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Puppet Sans is an Out!Code character created by Epic!Nightmare Sans. He’s a Sans that used a Voodoo Doll to obtain the ability to use the SAVE/LOAD/RESET (SLR), He now using his powers to protect the Multiverse from the Genociders.


Puppet Sans is not from any AU rather he was created by an outside force. Puppet Sans was an experiment created by Fatal Error stealing various different codes from variations of Sans around the Multiverse and stitching it together into one being. Fatal Error wanted his Papyrus back by any means necessary, so he sows creating Puppet Sans in the process to see if the creation becomes Classic Sans.

Unfortunately for Fatal Error he is disgusted with his creation as he sees Puppet Sans as a failure nothing more than a abomination. Puppet Sans looks at Fatal Error with a confused look while Fatal Error quickly constructs a doll tying it together along with Puppet Sans and tears the doll in half as Puppet Sans is also cut in half. Fatal Error smiles, but then part of Puppet Sans uses his hand to collect the doll and somehow use Fatal Error's strings repairing doll as well as himself.

Fatal Error surprised then teleports Puppet away to a random Undertale timeline abandoning him there while Fatal tries again to find a way to get his brother back. Puppet arrives in the AU Tears in the Rain where Sans died by the human's hand early on in the MTT resort. Puppet Sans explores the Underground having memories from different variations of Sans, but all with one goal. Stop the human's genocide and in that instant Puppet Sans arrives at the Corridor as the human arrived.

Puppet Sans upon seeing the human did not hesistate to attack as the battle begins. The human did not expect for Puppet Sans attacks eventually being pinned down on the floor by his bones. Puppet Sans grabs their hair accidently pulling some out however, as he scratched the doll he is carrying a cut appears on the humans forehead. Puppet soon finds out that his doll controls the human and gleefully decides to torture the human.

Puppet enjoyed casuing the human pain which he also remembers he somehow got the power from Fatal Error, so he tests that on the human. Puppet uses the doll and steals their powers having the power of Determination soon realising they have no further need for the human, so he ends their life with no remorse nor thought. Suddenly a being appears behind satisfied with his work introducing himself as Nightmare and he offers Puppet Sans to join his army in exchange he will give him what he most desires.

Puppet Sans agrees to Nightmare's terms to seize every opportunity that life awaits him. Puppet Sans joins the Gamma division working as a delivery boy to his disappointment. Puppet Sans sees how strong everybody is around him and wanted to be just as powerful, so in his free time he sneaks off to other alternative universes to gain more power for himself believing that he will be promoted. Puppet Sans also has another goal as he wanted an AU of his own with people just like him finding whatever he could to create his own AU.

Backstory made by Harvey7Demise.



Puppet Sans wears a blue jacket and a yellow shirt, wears a brown small pants and wears pink booties, he always takes his doll with him. His eyes are white/red, he is bald and sadly he has a wound in his shirt.


Puppet Sans behaves the same as before but has changed a bit. Puppet Sans attacks every Frisk and Chara because Genocide it has made him think every Frisk and Chara are genocide. Also he attacks Sanses with an weapon like Knife or Axe Because He reminds them of a killer and makes him think they are killers. Sans is a little quiet and he likes to go peaceful AU's. He sneaks around in AU's because he doesn't know them yet.


  • Voodoo Doll: A Voodoo Doll that he can repair and replace at will. If he does something on a puppet that is activated he/she feels pain or dies. This only activates if Puppet sans found a piece on him/her containing their DNA. With this ability, he can torture someone for a long time if he wants to. Puppet Sans can do this attack on more than one person, thus making him a dangerous opponent. ( This his favorite ability )
  • Power Thief: He can steal other character's abilities but the ability will still stay in the original character. He needs to use his voodoo doll ability first. This is something that is automatically added after giving someone a voodoo doll effect. Even if someone recovers from the voodoo doll effect, His/Her ability will still remain in Puppet Sans. ( Also he can steal souls, stats and other things too )
  • Puppet Blaster: He can summon a blaster with strings and can throw it with them
  • Puppet Bone: A bone with strings. It is faster than a regular bone.
  • Star: He can save or load from any star he wants. or he can create one. After he dies, he will revive in a star that he loaded. While Puppet Sans has the ability to create this star, it has some difficulty creating it.
  • Au Jump: Puppet sans can travel through AUs.
  • Power of Frisk: He Has The Powers He stole from frisk.
  • Telekinesis: a known ability.
  • Slow Fatigue: Sans can endure more tirelessly than most sans so he could fight longer and even do his special attack with less fatigue. and can even notice attacks coming faster.
  • Teleport: Sans can teleport.
  • Immune to own Voodoo Doll Ability: Puppet Sans is immune to his own Voodoo Doll. Does not work on Puppet Sans as it is the real owner. Alphys has set this Voodoo Doll for use only by the rightful owner.


  • Puppet Sans Blood: If someone is in voodoo doll's control, he/she/they needs to use Puppet Sans's blood for escape from voodoo doll effect.
  • Fatigue: Sans also can get tired but it takes even longer.
  • Diagrephobia: It is a phobia that Puppet Sans has. This phobia is called diagrephobia and is the fear of being deleted.


Puppet Frisk ( Enemy )

Frisk is a genocide run and he has large amounts of hate but he still believes they can reset and do something peaceful.

Puppet Papyrus ( Brother )

Sans loves him but Frisk killed papyrus, Sans can reset but sans will lose something special. ( Someone he loves or something he loves. )

Puppet Toriel ( Friend )

Frisk killed her, Sans and Toriel are just friends.

Puppet Undyne ( Friend )

Sans and Undyne are just friends, but Frisk killed Undyne.

Puppet Asgore ( Old King )

Sans knows Asgore, they talked sometimes.

Puppet Flowey ( ??? )

Flowey and Sans hates from each other. ( Flowey not Asriel )

Puppet Alphys ( Friend )

Alphys Helped him with the genocide run so they have been friends since that.

Trivia / FunFacts

  • Sans loves to drink spicy ketchup.
  • There is 6 character that are controlled by Puppet Sans. ( one of them is Frisk. )
  • Puppet Sans prefers to say "do you wanna a painful time?" rather than "Do you wanna have a bad time?''
  • Sans wants to be popular hero in the multiverse.
  • Sans still loves puns.
  • Sans is a bit lazy.
  • Sans bad at physical attacks So he uses voodoo or puppet blasters to do his attacks.
  • Sans loves memes because they make him happy after all he has gone through.
  • Sans has more energy than Classic Sans.
  • Sans has diagraphephobia.
  • if he used his voodoo doll, he could fix it anytime and if he fought with two or more, he would increase the number of voodoo dolls or just one voodoo doll would hurt them all.
  • Sans's stats are the same as Classic Sans But if he used power stealing power on someone like Dust Sans, his stats would increase.
  • Fatigue started to get tired more slowly as he used power stealing power to 6 people and if he does this again, his fatigue will be slowed down even more so he can attack stronger.
  • Thanks to his slow fatigue, he was able to run longer and run faster.
  • Puppet Sans' chest wound doesn't affect him.
  • Puppet Sans runs faster than usual.
  • Puppet Sans is one of the Painful Time Trio.
  • Puppet Sans is not the Marionette character known on fnaf. Just his name is Puppet Sans.
  • Puppet Sans is 23 Year old.
  • Puppet Sans is Chaotic Neutral.
  • Puppet Sans is a Out!Code Character.
  • Puppet Sans has Red, White and Black eyes.
  • Puppet Sans is slowly getting stronger with his power stealing ability.
  • Puppet Sans is the first character of Epic!Nightmare Sans.
  • Puppet Sans jumps the same height as Classic Sans.
  • Puppet Sans is male.