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Proc: Switch or more commonly refereed to as Switch!Toriel is an Toriel Out!Code. A monster made by Pendulum!Gaster. She is created for the sole purpose of being a Keeper of knowledge Gaster knows himself and the remains of the "Omni-Equilibrium" left from his accident. She is also known as a moderator of the Multiverse.


As said "Switch" is an artificially created boss monster made by Pendulum!Gaster. Her creation was first started off by Gasters fascination with the tragedy of the Amalgamates which accrued quite a long time after Gaster the idea of creating strengthened soul's turned into that of creating a completely original one from scratch basing this project of of one of his original universe Boss Monster's: Toriel. A few attempts pasted an eventually Proc: Switch was created (Besides Pendulum!Chara's concern of being replaced). She resigns wherever Gaster asks her to be. She is also occasionally called by Pendulum!Chara into battle.



Switch seems to be like an always ecstatic child she has a knack for reading peoples minds and has a hobby for playing with people she encounters. She also has an interest with Heroes an Heroics so much she likes to act like one through the multiverse when doing this calling herself "Two" as her Hero name making her known among the multiverse. Though when called by Gaster she takes upon the same personality as him with the only goal to complete the job given by him she will stay in this state until the said job is completed.


  • Reversal: Toriel's main ability she has the power to reverse and turn almost anything to it's opposite counterpart this spans from Gravity, Time, Areas, Direction, and even Gender's or Races though there is an set limit for how much this ability can be used (One being she cannot reverse life or death).
    • Switching: Toriel has the ability to switch between Area's she is in effectively allowing teleportation to any place she wants to at will.
  • Fire Magic: Switch has a more powerful version of the Dreemur family's inherited Fire Magic she can create Flames of six colors being: Green Flames which induce Healing, Blue Flames which can be shaped into Weapons, Cyan Flames which ironically induce coldness, Yellow Flames which have the properties of Bullets, Orange Flames which act as explosives, and Purple Flames which are simply inextinguishable.


Pendulum!Gaster (Creator)

Gaster is the first she saw entering this world, due to him being there creator her relationship with him is a good one though Toriel rarely has time to interact with him. Toriel describes him as a friend when talking about him.



Switch was originally supposed to take the form of Sans.

Switch often appears a Cameo appearance in most of Pendulum!Chara's battles.