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Keeper!Sans is a sort of Guardian of the multiverse not in the sense of protecting others but he's sent by the enigmatic Keeper Force to keep problematic universes from threating the greater Multiversal whole. This exclusively involves killing anyone in the Universe capable of ascending to a Multiversal scale such as Frisks band Sans but he often needs to kill everyone he encounters as per his directive from the Keeper Force.



Keeper!Sans wears a space patterned parka with 1 human soul patch on either sleeve, he often wears pink canvas shoes. the fur of his parka sticks up giving him a very fluffy look. he switches between a white one piece or a white turtleneck one piece both have the soul of determination on the chest and a monster soul below it.

He has several scars crisscrossing across his face they weren't always there but guilt caused them to subconsciously appear.


Keeper Sans has much more depressed outlook on life. His face rarely shows much emotion due to him bottling everything up. Not trusting or accommodating, his job is all he thinks about


Keeper has lost many of his original magical abiliteis such as his bonea ttack or Gaster Blasters instead he has

Soul Weapons: he gained phantom.copies of the weapons carried by the 7 Humans souls they are all waker than the original verisons and he can only weild one at a time except for the Real Knife and the Toy Knife

Justices Gun: used sparingly when his knives proves ineffective, a solid yellow Revolver

Bravery's Fists: phantom projected orange fists form around his hands for close quarters fights prone to disappearing at the worst times

Patience Knife: a projection of the Toy Knife normally used along side the Real Knife

Kindess's Pan: exclusively used as a Shield, strong enough to take the blast of Hell Sans's Gaster Blasters

Perserverances Book: a magical tome containing what's left of Keepers orginal Sans like attacks never used

Integrity's Tutu: allows for graceful movement beyond Keepers normal dodging abilities but never used

Inner World Projection: Keepers only unique ability allows him to project his state of mind into the physical world granting him for a brief time his full 7 soul power, it's a broken shattered reflection of his Judgement Hall it floats in a star filled void, each star a universe he's "dealt with".


  • Fear of Inadequacy: He has a morbid fear of being unable to assist those in need. this fear stems from the fact that although he has immense power he does not truly understand how to use them.
  • Stunted Powers: Having Absorbed the 6 human souls at the point of death he's far more limited in his power scale just barely able to override Frisk or Floweys control over any given timeline
  • Multiversal Singular: He's a Paradox his Nature as Keeper means he should be a solitary existence but the rules of the multiverse dictate he should have alternates leading to them all being condescended into himself


Keeper!Sanses story follows that of a genocide run up until the point where Frisk kills Papyrus. Instead of waiting for Frisk in the judgement hall he pleads with King Asgore to give him the souls to try and hold her off but the King is hesitant not fully knowing what's happening as news of the Geoncide has yet to reach him. Sans ends up stealing the souls around the time Frisk has their fight with Mettaton, hes caught of guard by Frisks speed in getting to him and doesn't have time to absorb the souls before the battle commences. Frisk having long fallen into a cycle of Genocide runs eaisly defeats Sans along with the slash across his chest They also deal him a massive blow to his skull caving it in on the left side.

Before they can move on however Sans finally gets his opening absorbing the 6 souls and re-engageing Frisk. Despite his new power boost the strain of his dying body is to much despite his ultimately prevailing and having just enough power to delay Frisks reset his body starts to fail him turning to sludge he reaches out in one desperate bid to take Frisks soul and by chance or not it softly floats into his hand allowing him to absorb it.

His body regains its solid state but blazes with a pure white light as his dying soul is partially repaired by the 7 souls but not fully. His mind now clear he tries to reset but finds the buttons greyed out and unusable his preptually dying state blocking him from using them. This crushes him and he moves to the Throne room a hollow pit in his stomach nothing all he had done was in vain but he hopes and prays that he can at the least set the remaining few Monsters free into the world above,.

Later after Asgore gathered the remaining Monsters at the Barrier, Sanses pure white light depletes as he buses alot of his power to wipe away the barrier and he disappears from before the Monsters.

He appears before a large hour Glass in one capsule a human soul of determination and in the bottom capsule a Monster soul, without words he understands this to be the Keeper force having seen his plight it offers power in exchange for his servitude and he acceptes his one wish is for nobody to have to cry.


  • Keeper Sans is known as a Multiversal Singular which means he comprises every alternate version of himself Ex. Keeperfell Sans, KeeperSwap Sans and so forth, and switches between them frequently.
  • He isn't an explicitly good guy what he does is for the best of everyone but what he does to accomplish this is horrid
  • When not on "duty" Sans can often be found in Outertale.
  • He Hates Swapfell Sans.
  • when he changes into a different version of himself so does his home universe.
  • During a visit to Mentaltale , Dr. Gaster diagnosed him with all the symptoms of multiple personality disorder
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