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"Bad time, bad time, bad time, bad time, bad time." - Radar to Sans during his first encounter with him

Radar is an Out!Code created by Artivoke. He's a funny, weird robot who wanders to different AUs to entertain himself. He's pretty playful, recites cheesy internet memes, and among other things. He usually perceives characters how the fandom does, including everyone calling Mettaton the gay-leg robot, the theory of Sans falling into depression, and much, much more.


Radar's history is unknown, but it is said that Radar was built by an AU of Alphys, who built a robot body for another ghost instead of Mettaton. Mettaton got extremely jealous of Radar getting a new body instead of him, and so during Radar's weekly "epic" cleaning of the CORE, Mettaton pushed him into the CORE, and his existence was erased from the timeline. The timeline he originated from long since was erased by Error!Sans.



Radar looks a lot like Mettaton, but with more scrawny legs, and a pastel blue and orange color style. His robotic eyes are dark blue, and light orange boots instead of high heels. He has blonde, short hair instead of long-ish black hair.


Radar has a cheerful and comedic personality, and has a tendency to blurt out cheesy internet memes when the time is right. He enjoys eating, despite not needing food to survive. (he has robotic taste sensors, so that he can taste).


  • Cheesy Memes: He has the power to recite cheesy internet memes. Yep, that's a power he has.
  • AU Hopping: He can hop from one AU to another for fun.
  • Bombs: He can generate bombs from his arm cannon, that when exploded, would make a different meme sound. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • Screaming: He has the power to scream very loudly when he feels threatened. He can scream normally for fun, but this is a different type of scream. This can cause permanent hearing damage to anybody in earshot.



Mortal enemies after the incident. Any AU of Mettaton he absolutely hates with every fiber of his robotic body.


Radar's 2nd cousin. Before the incident, he went over to his house every week and hung out. Napstablook hated Mettaton after the incident, but that hate has long since been erased with the timeline.


Radar's creator. He usually is nice and calm around her. He has a constant fear of her reprogramming his mainframe, but he soon forgot about it.