/.," I love the pikachu dango song mommy!"

- rose.

Rose is the daughter of underswap amu and underswap papyrus, she is 5-years old and she has powers.


Rose looks like her mom but with yellow eyes, and she has pink curly hair and she wears a white dress and blue shoes. And she has a white flower in her hair.


Rose sometimes is a tsundere towards other boys when she is shy, sometimes she likes to hang out with her friends. She likes it when her mom sings the pikachu dango daikazoku song to her, Rose has a pichu plush including pikachu, raichu plush as well.


Underswap amu:

Rose loves her mom a lot, due to her mother cooking sweets like cookies, cupcakes, cake, and pies. Rose sometimes is overprotective of her getting hurt or kidnapped. Her mom sometimes sings lullabies for her when rose doesn't wanna go to sleep.

Underswap papyrus:

Her dad loves her too much, but sometimes when she is a baby rose make a lot of trouble by riding on baby gaster-blaster, or crying as well. But rose likes to make puns and jokes for her dad. Papyrus is overprotective of rose getting a boyfriend and he tells her not to get a boyfriend.

Petunia and daisy

At first, rose didn't like the twins at first before when they are born. She thought that the twins are gonna kick her out and keep her parents to themselves. But rose likes the twins she will always protective them or help them to change diapers and feed the twins.

Alterswap toriel

Rose and toriel seems to have a relationship together they are best friends, but toriel thinks that papyrus have cooties and pick his nose. Toriel will try to take rose home but papyrus will tell toriel to go away and never come back, toriel sometimes gives her a cupcake to be safe to not get cooties from her dad.

Altertale gaster

Gaster have a crush on her, he always watch her play outside or draw too. Gaster will tell her how he feels about her.

Unfresh sans: unfresh Sans will always tried to bullied her and even tried to rape her, but rose will always run away from him.

Swapfell sans

sans pushes her around by touching her in her chest, or pulling hair.

Underfell toriel

rose is scared of toriel due to toriel being scary to her.

Swapfell papyrus

swapfell papyrus will always sexually harassed her by doing bad things to her.


Whenever the player starts genocide. The player will fight rose and rose will try to stop the player from fighting her, then the player will stab her.

Rose will fell down in the ground and blood will drip down her chest and she'll have tears in her eyes and she'll not say anything but run away.

Girl from flower heaven

The girl from flower heaven ( thats possibly rose) who had the same hair as rose and blue eyes. But rose has yellow eyes, She's a ghost of rose. But she have pink straightened hair and has a white dress and also bearfeeted and has flowers in her hair.

Her death was different than rose, she died of a murderer by Chara. Chara stabs her by 10 times in the

Girl from flower heaven age is 11.

When girl from flower heaven is killed she sings her last world." are my sunshine." And she fell down in the flowers and waiting for Blueberry to wake her up from the flower field.



Rose seems to have powers like her dad, she summons bones or gasterblasters that she used for a weapon.


People think that Rose is a cutie and mistake her to be older.

She did not appears in mikumikudance someday some user will make a model out of her, or anyone didn't make a drawing of her.

Rose likes the dango pikachu family song(which it's parody to dango daikzoku from clannad)


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