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Ramses is a skeleton monster that is a member of the Royal Guard.

He is found in ruins, where he is in a sarcophagus, and it's required to interact with the sarcophagus due to the player being very curious about it. Once you interact with it, the lid will open, and Ramses will quickly rise from the s arcophagus, which causes the player to flinch. Ramses will then slowly approach the player to greet them and tell the player of his qncient tale. He will then say: "Maybe we'll meet again."

In the Genocide route, you can battle him if you kill Papyrus and Undyne, who were his friends. His battle theme is called 'The Vengeful One', which is a medley of Bonetrousle, Disbelief, Megalo Strike Back, Backbone, Final Chance, Spear of Justice and Battle Against a True Hero. His defeat quote is: "I've failed you All... But i won't give up. Papyrus, Undyne, I WILL AVENGE YOU!!!" He then uses a few more attacks, but he fails to win. As his body starts to fade, he says: "I hope you're proud of yourself, you psychopath..."



Ramses is a mummy with ancient Egyptian equipment, and is wrapped in old, dusty bandages.


He has an Egyptian sword and a shield shaped like a sarcophagus lid. He can summon Scarab Beetles and turning the player's soul purple