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Royal Guard 05 and Royal Guard 06 (Or RG 05 and RG 06) are a pair of royal guards that are stationed in New Home and are similar to RG 01, 02, 03 and 04. They are special minibosses that appear in New Home during Hard Mode, trying to stop the human from getting to King Asgore.



They are very identical to RG 01 and RG 02 doning dark royal guard with the delta rune symbol. The only difference are the shape of their helmets and weapons. 05 has a helmet that resembles a large chicken and uses a spiked mace, while 06 has a fish-like shaped helmet and uses a large fish hook.


Both of them are the bestest of friends and try to maintain that friendship without failure. 05 has a habit of randomly saying "BUGGOCK!" or "Buck, buck, buck" or "Squawk!" while 06 has a habit of saying "Balub balub balub" at the start or ending of a sentence. 05 hates people who eat chicken (since he a chicken monster) and 06 hates people who eat sushi (since they are a fish monster).  


RG 01 and RG 02

They are their fellow subordinates. Sometimes they play volleyball in hotland with the other royal guards.

RG 03 and RG 04

They are 05 and 06's close friends. They are the reason why 05 and 06 are in the royal guard.

Canine Unit

They are their fellow subordinates. 06 really hates doggo's smoking.


She is their captain and superior. They usually pair up with her during their volley session.


He is their idol. MTT once tried to hire them as mercenaries for the CORE, promising that they would given glamburgers for free. However 05 and 06 refused the offer, saying that they aren't all that interested in being mercenaries or having free food. They still love him though.


  • Originally they both used swords as their weapons, but were later changed to use more original type of weapons.