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Really cool and epic!Sans is an OC created by Realaccountcoolswagreal. He's like Sans but really cool and epic. He originates from an AU called Really cooltale and epic alsotale but he left it to be a cool au wandering Sans so he could be on this wiki.


Really cool and epic!Sans was born with a special Sans power. he was stronger than all the Sanses in the Sans fighting academy. He served in the Sans military, fighting Error, and in the final battle against Error, Error turned him to the darkness and Really cool and epic!Sans turned against Sans and killed him. He wears sunglasses cause he's really cool and epic, though.



He has a good personality, as he's cool and awesome.


Really cool and epic!Sans has so many powers, like, uh,

  • Big Gaster Blasters, like bigger than all the other Sanses' ones
  • Bones
  • Cool sunglasses throw attack
  • Uh, all the powers Sans normally has
  • All the powers everyone else has also (only the good ones, however)
  • Sword, he also has a sword it's really big
  • He can cut you with it
  • The power to be really cool and epic
  • Swag money
  • 360 noscope



He knows his Papyrus, they're mostly cool with each other, but Papyrus has missed Sans since he left. Sans doesn't care, though, cause Sans is the coolest

Error Sans

Main article: Error!Sans

He also knows him, he fought him one time, but now Error doesn't care about him cause he's so cool.

Normal Sans

He beat up normal Sans and boom, big explode.

Ink sans

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He knows him, and Ink!Sans is like what the heck man and he's like i'm so cool!