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"Kris. In this world, it's "KILL or BE KILLED"! You are the greatest challenge, for me!!!"
– Alternate Ralsei

The Ralsei from Another Universe is the secret final boss of the Genocide Route. He differs from the original Ralsei in which he willing to attack Kris. He also have several forms, based off of Flowey's.


This Ralsei is introduced after the death of the original to the "root world" of the SOUL by Funny Valentine. He is a Darkner from a similar Dark World happening in another universe. Upon request from the President and coveting the Fountain, he confronts Kris in the final stage of the Genocide Route.



The second Ralsei is identical in appearance to the first. He wears a wizard's outfit, complete with pastel-green tints on his cape and hat. He also has a long magenta scarf wrapped around his neck, but expect the original his glasses are fully bright white.


God of Hyperdeath

Final Form


Of few or no scruples, the second Ralsei is crueler than the first, prepared as he is to kill Kris in inventively violent ways such as by throwing flower bullets, like Flowey, or using Fire Magic to burn them alive. He is capable of sacrificing innocent people for his sake, though he berates Kris for killing his friends in the first place.



  • Similarly to the original Ralsei, his name is an anagram of "Asriel," and his appearance and title even resembles that of the fallen prince.
  • Through actions more closely related to those occurring in Undertale, the second Ralsei also bears similarities to Asriel.
  • Ralsei's flower form, Flowey, is almost identical to Asriel's.
  • Ralsi has the same catchphrase as Flowey; his habit of saying is also "gosh," "golly," and "howdy" and even his catchphrase is "KILL or BE KILLED", a quote formerly used for Flowey appearing in Undertale.
  • Ralsei utilizes similar techniques to Asriel; especially using magic that surround his target within Hyper Goner.
  • Ralsei and Flowey (Asriel) both sliced into half 10 times shortly before they die at the end of Genocide Route.
  • The climax of Ralsei's battle with Kris takes place on a rainbowy place, like Asriel with Frisk.
  • Ralsei's theme is a remix of Flowey's leitmotif.
  • Ralsei is an anagram of Asriel.