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Protogent AntiVirus!Sans is an outcode created by Brickhillian202. He Is an antivirus that hunts op and dangerous Sanses and glitches, with BugTale!Sans as his Prime Target. Instead of Doing damage, he slowly deletes viruses and sanses with his weapons.



He has no beef with joke characters and doesnt enjoy fighting non-anomalies


  • Deletion Vacuum: It sucks up code and matter and deletes it.
  • Absolute Defense: All attacks do one damage to him, no matter how powerful, better be paitent.
  • Reskin: He can disguise himself and others with this ability, to whatever he wants them to be. This does not affect stats or abilities.
  • Anti-Transfer: He can transfer pure antivirus into any weapon, and the more powerful the weapon, the stronger the effect is. The antivirus energy damages viruses and matter.
  • Made This Way: Since he is an antivirus, any glitch, error or virus (any bug in code) will slowly degrade and become weaker from touching him, starting wherever the bug touched him. Holding him for too long deletes the entity entirely.
  • With Me There No Viruses, Can Enter Your Computer: He has the ability to block out a code bug of an area, and make an indestructable shield that nullifies force and damage.
  • Antivirus Isnt Enough: He summons other anti virus and protector characters to help defeat an opponent.
  • I... Am...Proto: With this ability, he can recharge all his hp and everything, as well as reflect all damage done back onto whoever did it, and also buffing proto insanely. Can only be used once per fight.
  • Saving You From An Angry Boss: All computer anomalies and glitches more powerful than him have nullified abilities that are deemed 'too op', as well as a huge nerf to their stats. He can also erase their memory he deems them too dangerous to keep hostile.
  • Well 'Ello Theya Ol' Chum: He summons bonzi buddy, clippy (aka clippet) and rover. beings slightly stronger than proto.
  • This Isnt Even My Final Form!: Proto has 13 forms, Normal, (1%) Tired, (5%) Damaged, (10) Deletion, (20%) Angry, (30%) Serious, (50%) Omega, (69%) Spirit, (75%) God, (90%) Last stand, (99%) Final, (100%) Super How. (100+%) Each Form has varying power levels, and Super How is More powerful than ISM 100%
  • My system crashed!: This ability allows him to stun his enemy, though it takes a lot of energy.
  • I Lost My Data!: He can delete the amount of LV and training progress someone has easily.
  • Tactical Nuke: He drops a nuke, which destroys anything weaker than him in the universe he is in. It does an insane amount of damage to stronger beings.
  • HACKER!!!11one: He can alter code, similar to Overwrite or the HACK knife
  • Monitering: He can find out weaknesses in broken code.
  • I Recover...Deleted...Files!: Can ressurect and bring back code and people.
  • No lol: He dodges. ALOT.
  • No FaceBook, No Games!: It is literally impossible to distract him, no matter what.
  • Omniscient: yee
  • Teleportation: He teleports and sends blue sparks everywhere when he does, that reduce stats by 10% when touched by enemies.
  • Plane Transfer: He can go through the 2nd and 3rd dimension with ease. he cannot be damaged in 2nd dimension form, but cant attack.
  • Absolute Precision: Doesn't miss, can be dodged but never misses.
  • Absolute Will: He has the drive to keep going, but when he's dead, he's dead.
  • Destructive Telekenisis: His telekenisis can destroy planets and stars if he tries at all.
  • Light Manipulation: He can control light, therefore being able to darken and brighten anything.
  • Weapon Proficency: He is an expert at using any and all weapons.
  • Antivirus Saber: A blade that tears apart matter and code easily. If slicing through something, the part sliced off (smaller part) Is instantly deleted and cant be regenerated. It can stretch to any length as well.
  • Protegent Blunt Weapon: A strange looking blunt weapon, mostly looking like a bat, that increases force googolplex-fold, and decays code upon touch.
  • Debug: Can delete bugs and glitches (minimal) easily to stop an infection of them.
  • Defect Resistant: KR, Bleeding, and other effects like that have no effect on him.
  • Omni Anti: He is resistant against counters and abilities like: 'transends all more powerful' and, 'reflects all attacks' or, 'all those more powerful are nerfed heavily'
  • Unnatural Recovery: He heals 5 hp per few seconds, so better attack fast if you want to make some progress.
  • Matter Bomb: Destroys any matter within a 10 mile-5 lightyear radius, excluding the user.
  • Ultimatum: thousands of anti virus and virtual office assistants are summoned, and they fight and give proto the power to do...
  • (ultimatum) No Games...: He teleports around the enemy multiple times, while decreasing their stats with the sparks, and also barraging him with various attacks.
  • (ultimatum) Delusion: He moves so fast that you are fighting his after image, and he can make multiple.
  • Code Blaster: This is both a weapon and an ability. It can be a gun type weapon that erases matter and code, or a flying gaster-blaster-like ability that can stun and string people.
  • Friends!: Can summon various joke characters.
  • Gift of Pain: Can give people who transcend code their own code, not counting avatars or authors.
  • Freeezie: Can slow and freeze anything and anyone, to more powerful people it will have no effect though.