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Protector!Asriel is an Asriel that protects the multiverse. He was directed by Fate to keep it from collapsing/destroying itself.



Protector wears a dark green shirt with red stripes and a red heart on it as well as dark green pants and a cape. Nobody really knows why he wears the cape.


Protector is a little shy. He tends to like protecting the lesser-known AUs, and will occasionally destroy ones that have been around for a while but have not been further developed.


  • Healing: This heals him. He can also channel this to a different person, if he is fighting with a partner.
  • Swords: He summons a very big sword. He doesn't like to use this one too much, because it's too hard to lift in the middle of a battle.
  • Faster than Flash: This one should be obvious. He can run faster than Flash. He doesn't go that fast often, because it uses up his energy reserves.
  • Stars: He summons a large cluster of even larger stars. They shatter into more stars, which shatter to more stars. Each star does 3 damage, assuming LV 1 and no armor. He likes to use this one a lot, as it is quick and easy.
  • Hyper Goner: He can only use this once per battle. It uses up his energy reserves completely if he does it more than once, and if that happens....well, think. Essentially he tears a hole in space.
  • Mind reading: Enables him to read the mind of someone else. He doesn't do this too much, because he's gotten scolded for not respecting privacy, as well as one....disturbing....incident where he read Lust!Sans' mind.


Storyshift Asriel

He protectors him and his AU he likes him.


He met him once. Needless to say, it didn't go well. They're mortal enemies now, though I'm not quite sure Dust knows that.


They're actual mortal enemies. They were formed to directly counteract each other, much like Error and Ink directly counteract each other. However, they have been known to team up in life-or-death situations.

Dustswap Papyrus

He's fought him a lot. This never goes well.


He's heard of him, but never met him personally.


He helped him, but didn't show his face, so technically he knows him, but Envy doesn't know him, if that makes sense.

Classic Asriel

He met him once. Both were very confused.


He met him once, read his mind, and was scarred for life. They did not meet again.


Hyper: From this chapter onward

Protectors and Destroyers: His backstory