Undertale OC Wiki

Save!Papyrus (alias Erase) is a Papyrus variant created by Phoenixelh.

Its goal is to allow certain AU to disappear and certain people to forget traumatic elements allowing their happiness.

He can erase and reset certain part of a code.

Papyrus does not consider himself a bad person because he does so for reasons he considers right.


He no longer has a universe because his has been corrupted and deleted by the player. The player has changed their game saves and folders to be able to do all the endings without having to cross paths with Chara. Except when restarting the game after a genocidal route, the game crashed and refused to restart, then a blue screen appeared damaging his computer.

Papyrus like his brother then got stuck in the player's files (his computer).

After a time of adaptation with computer peripherals, he knew how to escape and fell into our internet by discovering our world, Undertale and the multiverse.

Papyrus tried to find Sans before destroying his save files, which leads to the destruction of his right arm. He remained alone for a long time alone with his own thoughts.

Once on the internet, he discovered our universe and the multiverse as well as the game "UNDERTALE".

He then understood that Sans was hiding a lot of things from him to protect him to the detriment of his own happiness.

He thus considers as his discoveries progress, that to be happy it was better to forget and that certain AU had to be erased because neglected and uncached by their creator in order to benefit from the right to be forgotten. Thus, unlike his brother, he prefers to use his power to erase and sort the universes.



Erase has its blue skeleton following its assimilation with the computer components in the players files. His left eye is red with the yellow  reset mark and his right eye is black.

Erase wears Burgundy pants. He has brown leather shoes..

He is wearing a green t-shirt.

He wears a futuristic black jacket salvaged from a game he likes.

He has a mechanical right arm, which he recovered during his exploration of the net, because when leaving his AU he lost it due to a code error.

He put in some cyber upgrades to improve his hacking skill and which he thinks makes him cooler.


- Curious: likes to discover new things

- Volunteer: He wishes to intervene where it is necessary, where his intervention is necessary. An AU that is overdue, corrupted, or no longer needed. He doesn't like to take a person's life and will do so if necessary.

- Naive and distracted: he is easily surprised and despite his knowledge of AU and human nature, he likes to trust, which can backfire.

- Perceptive: Having a broad view of AU, our world and having enormous knowledge, he easily identifies difficulties and solutions to problems.

- Patient: Following his isolation, he took it upon himself and realized that his impetuous behavior was causing concern for his brother, so he resolved to analyze the situation before acting.

- Compassionate: feels the pain of others and understands it, when an AU is destroyed and someone is left alone for example, it reminds them of their situation. He will help if it is in his power.

- Dreamer: he likes to idealize what a perfect world could be, without violence, without distress.

- Imaginative: he likes to create software, programs, he would like to be able to one day create a world like the one he lost

- Anxious: he often apprehends the reaction of people, in particular due to his new appearance but also when to his objectives.

- Secret: He will tend to replicate what Sans did when he was snowdin, keeping some information to himself rather than making people suffer. He considers that knowing too much often leads to sadness and his knowledge of the universes reinforces this idea.


  • He can erase the code of an AU.
  • He can modify his own code (impacting his appearance, his skills etc ...)
  • Keeps the skills of the Papyrus Skills: Bones, shortcuts, blue attack, he discoverd antigravity and love to use it
  • Travel in the multiverse and the web (between worlds)
  • Memory control: Can erase a fraction of memories and replace memories with dummy ones. Can reset corrupted code. But for that he must touch the person/object..
  • Strong knowledge in coding and creation of viruses and software (positive or negative)
  • It can easily scan universes and people to detect weak points
  • Mechanical arm: increased strength
  • Good knowledge of martial arts (thanks youtube).


  • Surge, any electrical attack
  • Kindness
  • Internet advertisements and unwanted cookies (it remains easily distracted)
  • Viruses that can corrupt data
  • Area is too Hot/Humid


Thanks to our media / internet (to us players and creators) he knows most of AU and knows most of their characteristics. He has no official relationship, it varies from story to story.


  • Erase is a sans who knows our existence and who can frequently break the 4th wall.
  • He doesn't really have a location where he lives, he prefers to go from universe to universe.
  • He is actively looking for his brother, although he fears their reunion
  • He really likes all cyberpunk universes and finds it cool