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Saur Dohe is an Out!Code created by Artivoke. They are a possessed blob of sour dough, who is very passionate to anyone and anything. They are a lot like SCP-999, (read about SCP-999 on the SCP wiki) being squishy, stretchy, very docile and happy.


Saur Dohe wasn't always a sentient blob of sour dough. They were once just a ghost, minding their own business. Dr. Gaster was conducting an experiment, involving having a ghost possess an item, in this case it was sour dough, to see what would happen to the possessed item. The unfortunate ghost came down to the lab to see what he was doing this time, but was immediately sucked into the dough blob. (due to vacuum, a nod to the luigi's mansion series) They now were a blob of.. Skin? No, dough. It was new to them, as they had never possessed something before. Gaster named it, "Saur Dohe." (pronounced "Sah-Are D-Oh") Saur Dohe to be Gaster's other lab assistant, acknowledging sans, but one day, they accdientally fell into the CORE will cleaning the bridge, and scattered across the multiverse. When they woke up, they were in a very strange place. It was all black, with white strings every now-and-then. They tried moving around to see, and was startled to see a thin box suddenly materialize in front of them. It was playing some sort of... Movie, or video. It was of a human child fighting a skeleton. Saur Dohe didn't know what this meant, but the more time he spent in the void, the more he learned of his powers and what this place is. Saur Dohe dubbed the place, "The Dough Void", as the floor and walls are soft like dough, like them. Saur Dohe discovered that they can travel to different universes and back to The Dough Void. They use this power to help the people of the multiverse, and have fun doing it.



Saur Dough takes on a blob-like appearance, with starchy, squishy, and yellow-ish skin... Dough skin? Whatever it is. Just because I'm writing this doesn't mean I don't know what it's called, so laugh at me all ya want.


Saur Dough takes on a cheerful, and almost cat-like personality. They try to help the people of the multiverse by helping them with battle, chores, or anything that they ask Saur Dohe to do. When Saur Dohe has satisfied the person, they will go back to The Dough Void, and look for the next person to help. They tend to take a liking to being pet or squished, as they feel it gives a sense of being familiar and at ease. They wouldn't want anybody to be scared of it, right?


  • Elasticity: Saur Dohe has the ability to stretch their dough form into any shape that they like. This allows them to do things that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Multiversal Travel: Saur Dohe has the ability to travel to different multiverses to help the people of the world. The Dough Void is in the multiverse, but very well hidden so that nobody will attack their safe space.
  • Ease: Whenever Saur Dohe is squished or pet, it gives the person a sense of ease, and tends to take a liking toward Saur Dohe. This allows people to not be afraid of them, so that they can help more easily and without trouble.


  • The ghost that possessed the blob of sour dough's name is thus far unknown.