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S.T is an Out!code character, however not technically an OC, as he is one of the two main character's from the MV-Tale storyline, and originates from MV-Tale itself before it became inaccessible (after Generation Eight). S.T was originally created in October of 2016 on the Undertale AU Wiki, but was moved over to the OC wiki in 2017. He is most well known for his later Generations which are based off the older AU wiki versions (also well known for not wearing clothing). As of his latest generation, S.T resides in a now mostly abandoned area of the Mutliverse known as the Multiverse-Halls, wandering around with his followers in search of something entertaining.

Update History

First written S.T:

An odd skeleton with a strange backpack and a similar looking companion known as Swap, fighting against his now evil long lost friend S.K.

Late 2016 S.T:

Swap is now female, S.K is no longer evil and is now S.T's second follower, the antagonist now being Fell T and True!Swap, a skeleton who seems to be a Fell version of S.T, and a possessed Swap. Generation Nine is based off this older version.

Design Change S.T:

S.T now has clothing and is less of an asshole (supposedly). Early Infected interactions, MV!Frisk is introduced, Elizabeth is introduced. S.T now looks like a Sans type skeleton. Generation Ten is based off this older version

Generations S.T:

Generations! S.T now has Generations, which are heavy WIP and intended to expand on S.T's previously unknown backstory. S.K is now canonically S.T's brother. Generations continue to be worked on for a long time.

Lifethread Rewrite:

After a long time, I came back and removed S.T off the OC wiki for one year, to work on completely revising the Generations, with more focus on Corrupteds and Infecteds in early gens, more explanation on what happened in the middle gens, and cleaning up the later gens. This update is still being worked on.

MV-Tale History

This section gives context to the events that take place within the prologue, and the early generations.Forty years before the events that surrounded S.T took place, a war started between the nations of MV-Tale, centered and mainly caused by tensions and conflict between monsters and humans. The war started within Gam, the southern nation of MV-Tale. Gam was a mixed nation, a place where both monsters and humans called home, however the tension between the two was often high. The Northern human populated side did not tolerate most Monsters, only the occasional skeleton species Monster, as they were deemed most human-like. The main city of Gam resided within the North side. The main city of Gam was populated not all by native residents of Gam, but by many Kaa'a and some Bovin. The Southern side of Gam was mainly monster populated, all natives to Gam. A large portion of the Southern side's land was taken up by Mt. Ebott and the surrounding mountain range, leaving a far smaller habitable area compared to the North. Conflict between both sides only grew, the toleration of Monsters in the North slowly declining. Many Monsters of the South believed that all of Gam was rightfully theirs, and war broke out. The North side was heavily backed by Kaa'a, the large human nation of the west. The South side lacked much support at first, however Bovin later came to their aid. Bovin itself was a mixed nation that lacked conflict between Monsters and Humans. It had a strong trading relationship with Northern Gam, at least until the war. When the war started, Bovin monsters came to the aid of Southern Gam, to which Northern Gam responded to by cutting off the trading ties between themselves and Bovin. Bovin sent more reinforcement to the South after the trading line was broken, in hopes that if the South obtained control then the trading would continue. The war never ended with a victory for either side, as at the height of the conflict, the Infection introduced itself to MV-Tale. While nobody is sure where it truly originated from, the Infection started it's spread within the center of Gam, and aggressively spread throughout the entire nation. Kaa'a quickly retreated from Gam, killing any of their own who showed signs of the disease. The Infection spread South, where the monsters who had fought to reclaim Gam retreated into the cave systems below Mt. Ebott in fear of being wiped away by the Infection. Once the monsters had left, only the Bovin were left within the South, who in their retreat brought the sickness to their home nation. The Infection tore through the Bovin cities, leaving nothing but Infecteds behind. While the returning Kaa'a thought they were safe when retreating, they could not escape the Infection, and most did not survive; the Infection never made actual contact with Kaa'a leaving the nation unaffected. Izlekeh despite being next to Bovin, was mostly unaffected by the spread, nothing changed within its strange lands. Gam "survived" the Infection, as those who survived the initial spread were able to stay unaffected by using Gamanium, the anti magic metal, to keep the Infecteds away from them. However, Gam was left infested with Infecteds, along with some Corrupteds, as wherever the Infection went, the Corruption seemed to follow. The main city was all that was left of Gam, the remaining uninfected population doing everything possible to keep the Infection away.

Generations of S.T and The Story of MV-Tale (1.3)

A Generation of S.T is a different form of S.T caused by the reset of S.T's SOUL. A SOUL reset is usually caused by death, then revival, however it is possible for other events to cause a new generation. Each generation has a slightly different personality, however they all are similar in many ways. This personality is the result of both the form of revival and the form of prior death. Generations are not separate people, as they are all one person, and are used more as a way to divide up the S.T story similar to chapters.

Prologue (1.3)

Forty years after the devastating results of the war between Monsters and Humans, Gam itself was close to collapsing. The Infection that spread throughout MV-Tale had wiped Bovin clean, demonstrating it's destructive power, however Gam still held on, as they had one thing to resist the Infection that nobody else had: Gamanium. Gamanium is an anti-magic substance. The power of its effects upon magic are based upon various things, size, potency, closeness of the Gamanium to said magical object or being, said effects being it dilutes magical power. Within the monster human war, Gamanium was an extremely useful suppressant against monsters, as Gamanium restricted their abilities. Once the war was put to a sudden halt, Gamanium found a new use. The Infection was magic based, and it was soon figured out that those who kept Gamanium on them could not only stop the Infecteds from taking their SOUL over, but larger amounts kept Infecteds and Husks away. For the more intelligent and powerful Infected however, it was only a minor deterrent, and for the next 40 or so years, Gam stayed infested with Infection, not taken over just yet, but always on the brink. In the ongoing war against the Infection with Gam, one former mining corporation led in finding ways to deter the Infection. Not only was (the corporation) rich, they also had access to large amounts of Gamanium. They focused their efforts on supplying those within Gam with ways to fend off the Infection, but as the years went by, it seems almost no significant advances in pushing the Infection out of Gam were made. This where the Corruption comes into play. The Corruption has always followed the path of the Infection, if there are Infecteds near then there will always be Corrupteds to match them. Soon after the Infection started it's spread into MV-Tale, some of the Corruption followed, hiding away unnoticed. Now the "corporation" was unaware of the fact that the Corruption was in fact the Corruption when they were able to get there hands on samples of Corrupted SOUL, believing that this newfound form of SOUL could be the final deterrent against the Infection, not knowing that it was the exact same thing, if not worse. They corporation started focusing on finding Corrupteds, gathering them to see how they could be used to fight off the Infection. Subject One was the first test, collected fifteen years before S.T, and resulted in failure (Ran away). Subject Two died (possible health issues), Subject Three died (testing issues), Subject Four and Five were brought in at the same time and were almost perfect before they both died (killed each other), then Subjects Six through Ten were all collected at the same time, after (the corporation) decided to put more focus on these "new SOUL creatures" (these "new SOUL creatures" being Corrupteds of course but they don't know that). Subject Ten was the most unique however for a few reasons..

Generation One (1.3)

The last Subject to be entered into the facility before its forced closure, Subject Ten (referred to as Ten during early life, S.T adopted as a nickname later). Ten was unique compared to other subjects due to the fact that he was a conjoined twin to S.K by an arm. S.K's name origin is never specified, however K is the eleventh letter in the alphabet. Ten lived within the facility conjoined with S.K for seven years. While Ten possessed the abilities of a Corrupted, S.K did not, and the facility saw S.K as a hinderance to Ten's potential, having him carefully separated from Ten. S.K was sent to Izlekeh, concluding the Generation One section of Ten's life. The aforementioned facility and corporation were run by a family, the father and mother of Elizabeth, a certain human who will become important later.

Generation Two (1.3)

Now separate from S.K, the facility was able to make better use of Ten. His "education" continued, learning of the Infection, slowly being told the facilities purpose for him and the other Subjects. The facilities progress was soon interrupted, its purpose and location had been discovered by the Infection and its members. The facility was quickly overrun with Husks, with a few actual Infecteds sent in to control the attack. Within the chaos, some of the Subjects were killed, and some escaped, such as Ten. While escaping, Ten witnessed Elizabeth's parents, the owners of the facility, get torn into pieces by feral Hollows. Ten, now free from the facility, wandered the streets of Gam, unsure of where to go and what to do. His whole life he had been told he would be used in some way to fight the Infection, but now the people who had told him to do so and prepared him were gone. Ten found that what he had been taught of Gam and its relationship with the Infection had been true. Parts of the city were left abandoned, overrun with Hollows and stray Infected. The remaining inhabited areas were haphazardly fenced off, and few people were seen out past dark. On his third night wandering the city, Ten was approached by a member of the Corruption, who had mistaken him for an Infected. The three nights Ten spent wandering Gam's city are explained in higher detail in an (upcoming, give it a few years) mini-series. Upon learning that Ten was Corrupted, the member of the Corruption brought him to the current Corruption group within Gam. Ten was brought before members of Gam's High Corruption, who were interested by the fact that he was a birth Corrupted** that the Corruption was previously unaware of.The death of the family that controlled the remaining Gamanium within Gam did not go unnoticed by anyone. The Infection learned that the people they killed within the facility were the ones supplying the Non Infected population of Gam with Gamanium, and quickly set out to search the facility for any information regarding the location of the Gamanium stashes. The Corruption learned of the death of the family from Ten's retelling of what happened, and also set out to find the Gamanium. The Non-Infected civilians were now cut off from their Gamanium supply, leaving them extremely vulnerable and they, like the other two groups, quickly started to search Gam for any possible stashes of Gamanium. It became a race between the three groups to find the stashes first, and nobody had the lead. That is, until it was discovered that the daughter of the family that died, Elizabeth, lived. The remaining non-Infecteds in the city were the first to find out, but Corrupteds sent out to the facility to stay hidden and keep watch also learned of this, quickly returning back to the High Corruption to inform them. Ten being the newest addition to MV-Tale's Corruption, was sent out to find Elizabeth as his first task, to prove his worth and loyalty.

Ten was driven from the one of the many Corruption hideouts to the border of Gam's city, where he was to go alone on foot from there. Ten re-entered the city he had previously escaped from, bringing only his newfound Corrupted abilities and a poorly made map with him. The borders of the city were the least populated and the most dangerous, the Infection had made sure to make anything close to the border uninhabitable to keep those still Non-Infected trapped within the city, meaning the edges filled with Hollows and Infected outposts to keep watch. Ten traveled through the edge of the city, trying his best to not draw the attention of any wandering Hollows. As he approached the center, he abandoned his cautious behavior and was set on getting to the facility as fast as possible. Many Non-Infecteds were at the facility, gathering supplies and clearing out the few remaining Hollows, wary of any actual Infecteds. Ten pretending to be a normal Monster, began asking around abouwrt how the daughter had supposedly survived and if she was alright, and was eventually was able to gather that Elizabeth had returned to one of the family's many homes, a few miles north of the facility, close to a more safe part of the border of the city.

Ten began making his way towards that direction, but about halfway there ran directly into a pack of Hollows led by an Infected. The following part of the story is planned to be covered in more detail within some form of mini story series in the future, however it is simplified here, as this is Ten's first fight with an Infected. In short, Ten got the Infected to chase him into a nearby abandoned building, where Ten, temporarily hiding from the Infected, found a shovel. Ten then was able to sneak behind the Infected and knock him unconscious with said shovel. Ten finished the Infected off by beheading it via shovel.

Ten finally arrived at the building he was told Elizabeth currently was staying at early in the next morning. The goal was simple, go in, get Elizabeth without somehow drawing attention, then get her back to the Corruption so that they could get the Gamanium before the Infecteds and Non-Infecteds/Corrupteds. To solve the not drawing attention issue, Ten came up with an interesting plan to not alert the Non-Infecteds of his presence, that plan being to kill them all, cause they won't know you're there if they're dead. The main issue with this plan was that Ten still only had a shovel and his undeveloped abilities, but he was able to make do, and with a little luck and a bloodied shovel, he was -

Generation Three

In work, not written.

Generation Four

In work, not written.

Generation Five

Needs revamp/Not in work, general theme and concept complete, not written.

Generation Six

Needs revamp/Not in work, not written.

Generation Seven

Needs revamp/Not in work, not written.

Generation Nine

In work, not written.

Generation Ten

Mostly complete, in work, not written

Generation Eleven

Needs revamp/Not in work, not written

Generation Twelve

Complete, not written.

MV-Tale's Three Timelines

MV-Tale has three canonical timelines, each contain slight changes.

Bad Timeline/Main Timeline:

This page itself follows the events of the Bad Timeline. S.T lives past Generation Four and Ten, and Patch Sans does not survive creation. Flowet does not originally exist in this timeline, however he crosses over from the Neutral Timeline. This is the main timeline, and is what MV-Tale is represented by.

Good Timeline:

Within this timeline, S.T permanently dies at Generation Four, and Patch Sans survives creation, going on to take the place of S.T's outcode Generations. Flowet does not exist in this timeline

Neutral Timeline:

Within this timeline, everything remains mostly the same as the Bad Timeline, however S.T does not come back after being killed by Infected in Generation Ten. This is also the origin Timeline of Flowet, who crosses over from Neutral Timeline to Bad Timeline.


Quick NoteI think it's important to note that the Infected and Corrupted lore was loosely based off the character "Infected" from Alphatale, and some lore overlaps with Alphasaith's expansive Undertale Rho storyline, and I have cleared it with both Alphasaith (Undertale Rho) and Shadikal (Alphatale).

General Introduction

Infecteds, a "type" of monster, were originally created by Paraphronas (A being from user Alphasaith's expansive storyline) to work as servants, spreading throughout the multiverse. Their main function is that Infecteds can transform other monsters/humans/demons into Infecteds through various methods. Infecteds lack a universe of origin, as their creator (Paraphronas) also lacks a universe of origin. They can come in a few distinct types, however most are pretty similar to each other, holding a wide range of abilities that will be listed farther below.

Examples of Infecteds That Appear Within S.T's Storyline:

  • Infected #1 (Under the made up alias of Jack)
  • Infected #2 (Peacetale!Sans)
  • Swap (Gen 10+)
  • Romani
  • Project 102 (I think it's 102, could be 103)
  • TakenAltertale!Toriel

Corrupteds, on the other hand, are a subspecies of Infected, who were also in a way created by a different being. Nobody, including the Corrupteds themselves, know who and what that being exactly was, and their origin universe is also unknown. The original Corrupteds were a handful of powerful Infecteds that were cut off from the influence of Paraphronas by said being. The former Infecteds were then taught by the higher being to use their innate power in combination with the power of a SOUL to bend the reality around them, even if only in minor ways. Other than the change in ability, Corrupteds remained mostly the same to their Infected relatives, namely the constant need to spread the Corruption to those who were not already Corrupted. However, as time progressed and the Corruption expanded, Corrupteds may have physically remained similar to Infecteds, but the beliefs and culture between the two groups drifted apart. The Corrupteds did not recognize Paraphronas as a leader or higher being, and saw the Infection as a threat to the expansion of the Corruption. The Infecteds reacted similarly, viewing the Corruption as more of an annoyance than a threat to their own expansion. The two groups have continued to compete for control and dominance throughout the multiverse for the rest of history, with Infecteds usually holding the lead, as the Infection is far larger than the Corruption.

Examples of Corrupteds That Appear Within S.T's Storyline:

  • S.T
  • Corrupted #1
  • The High Corruption Members (Gam)
  • The High Corruption Members (Outcode)
  • The Lost Subject (Old Fan OC by someone I forgot)

Lastly, Maniskins. Maniskins are subspecies within a subspecies. There are very few throughout the multiverse, and they are drastically different than their Corrupted and Infected cousins. Maniskins originated from MV-Tale, however they existed long before most Infecteds and Corrupteds arrived in the middle of the Human/Monster war (Prologue section). Maniskins were originally Corrupteds, who lived within the North of Bovin. Due to the lack of other Monsters or Humans to spread too within the cold wasteland of Bovin, they reproduced with each other, and over multiple generations, lost the Sickness (discussed below) and the constant need to spread. Normal Corrupted ability heavily depends on the power of another SOUL, which is why Corrupteds will carry harvested SOULs with them, however within the barren region that the Maniskins lived in, there was very little SOUL to be found, so they instead focused on using their powers on their own SOUL, learning to bend their own SOUL and physical appearance to that of other living beings around them. Their name originated from what the other people of Bovin, from the more southern areas would call them, Many Skins, as they would appear to steal peoples appearance to blend in. Very few Maniskins remain in the Multiverse, and will probably disappear from it altogether quite soon.

Examples of Maniskins That Appear Within S.T's Storyline:

  • The Morpher
  • C.T

Differences Between Corrupteds & Infecteds

While Infecteds and Corrupteds are similar, they are not identical. First off, general beliefs. Infecteds work as servants to their leader, and while they have a large amount of freedom to do what they want, they cannot leave the influence of Paraphronas on their own. They spread to control, and see the reality around them as impure. To them, the Infection is above all, and is the only solution. Corrupteds worship the SOUL, seeing it as the most divine part of any being. They see the Corruption as a path to being able to control the SOUL, and that spreading the Corruption is a gift to those who are not already part of it. While they lack a leader, all Corrupteds share the same belief, and always group together when possible. To them, the Corruption is a step closer to divine power, and a gift to those who hold it's strength. Maniskins are not nearly as obsessed with their beliefs as Corrupteds and Infecteds, but share some similar beliefs with Corrupteds when it comes to the SOUL.Next, appearance. Regular Infecteds have a distinct physical feature, that being that one of their pupils becomes extremely enlarged, causing the eye to appear to be one static color. This trait does not actually affect the Infected's sight. Infected Husks (Discussed below) also share this trait, however it changes both the both pupils instead of just one. Corrupteds lack any unique appearance trait, other than Seamstresses and Hollows (both discussed below). Seamstresses lose their pupils once they achieve full connection to Lifethread and SOUL, and Hollows, like Husks, will have both pupils enlarged to a point of full coverage, however Hollow pupils will always turn grey.

And one last little difference, abilities. Corrupteds can bend reality around them, and usually only in minor ways, however more powerful Corrupteds can bend reality in more extreme ways, Infecteds possess a wide range of abilities, none of which are related to reality warping. While Infecteds have normal Infecteds and Husks, Corrupteds have normal Corrupteds, Hollows, and Seamstresses. Husks and Hollows are essentially the same thing, however seamstresses are unique to Corrupteds. Seamstresses are extremely powerful Corrupteds, who are closest to the divine power of the SOUL. They are able to control and create Lifethread, something no other being can do, and while they are not seen as leaders of the Corruption in any way, they are usually highly respected.

The Different Types Of Infecteds & Corrupteds

Born Infecteds:Born Infecteds are as their title implies, Infecteds who were born Infected. They possess all possible abilities for an Infected to naturally have. For reference, all Infected abilities will be listed here: Low range telekinesis, a very weak form of telekinesis. Infecteds can let out a scream that other Infecteds, Husks, and also most forms of Corrupted can hear from very long distances. When Infecteds die, they turn to stone, rather than dust. Infecteds also are immune to any magical attack from Corrupted reality warping. Infecteds can fake their own death, however it is magically draining to do so, and can leave weaker Infecteds in a very vulnerable state afterwards. Infecteds can draw a strange dark liquid like substance out of their SOUL that can harden cover areas of their body, a form of natural defence. That same liquid is used to Infect others, as once an Infected is able to access your SOUL in whatever method possible, it covers said SOUL, starting the process of Infection. If an Infected kills their victim, but still Infects the SOUL, the corpse will turn into a Husk. Birth Infecteds have access to all of these abilities.

Turned Infecteds:

Turned Infecteds are Infecteds who became Infected, and were not born Infected. They are far more common than Infecteds who were born. After becoming Infected, the victim will usually lose most of their previous abilities, however it is possible for them to retain some of them. Turned Infecteds do not receive all of the abilities that Infecteds that were born do, instead they can only Infect others and use the unique scream. While they can use the black liquid to Infect others, they cannot create Husks, and they cannot use it to defend themselves. When they die, they can turn to stone, but it is not guaranteed, as they may also turn to dust. There have been cases of Turned Infecteds obtaining the abilities of a born Infected, however it is extremely rare, and not much is known about these Infecteds.


Husks are Infected who were turned Infected after death. They are not intelligent, cannot speak or communicate other than loud incoherent noises and occasionally letting out the unique scream discussed above when angered. Husks cannot turn others into Infecteds, and possess no abilities other than the scream. They are extremely violent towards things that are not Infected, and seem to have an amazing sense of smell. Husks will usually wander around aimlessly unless there are either other Infecteds around, which they will follow, or any living being that isn't an Infected is close enough for them to smell, which they will try to hunt and kill. Husks have a lifespan of about two to three days, at the end of which, unlike normal monsters or Infecteds, they will simply collapse, not turning to dust or stone, similar to humans.

Born Corrupteds:

Like Infecteds, born Corrupteds are different than their turned variants, but not in as much of a severe way. Born Corrupteds are usually more powerful than turned Corrupteds. Corrupteds can turn others into Corrupteds using the same process as Infecteds, however the liquid used is silver to light grey colored, and can only be used to corrupt others. Born Corrupteds can also create Hollows, which are created in the same way as Husks.

Turned Corrupteds:

Turned Corrupteds are generally less powerful than Born Corrupteds, and can often lack the ability to warp reality, however they can usually retain some of their past abilities from before corruption. Turned Corrupteds cannot create Hollows, but they can corrupt others.


The Corrupted variant of Husks. Hollows can be known to often travel on all fours, regardless of what species they previously were before corruption, which is a trait Husks do not share. Hollows also cannot scream, unlike Husks. Hollows have a lifespan of a roughly a little less than a week.


The most powerful and rare variant of Corrupted, seamstresses have heavy connection to the power of the SOUL, and use this to create and control lifethread. Lifethread is a stringy substance made of SOUL. Lifethread is extremely expensive material, as it is very delicate if not in the hands of a seamstress, and a fair amount costs quite a few SOULs to create. Lifethread can be used by seamstresses to heal others, and create living things. A very large limitation of normal Corrupted reality warping is that they cannot change physical aspects of others, and cannot warp SOULs, which includes creating SOULs and living things. However, using lifethread, this can be done. Lifethread strands can be woven together to make special SOULs, repair damaged SOULs, bring people back to life temporarily with just lifethread; permanently with a woven SOUL, and create lifecloth.

Woven SOULs are quite rare, and are usually used to bring back deceased beings that still have a mostly intact body, however a body can be created for the SOUL using lifecloth, something that was only done once before. Since lifethread is composed of many different SOULs, woven SOULs can often carry many random attributes, and unless you kept track of exactly which SOULs were used for every strand of thread, it is nearly impossible to tell what traits a woven SOUL will hold.

Lifecloth is an interesting material, which like any cloth, can make a variety of objects, from clothes to bags to blankets, curtains etc. What makes lifecloth unique is that since it is made of SOUL, anything made out of it will carry some unique atrribute depending on the SOULs it was made of, which like before, is pretty much random. Lifecloth, unlike lifethread, is incredibly strong yet also incredibly light, and can only be made by seamstresses, it is far more valuable than lifethread itself, as anyone can use it once it is made. An example of something made out of lifecloth would be S.T's Infinity Backpack.