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""I guess I could spare a moment to humor you, but is there really a point?""

Raj Death is a Skeleton Out!code created by Ash Veramortez. He's a Ship child between the Sans of Errortale and Reapertale. He's currently wanders across the multiverse.


Raj is the child of Error and Reaper. When Raj was three, Reaper and Error had a fight and Reaper told him to "get out of his house." Error left and never spoke with Reaper again. Reaper raised Raj, but since he was often working (being Death and all), he was often taken care of by ReaperTale!Toriel. Reaper never truly got over the hurt of Error and tries to make Raj and Error communicate whenever he gets the chance. Raj dislikes Error, but still loves him as a father. "I mean, he was there for three years. I guess I can be grateful for that. Some kids ain't so lucky..."



  • LV: 8
  • Atk: 1
  • Def: 1
  • Exp: 6
  • Weapons: A scythe, without any specific magic, it can only harm the offending party if it comes in direct contact with their SOUL.


 His eyes are said to be one of his more stunning features. One is black, and the other is white with a ring of blue, something he gets from Error.

He wears a normal white T-shirt with a high-collar leather jacket. He wears dark pants, but almost never wears his hood. When in battle, he wears the same thing, except with his scythe strapped to his back. 

He has black marks all over his face, slightly resembling Gaster's cracks. He also has holes in both hands.


He's typically very accepting of humans, and is very quick to give them the benefit of the doubt.He's not exactly social, and so, because of this, he doesn't speak to strangers much.He's a very fun and caring person when around friends, but is quick on the defense button. He gets very defensive when he believes his friends are being used.

He's very strong when in battle, having both close and ranged combat.He'd lay down his life for his family, and is extremely protective of his half-brothers, being older than them. This is a weakness for him, and he could easily be manipulated.

He is a very flawed person, but believes that no one is a mistake. He wants everyone to have a happy ending so badly that he's often almost died because of his dream. He is also, despite his dream, very quick to share opinions and refuses to stop after he's started.

He likes peace and quiet, classical music, and reading. He also plays guitar. He hates large crowds and people interfering with his personal things.

He is terrified of UT!Chara, despite being more powerful than they are. He has said more than once that they have appeared in his nightmares and spoken to him. He claimed their voice rattles in his ears as well, which had a toll on his mental stability.


  • He can use blue magic
  • He prefers close combat, he believes it provides them with a fair chance.



His father


His other father


His step-father


His half-brother


His other half brother


He's a good friend of them and commonly refers to them both as "Lost Kids", since their parents are either not present or too busy. He had a slight crush on Palette when they first met, but got over it after a while.






He is on good terms with, but he holds a grudge for something he won't speak about.

He has no enemies really, except for humans who have crossed his father.He is currently single, and has been labeled heartless by several different people.


  • He doesn't abide by specific law, but more by his own morals.
  • He wants to create a multiverse with no violence. He was not created for this purpose, but something he plan to fulfill before he dies. He has no specific duty or job.
  • He was created to help Reaper, but he became a wanderer as of late.
  • He's a Homosexual