“Hey there! Mind takin’ a stroll with me?” -Project 102

Project 102 is a skeleton created with the blood of Classic!Asgore, Classic!Sans, and Rho!Artemis, combined into one being by Infected.

NOTE: All info in the infobox is based on her final form.


Early Life

Project 102 was born wherever Infected calls home. She was raised brutally by him, constantly being beaten, and treated like a slave. She despised him, and wished she could find a real family.

She eventually creeped into the room she was birthed in and discovered she was an experiment, and whose DNA was combined to create her. She noticed the name “Artemis,” and took that as her surname.

Infected caught her, and she fled, not looking back and hoping to leave Infected behind forever. That was when she catapulted herself into the cold, dark reality that is the Multiverse.


She first landed herself in Dreamtale, where Dream!Sans found her and raised her, teaching her about the Multiverse, his role in the Star Sanses, and the dreams she shouldn’t give up on.

Dream eventually took her to meet Ink!Sans and Swap!Sans. She immediately had a crush on Ink, which she covered very well.

Dream took her with him throughout the Multiverse, where she met, befriended, and fought people. She and Dream were unstoppable. She eventually found herself witness to the events of Underverse, the one mission Dream forbade her to accompany him on.

Eventually, when she turned 13, she said goodbye to Dream, and went to pursue her own destiny. She found out something on her travels, and no longer has a crush on Ink.

Eventually, she was captured by Infected on her 18th birthday, and underwent brutal mutation and torture.

Hatred, Suffering, and Death

She became Infected’s pet and lieutenant, and she stalked the Multiverse, hunting for those who dared to defy Infected.

After multiple battles with Six, he pushed her into an acid pit after she fought him, AD, and Canvas. Afterwards, she mutated one last time.

After narrowly escaping an acid pit, 102 was given a mutated corpse by Infected to feed on. He considered her a waste and left her to mutate and die. She was is driven by one thing: To hunt and kill Six, Canvas, and AD.

She encountered AD minutes after mutation, and attempted to kill him, then going briefly to Dreamtale. Dream witnessed what she had become, and with the remaining pity in her SOUL, she spared him and left him forever.

She then returned to the AU where she fought Six, Canvas and AD previously and engaged in an epic battle with them, with Elizabeth and Flowet arriving to help out.

After hours of dueling, AD and Six successfully revealed her SOUL and delivered the killing blow to her. Roaring in pain, she teleported to Dreamtale again, to watch the sunset.

When the sun vanished, Artemis finally died.


Origin Form

She was a nice, if shy, girl. She had a strong sense of justice and independence. She trained under Dream, and gained a lot of optimism. But, she also was traumatized by Infected's treatment of her. She panicked whenever his name was brought up. She also had a short temper, mostly triggered by puns.

Phase 2

She was utterly loyal to Infected. All other traits focus her on hunting down and tearing Infected’s enemies to ribbons. She was more canine-like. She also had a burning, roaring hatred for Six, the two being mortal enemies.

Phase 3 (Final Form)

She felt only hate and bloodlust. She has an all-consuming desire to kill Six, AD, and Canvas. She had a small amount of good left in her, just enough to spare Dream.


Origin Form

She was a white skeleton with two brown eyes that turn crimson in battle. She wore black pants, black sneakers, a black shirt, and a thin black jacket, with a big hood to hide her face. She was also occasionally seen holding a bone katana.

Phase 2

She looked like her normal self, except deranged and more animal like. Her clothes were shredded from mutation, exposing most of her body. And she had spikes jutting out from her spine. She had elongated claws. When she appeared, she was generally on all fours. Her eyes were forever black. She had sharper teeth, and she could crawl on walls and ceilings. Her SOUL still looked like a normal monster SOUL, but with black cracks.

Phase 3 (Final Form)

She had been mutated beyond recognition. Her head was shaped like a crocodile’s head, and her body wass swollen. She wore no clothes, and had no arms or legs. Tentacles appeared all over her body. She kind of looked like a bloated worm. She had purple eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Origin Form


A basic attack brought by her Sans DNA. The bones cause damage, of course, and she could also summon blue bones, which you have to stand still in order not to take damage, and orange bones, which you have to keep moving in order not to take damage.


Another basic attack, brought on by her Asgore DNA. To be avoided at all costs. She had caused wildfires with them.


A slightly more advanced attack. Project 102 could turn her enemies’ SOUL blue, and slam them into nearby objects.

Gaster Blasters

A much more advanced attack, brought on by her Sans DNA. They cause intense damage, and she could summon blue ones and orange ones. Each kind of Gaster Blaster does 45 damage. They look like Xenomorph skulls.

Fire Blasters

A combination of an attack from both Sans and Asgore DNA. It is a Gaster Blaster that shoots fireballs. That’s pretty much it.

Special Attack

48 of every attack Project 102 could do all launched at the same time.


She could teleport from AU to AU. There are certain places she couldn't get into, like the Rho Exclusion Zone.

Phase 2

Gaster Blasters

She could still summon Gaster Blasters, only they were the skulls of German Shepherds, smaller, and had cracks in them.

Regenerative Power

She could suffer multiple wounds, but, depending how bad they are, could recover in seconds to hours.


She could last longer in battle than she could before.

Phase 3 (Final Form)


Black tentacles appeared all over her body at random. She used them to smack, squeeze, and stab her opponents.

Armored Skin

Her skin was so tough the force of multiple Gaster Blasters combined wouldn’t be enough to penetrate it.


She no longer needed to rest, sleep, drink, or eat.


She could spit a melting venom.


Origin Form

  • She would've chosen to save innocent lives rather than fight a villain.
  • She was utterly terrified of Infected

Phase 3 (Final Form)

  • Her SOUL was her only weak point.


Origin Form

Bone Katana

Project 102’s weapon of choice. She believed it to be homage to her Artemis DNA.


  • Infected (Father)
  • Sans Classic (1/3 of DNA)
  • Asgore Classic (1/3 of DNA)
  • Artemis Rho (1/3 of DNA)
  • Sans Dreamtale (Adoptive Father)
  • Sans Inktale (Friend)
  • Six (Enemy)
  • C.T (Enemy)
  • Romania (Enemy)
  • Canvas (Enemy)
  • AD (Enemy)
  • Elizabeth (Enemy)
  • Flowet (Enemy)


  • Her original purpose was to be Infected’s slave. He considers her having a mind of her own a ‘defect.’
  • She discovered pizza on an accidental trip to the surface in Underswap.
  • She once had Ink draw a picture of himself. She has kept the picture in her pocket ever since.
  • Infected terrified her so much she would occasionally have a panic attack if his name is brought up.
  • She thought she saw once Infected and had a seizure.
  • She still liked Ink, but doesn’t have a crush on him anymore because Ink has an absurdly large amount of ships.
  • Her second form was originally derived from Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis.
  • Her final form is based off of Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis in his final form.
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