. They already had the main character, but that wouldn't mean the rest would be mannequins, with flat personalities. They would be well thought out characters, with good designs and personalities. The atmosphere of the Au would also be different, something beautiful and interesting, not always the same subsoil or surface as always... in those things, they both agreed. There were already many boring and flat characters, something had to be done... minimally, convince that they are not so bad or flat.

The characters after Prisma, were created with several ideas discarded or not used in Prisma... but instead of looking like leftovers, they were totally perfect pieces and parts, for the creation of characters and thus differentiate them from the others. If Prisma had had these parts, it would have been different from what was already done, a new character, not only changed one thing, many changed and this gave variations of others. Chara, Frisk, Undyne, Asgore, Muffet, Metatton, Papyrus and... Sans were next ones. Each one was totally different from the other, and they had unique characteristics. Much effort and time was dedicated to them (the process of creating these character, will be better explained in their respective wikis), so much that, both: the Creator and Misterious Man, were already somewhat exhausted. Both knew that while creating the characters, hundreds of things happened, because time had not stopped at any time... when they will finish, there might be good or bad changes in the Au's.

The atmosphere of the Au... that was no longer something so difficult. The creator was looking for a vast and beautiful place, full of beautiful places to go. While Misterious Man wanted to give the aura of intrigue, adding surprising structures, but in the other hand, there were no humans or monsters... The monsters of the Au needed magic, so it was necessary to hide a possibly unlimited magic source, to avoid problems and in case there was a good show. In fact, that gave him an idea... but surely Prisma would realize it. And humans needed food, but for that, they will implement one abundant fauna and flora, and hid items from the original game in some ¨intelligent way¨... But thinking about the Au according to one idea of the Creator, only portals made by the Au members who know that ability, would allow access to it. Such a secret and difficult to access Au, like the omega timerline... it was not a bad concept, in the end it would not be used for the same... in fact, now that the Misterious Man understood the Creator's plan, he totally agreed with help him in the configuration, including that Au would not be seen by entities that could see beyond his eyes, such as Core!Frisk.

Characters, atmosphere... only the story was missing. That which would give life to the characters, to give way to their adventures... the Creator and Misterious Man would only create the initial part, the rest would be in charge of the same characters, which, unplanned events or events could happen with ease. To start with, everything will start with...

Chapter 1

The story begins with a black background, which gradually becomes clearer and takes shape, in what were blinks. You can see some hands, and dark gray sleeves. The person can finally see what happens, he was lying on what seemed to be grass... when he tried to sit up, his body felt strange, took a little time until the person was able to sit well. This person seemed to be a boy around 11 years old, dark brown hair and the reflection of the moon gave him violet highlights. His clothing, was black with red lines in various parts of it. The boy did not know anything at that time, his mind was totally in white, he did not remember his name and it was difficult for him to try to speak... Who was he? looking around him, he seemed to be evidently sitting on grass, surrounded by small flowers of many beautiful colors. But looking further than where he was sitting, he realized something important, he was not alone...

Not far from him, in different directions were two people, two girls to be exact, but they hadn't woken up yet. Prisma after much effort, managed to get up and walk. His steps were slow and awkward, he didn't feel used to it yet. When he got close to one of those two girls, he noticed that there were no flowers like his place... in fact, she was lying on a ground completely devoid of life, the ground was arid and hot, as if that area had been burned. The boy tried to wake her up, moving her a little, this worked, as the opposite began to react. When that happened, he got up and tried to do the same with the next one. She was not lying on a field with flowers or a lifeless arid one, in this one the grass was cut. That didn't matter to the boy either, and he decided to move her like the previous girl to try to wake her up too, which worked again. Getting up once more, he found a tree stump, but before arriving, he fell on the grass... he was tired, he was not totally well yet and he had made a lot of effort to get up and move from one side to the other in his actual state. He needed to take his time, try and be well and in sync, so he decided to rest a bit.

While both girls tried to get used to and get up like he had done. He was getting some rest and trying to settle his mind. He didn't remember anything, and for some strange reason, if he could speak a little, or so he thought. When everyone was already seated, they only looked at each other for a while, until the boy decided to speak. Asking names, although they were slow to answer, in the end, none of them knew who he was or what they were doing there. Both girls were different from each other in terms of physique. But, between the three, in reality, each had their own. Looking around everyone, with a different point of view, they noticed something quite interesting, there was little or nothing near them, a lot of grass and flowers, but not much else. As the three of them got up and walked a little, they noticed that they were on a very high hill with a very close precipice. In the background, they could see... nothing, just one precipice. They couldn't see much below, only mist, not a single shape could make out. However, something strange was happening... little by little, the three of them seemed to get dizzy. Having a precipice in front of them, that moment did not suit them, but in moment they all lost consciousness and the up falling into it.

The moment is short, it is not known how long the fall lasted, but now everyone was slowly waking up again. Opening their eyes again and being able to see their surroundings, the place where they were, ended up surprising everyone.



Prisma's soul seems to be a heart-shaped transparent crystal box, which has a strange black hole in the center, and many beautiful colors. The soul of Prisma is made up of all the souls of humans and monsters, in any case it can be classified as the perfect combination of them.

  • Determination (Red)
  • Patience (Aquamarine)
  • Bravery (Orange)
  • Integrity (Blue)
  • Perseverance (Purple)
  • Kindness (Green)
  • Justice (Yellow)
  • Monsters (White): This particular soul is made up of the souls of all the monsters of an alternating pacifist line, of the Original Undertale.
  • Hate (Garnet): Belongs to the Classic Chara
  • Void (Black): That place according to the fandom, are alive and have souls.
  • Creator (Emerald): The Soul of the creator of Prisma.

With Gaster's help, the soul have black hole previously mentioned in the center (Corruption), which at some point seems to try to expand without success, however, it is a feature that demonstrates the connection of Prisma with the void. On the other hand, it also seems that the soul shines with a beautiful and bright emerald color. This could be done in reference to the fact that Prisma has the soul of its creator.

And with another little extra help from Gaster, the Prisma's soul, he turned it into a living paradox.


  • LV: 01 to 07
  • HP: 20 to 48
  • ATK: ???
  • DEF: ???
  • EXP: 0 to 300
  • Gold: 0

  • LV: 20
  • HP: 99
  • ATK: ???
  • DEF: ???
  • EXP: 99999
  • Gold: ???

  • LV: 01 (Can not increase)
  • HP: 20 (The life can not lower)
  • ATK: ??? (Prisma learned to raise or lower it according to his liking)
  • DEF: ??? (Prisma learned to raise or lower it according to his liking)
  • EXP: 0 (Can not increase)
  • Gold: Infinite


  • Fight: Normal attack and Weapon attack
  • Act: Check, Talk, and -Special actions- (It depends on the moment)
  • Item: What he found
  • Mercy: Spare and Escape

  • Fight: Weapon attack, D&E Aspir and Multiversal Supernova
  • Act: Check and -Special actions- (It depends on the moment)
  • Item:
  • Mercy: Escape

  • Fight: Normal attack, Weapon of soul attack, D&E Aspir and Supernova of Soul
  • Act: Check, Talk, Flirt (Only with girls) and -Special actions- (It depends on the moment)
  • Item: Chocolate x???, small box of bandages and Mask (Armor)
  • Mercy: Spare and Escape


  • Bandage (Armor-item): It is just a bandage that Prisma has on his face (Acts as 1 DEF armor), it seems to be new. If used, Prisma could recover 10 of HP.
    • Prisma has this bandage on his face, during the 3 chapters, since he had already started with it in chapter 1. During chapter 2 he still has it, but the mask when covering his face also covered that detail. And in chapter 3, that was already a detail that he liked, so he decided to keep it and change it for a new one, each time the previous one was already deteriorated... Thats why Prisma has in its inventory, in that chapter, a small box of bandages.
  • Mask (Armor): A black mask who controlled Prisma in Chapter 2 (99 DEF armor), when he still did not have the soul of his creator. Every time it is used, activates his smile and his bright red eyes, and it warped Prisma's voice, made it sound deeper than it was. It is very intimidating and serves as a armor.
    • It was only used for a short time, because it was destroyed in the battle against Pandora shortly before the end of chapter 2. However, Prisma rebuilds it during the end of the same chapter, to keep it in his inventory in case he needs to use it. This mask after that, would no longer control him.


Prisma would actually have to be genderless, but, he prefers to give himself the gender of a boy... although he could also be a girl. Being a girl, her design changes drastically (including the clothes), resembling more of a Fanon Chara.

As for clothes, Prisma appears to be wearing Fanon Frisk's upper garments, but swapping the blue and purple for red and black: A black shirt with two red horizontal lines, with aslo a dark gray neck cover.

Wearing a black jacket with decorative red lines, and black boots with vertical red lines too.

In terms of physical appearance. Prisma has bright red eyes with black outline under her eyes (One determination star on the pupil appears when Prisma is determined), and a very dark brown hair, in terms of light reflections, is usually a very dark violet color. He usually has a good physique according to her age, as it is always varying from 11 to 19 years in terms of time on the canon. Weight and height also depend on age. Although he does not usually weigh more than:

  • 75 kg or measure more than 1.77 in male version.
  • 65 kg or measure more thar 1.62 in female version.

Being a girl, Prisma's appearance takes on even more traits from Chara. His jacket now reaches to his waist, and his jogging suit reaches below her breasts. She does not have a blouse, but she does have a bra for her 88 cm bust. She have black shorts with red vertical black lines, black boots, and long socks with horizontal lines of red and black. She sometimes wears long gloves, but she only really does it when she doesn't feel comfortable where she is.

To compare the age, you could say that he / she has the similar to StoryShift Chara of fandom versions of adolecent Frisk. And comparing physiques, her female version could be like Echo!Frisk.

He normally wears a bandage on his face (The female version too, although it is not appreciated in the art), reference to Frisk during the first moments of Undertale. During chapter 2, when his mask covering the face of Prisma, also covered that detail. When he had that mask on, he turned into an intimidating looking being with bright red eyes and mouth... I think it goes without saying that the mask is based on Ultron.

Prisma always had a good physical condition, which was improving by chapter. However, that does not prevent it from getting tired, therefore, he has a limit before he get tired.


Prisma appears to be a very friendly, cheerful and quite protective boy. That although his clothing does not reflect it as he is a Fell type, it follows shortly after that appearances are often deceptive... although this is not the case at all.

Prisma is a person who, although he knows the difference between good and evil, does not take one side or the other, he remains a neutral (Given the context of its existence), balancing between both options. It may seem serious sometimes, and sometimes it is, but only when it is strictly necessary. When Prisma gets angry, he looks like a real monster or the true Chara... he can be scary. And speaking of fear, Prisma rarely feels it.

On very specific occasions, Prisma tends to show a psychopathic personality, but one that is controlled and elegant. This attitude only appears against people or monsters... may be a sequel to when he was being controlled in the chapter 2, before getting the soul of his creator (Awakening his part of Chara). Despite his aggressive nature against the other characters, Prisma presents himself as someone of good manners and a controlled character. And on the other hand, Prisma also tends to smile believed at times... it seems that he does it without realizing it.

Prisma does not usually kill unless he sees it necessary, normally he allows the opponent to retreat or he takes him out of combat if he does not deserve to die yet. It is not that his morality prevents him from killing, if it does, it does and nothing more. Also he tends to break the fourth wall sometimes.

Prisma tends to flirt to female characters that catchs his attention. Since he is not in the same place for long, he has never managed to make a girl fall in love with him, except in non-canon ships. This is in the male version, the female one keeps everything, only that she only likes some type of boys. He hates skeletons, Asriels, some monsters and he also hates some type of "Gasters".


  • Gender Fluidity: Prisma can change his gender at will, or even go back to being genderless. At the moment he prefers to be a boy.
  • Inmortal Soul: The soul of Prisma can not be touched or grabbed by anyone other than him, which, anyone who is not this, cannot do anything with that soul, even if he uses magic. Misterious Man put this resistance in him, knowing the existence of beings like Bete Noire, Error! Sans and others. As a bonus, unlike other souls, Prisma's soul cannot be sealed or destroyed in any way.

  • Weapon of Soul: Having obtained the artifact, thanks to the annoying dog, instead of becoming an object in the inventory, it disappeared in what seemed to be a glow that ended up entering Prisma, joining with its soul. Obtaining this, Prisma could now create energy weapons in her own hands. First being a sword, then being able to shape the energy, turning said sword into any other sharp edged weapon that he desired. Be a scythe, another sword, a knife, a katana and more. This weapon is the favorite of Prisma, because of how easy it is to handle and because it can adapt to the situation.
  • Interdimensional Travel: Prisma has the ability to travel between Au's, crossovers and Beyond arts with ease, it is a skill that it likes to have. He perfected it in Chapter 2.
  • Supernova of Soul: If Prisma wanted to release some of its true power of his Weapon of Soul, it would get out of control and end up creating a massive supernova... This attack depends on the level of its improvement or use, it can be a great area damage, to a massive attack that can destroy so many Au's in a second. This technique started out as a simple low-radius area attack that dealt damage on contact, but as the chapters passed, now the ability could be used to destroy an entire Au's with just a strong energy attack, if Prisma wanted to do that... however, it's not something that would happen very often.

  • Code Mastery: Prisma has a great knowledge of the code of various things, which can handle them for the good or the evil. It is able to play with the code of the Au´s, he can edit it, create it, repair it and even restore it, which gives it the ability to restore already deleted characters and Au's. The fact that he knows this, was given to him by the Mysterious Man.
  • All Seeing Eye: Like CORE!Frisk they can see everything in the multiverse; past and present.
  • Dark Determination: Gives Prisma the New game, Continue, Reset, True Reset, and cheat table with Infinity Gold and infinite consumables. More than anything, it's like Frisk's determination enhanced as if it were a hack.
  • Spacial Manipulation: Prisma can walk on nothing, over space, and he can maintain full control while he is recovering... even in the air.
  • D&E Aspiration: Prisma as its best ability (granted by an idea of ​​Misterious Man) has the ability to extract the unique characteristic, and the EXP of a human soul or a monster with a grip (Only when Prisma wants, not that his touch always does that), instantly converting it into a simple ordinary soul Lv1. The EXP is stored in the soul of Prisma, however, it is not used by it. In other words, Prisma cannot use the absorbed EXP itself, it can only be given to other people if he want. This ability can´t work in Prisma.
  • Soul of the Creator - Emerald: Creator souls grant total manipulation and creation, as is the case with X-Gaster or Player. Prisma rarely uses those abilities, except for serious things or nonsenses.
  • Void Soul: Prisma with this ability can corrupt with the negative energy of the void and even deny this in characters or Au´s, and remove it at will.
  • Total damage immunity: The HP of Prisma will never drop below 20 pts, no matter what is done to it. The the same Prisma told what happended to him at the end of chapter 2, and yet he has never dropped a point on his HP and never will be.
  • Creator's soul: Prisma has the immunity to be controlled, possessed, to reset, to continue, to overwrite, to the manipulation of his soul (Like the blue magic of Sans), to the manipulation of reality / space / time / probability. It also immunizes Prisma against the loss of HP (but not against what causes it), which, also against death to loss of HP and the code control. Prisma's actions are not affected by abilities that restart turns or return the characters as they were time ago with the determination.
  • Immortality: He can never age beyond a certain point, nor can he die from old age.
  • Soul of the Void: Immunizes Prisma against attacks related to the Void, corruption, and allows him to remain there as if nothing.
  • Paradoxical Soul: No matter what is done to kill him, Prisma will always come back as if nothing happened one second later. After one death, when he come back, it could not be killed in that way again, because, he will become immune. In fact, mentioned by himself, monster have tried to kill him for good, with the attempt to destroy his code and his entire body, with existential erasure attacks, turning him dust from existence, with attacks that destroy beings without a soul, with attacks that destroy entire AUs, with the special attacks of AntiVirus! Sans, with the manipulation of the anti-code, and much more... and, in one occasion, he tried to destroy his own soul with the force of one of his hands, but far from happening something, literally the soul reappeared in his hand as if nothing had ever happened. But, still, Prisma can be defeated or killed like a normal character... but... basically, his soul turns Prisma into a living paradox, causing that he cannot be truly killed in any way.




Father and creator of Prisma. He never know him complete, however, this is occasionally presented as visions in the chapter 1 to 2, where he gives advice on how to act; granting him the notion of the different paths presented, about the different situations in which Prisma is found, and how to solve them. It also tends to give him reflective dreams, and sometimes even speaks to him during his sleep. The creator stops appearing after chapter 2, implying that Prisma no longer needed him.

Original Mysterious Man (W.D. Gaster)

Co-creator, and second father of Prisma. He usually helps Prisma personally with just simple recommendations, which would end up in the benefit of both. But in reality, it usually has secret benefits in what he ask for. It seems that he inside has become a little fond of Prisma. During chapter 1, he gave him advice and during chapter 2 he controlled him until the control was broken, after that, he would meet Prisma several times to chat.

¨Tale of the Forgotten Shadows¨


Prisma’s “Sister”


Prisma’s “Sister”






Berry!Sans Girl

A close female friend of Prisma.

Fell!Sans Girl

A close female friend of Prisma.


Close friend.


Close friend.


  • Prisma seems to be inspired by a wide variety of characters, including: Reverse Flash / Zoom of (DC), Dr. Doom (Marvel), Raiden (Metal Gear Rising), Alucard (Hellsing), Final Fantasy Villains, Ultron (Marvel), Dracula (Castlevania), Darkseid (DC), Albert Wesker (Residen Evil), Obi-Wan (Star Wars). Although the character as such seems to be based on Chara and Frisk of Undertale, the protagonists from Souls Borne saga, Darth Vader from Star Wars and Black Goku from Dragon Ball.
  • Fanon Misterious Man, Underfail Pandora, Player of Underplayer, Hester, SwapShift Frisk, Core Frisk, Ink Sans, among others, are the people from the Multiverse of Undertale, that Prisma knows canonically at the moment.
  • Officially, could consider him part of the normal Multiverse and not part of the Godverse (His power is too weak to be part of the Godverse).
  • 27/4/21 Prisma have +20 normal, 4 nsfw arts, 6 edits and 1 video of the old version of Prisma.
  • Prisma Male and Female are 100% heterosexual.
  • Sister Nyal from mugen is the younger sister of Prisma (Not canon). That is because the creator of Prisma, made the competitive AI ​​and the Lore of Nyal in Mugen (2015), while MA the character. Being the creator of Prisma, a co-creator of the Nyal.
  • Prisma have his GB, Murder, Fell, Swap and Delta Rune version.
  • The Mysterious Man that appears in Prisma's story and is her co-creator / father 2, is the original that the fandom associated with Gaster. Which one, is the most powerful version of Gaster that to date of issue, keeps getting more powerful.
  • Prisma officially exists since 02/10/15, that is his birthday. Unfortunately, the character could never be made known in the gold age of Undertale AUs, for different reasons that affected the creator until almost canceling the character and the Au. Even knowing that it was created so early in the fandom, the truth is, many people believe that the character has a birthday in the 02/12/15, which is wrong, this one is the birth of the creator (He usually celebrates his birthday and Prisma's on the same day, that's why the mistake). Which makes it one of the oldest characters in the entire Undertale fandom.
  • Prisma is one of the few characters that were created in 2015, which was the year the game was released, and it continues to be updated to date.
  • Prisma is not similar to Frisk or Chara in design, as it is like the fusion of both just like Kris, but slightly different (Like Gogeta and Vegetto), so that it does not look like a common alternative version or fanchild of these characters.
  • Prisma as it exists since 2015, has had a large number of ships (+30). There have even been many short stories about it.
  • Prisma can be a boy or a girl, both designs are canon. But he prefers to be a boy, and that is why no section of Prisma girl (But, there will be in the future. Maybe, Don´t count with that).
  • He can match characters like: Dream! Sans, Nightmare! Sans, Error! Sans, Ink! Sans, Murder! Sans, among others.

Terms of Use

Will be appreciated by the creator of Prisma.

  • Friendly encounters between characters.
  • Non-canon ships with Prisma. Contact the creator, in case you want to do a non-canon ship with Prisma girl.
  • SFW type arts.
  • Videos that talk about the character (With the exception of not being a top of powerful characters)
  • When you use it in stories, animations or videos, give credit to the creator of the character.

Will have no impact on the character's canon in any way, will not be taken into account and may be hated by the creator.

  • Do not compare it to characters that are from the Godverse, Prisma was not designed for this, so it shows in the power, history and others.
  • Hurt or kill the character by powerful characters (Godverse characters).
  • Character appropriation.
  • Ships and histories with Prisma girl, less with monsters, the character and the creator hate ships Human x Monster.
  • Alternative versions of different AU's, different timelines and others (This character is not a Sans, so nobody can’t make recolors, swaps versions and others).

Talk with the Creator of Prisma about these topics

  • Collaborations about comics or animations.
  • Arts type nsfw.
  • Mentions of Prisma, in other articles on Undertale OCs.
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