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Template:Infobox character Rec0rd has the primary colors of yellow, red and blue, on his skull, fading into the white marrow. His cheekbones are marked with strange runes.

One marking has a small lightning bolt pattern colored of deep ocean blue, while the left has strange glitch black lines going downwards, them glowing a reddish-black color, almost burgundy or crimson.

His eyelights are peculiar, one resembling an electronic heart monitor. Whenever his soul rate speeds up, nothing happens though; it only changes when there is sound in the area that he wants to listen to, or to hence the name RECORD.

Rec0rd's other eye is a close-knit circle with triangles, 2 at the bottom and top that are colored sunshine yellow, the right is a scarlet red, and the left is a pale sky blue.

Rec also has an unusual triangle nose cavity, along with vampiric fangs, as if symbolizing his parasitic magic and tendencies.

He has a green coat with binary code colored an inky black color, with short sleeves, basically at his shoulders. The bottom is basically a gradient of green fading into black. On his shoulders where the sleeves are, he has a very large hood, almost big enough to cover his face, lining his hood is cerulean colored fluff, very big as well.

Did I mention his 'coat' is actually a really weird trenchcoat?

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