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Reux is an outcode created to challenge other error sanses. Since he is a glitch, his mind is corrupted, and sees all the other errors as a treat to his/every existence. Because of that he chose to become a hunter of errors.

This character is in w.i.p., so, please, give me some time to finish him, since I am very busy. Thanks for reading


It doesn't have a specific backstory, he was created to make sure the number of error sanses in the Multiverse doesn't become too much, and he killed many of them, really a lot. He just remembers he was born in the void, in the complete silence. He probably met some void creatures, but with time it came clear in his mind that his job was only one, aka destroying other errors. The reason? He still doesn't know. He is sure that once he will have finished he will understand it



Reux appears as a white skeleton, with a white shirt and grey pants. His hands are also white, ending up with a black point. His eyes are grey, and there are black circles in them, with the pupil, black, in the centre of the smallest circle. He also wears a black scarf. From his eyes there is a black leaking liquid, from which he can also create strings


Despite being an error he is not chaotic or anything. Most of the time he is silent, thinking, and ready to attack any error in the Multiverse. He is an atheist, he doesn't believe until he actually sees the things. For the rest, he always talks normally and what a pacific tone, but when fighting gets silent. He tends to aboid useless fights, and doesn't really care about the others, rather doing his job.


  • Crashed Blasters: Those are normal gaster blaster, but the ray is a glitched beam, a fusion of a lot of different glitches and virurìses. Getting it by that would mean you start to glitch and loses focusness, and of course taking damage
  • Crashed Bones: Those are bones made of of glitches and viruses, like the blasters, and they also have the same glitching effect
  • Souls Manipulation: He can use any soul effect on every being. Note: This doesn't work on souless beings, of course
  • Multiversal little jumps: Yeah. he can jump to a multiverse place to another without problem. The only thing that could block him from doing so is if he is glitching too much
  • Teleportation: He is able to teleport everywhere he wants in a range of 300 meters. If glitching too much, only 50 meters
  • Crashed Strings: They work in the same way of the blasters and bones, but they have a string-like form. Reux can create them from his eyes or hands


  1. Glitching too much: This makes him not fully capable of focusing on the battle, and he will mostly like start to breaks in pieces and crashing
  2. Crashing: His body goes fully grey, and in front of him appear the words: "The system has been shut down". This situation will last only 5 minutes, but he is unable of doing anything druing those minutes
  3. Easily gets distracted: Self exlpanatory, he can easily lose focusness on the battle,even if he is about to die or win


  1. He is immune to ink based attacks
  2. He is capable of floating, using the blue soul effect on himself
  3. When he talks, his voice can change tone every second. That's because of the glitching
  4. He would kill any version of error sans, with no exceptions
  5. The only fight in which he would never lose focusness, no matter what, it's when he is fighting an error sans
  6. He doesn't have an opinion on virus Out!codes (especially on the Sans variety). He doesn't like them, but also doesn't hate them.
  7. He hates some other version of sans, but tries to stay calm and not kill them until they attack him