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Pure Darkness!Berdly (also known as PD!Berdly or Dark!Berdly) is a Berdly OutCode created by ADgee. After a catastrophic event in his timeline, he ended up in the Void, which later caused him to end up outside of the entire universe, which led him to discover the Multiverse.



Dark!Berdly looks very similar to Classic!Berdly's Dark World counterpart, except his armor now has a reddish hue, and a huge hole where the chest it, with a dark liquid leaking from it. He has Kris' SOUL in there, which he can use to give himself power boosts and for Determination.


Unlike Classic, Dark!Berdly is more serious and selfless, volunteering to risk his own life for others on multiple occasions. Due to his AU's events, he has gained PTSD regarding it, suffering whenever he hears stories about the Roaring and his injuries, due to his traumatic experiences. For this reason, he always tries to change topic whenever it's brought up, even if it could potentially help him.

Despite this, he still has traces of his past life, such as his love for videogames and uncanny romantic interest for Noelle, as well as being grossed out by people that only play mobile games.


He has gained several abilities, those being:

  • Halibird of Determination: He can fuse Kris' SOUL with his Halibird, making it five times stronger and allowing him to cut through otherwise-impossible to cut stuff.
  • Supersonic Spear: He can throw his spear at supersonic speed, causing bursts of wind to emerge which can cut through the enemy and deal a lot of damage.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Due to being fused with a Dark Fountain, he can manipulate the darkness in order to use magic and items only avaiable in the Dark World. As well, he can switch them between Light World and Dark World versions.
  • Dark Reflector: He can summon a reflector around him which he can use to deflect projectiles, both physical and magical.
  • Wind Manipulation: He can summon controllable tornadoes which he can choose between elements (ice, fire, wind and water), as well as sizes.
  • Scouter: He can use his scouter to determine the strenght of his rival. Despite this, it can break and be repaired.
  • Enhanced Flight: He can fly for a long time (even in space) before he gets tired.
  • Multiversal Travel: He can use sheets of paper followed by a special Dark Ink which he uses to travel to different AUs, as well as most places in the Multiverse. In order to do this, he has to draw said place in an accurate manner, which then the paper will turn black and teleport him there. The ink can run out and be replenished, despite the fact that it can tire him out.


AU Noelle

He has shown to be very caring towards her, to the point of nearly sacrificing himself at one point. Aside from this, he has shown romantic attraction towards her.

AU Kris

While spiting him at first, seeing both him and himself miserable has led Berdly to respect him, and consider him his acquantice.


He has shown to dislike him greatly, to the point of nearly hating him. Despite this, he knows of his pasts, which causes him to feel pitiful for him.


While showing distrust due to his dependance on substances in order to feel emotions, Ink was the one who taught him about the different AUs and how it was his job to protect them, which impressed him and inspired him to become a Protector as well.