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"wanna see a magic trick? give me 10G and the whole AU will burn!"
– SOD!Sans

Screen Of Death (sod for short) is a Sans Out!Code created by Lazyo/lazyodraw. He is a sans who lost himself long time ago.He travel to different AUS to stole golds and money from everyone and then burn down the AU. He see others people as tools, only here to serve him...this will often leads to problems. He is far from being the strongest, his level is equal to Error and Ink, but depending on his mood, his situation, and his emotions, it can vary. his level is equal to Error and Ink, but depending on his mood, his situation, and his emotions, it can vary.


His Origin

Undertale Timeline #1, everything was going well despite the fact that monsters had been trapped for centuries under Mount Ebott, in the underground lived a skeleton, Sans the skeleton, a monster like any other, weaker than average, he spent his days lazing around and in the evenings he played comedy shows in Hotland, he lived with his brother named, "Papyrus", to be honest, he didn't like him too much, he thought he was too... "eccentric".... One day a human fell into the underground, the last one they needed to break the barrier that blocked them underground! But as the human fell, he brought diseases that the monsters were not immune to, it was a carnage, they fell into dust one after the other...

1 month after the start of the infection, not a lot of monster were still alive, but the royal scientist alphys at a worked hard to find a way out, she had found that with the souls he had collected she could make a portal that would make them escape from the underground, she nevertheless lacked a tester, she knew Sans well and asked him for help, he accepted and entered the machine, she pressed the button but nothing happened, she pressed it again, still nothing, she got angry and hit the button, so hard that it broke and the machine started up, ignited and exploded, their universe burnt and there was nothing left.... but in the end the machine had worked! Sans had escaped, but not quite where he wanted to....

The File_4

He woke up, in a grey void, looking around and trying to understand what's happening. At a certain point, he started to panic, even going as far as crying. A month after this, he was now stable sitting here and telling jokes to the void himself. He wasn't able to kill himself even if he did try, none of his attacks worked. He had even tried to punch in the air, he punched and punched and punched, hitting nothing. He got so angry and drown in despair, that he needed to hit something, he ripped his own soul out of his body and with this in his hand he punched through the time space continuum himself, breaking it in a small area, letting him escape his hell. Now he was free and was in front of all the different AUs in the multiverse, he had entered the doodle sphere, the concentration of all the ideas and all the version of him, this turned him crazy, after everything he went through, he was just another skeleton, another version. He couldn't stand it, he needed to be different, what was the point if he was the same as the others? He then entered different AUs, meeting interesting peoples, learning more about the multiverse and it's secrets, but still hadn't any ideas of how to be unique, how to be a big shot, he wandered for years and years, in the multiverse, helping and protecting others, being the hero everyone needed. But he was not satisfied, he feared that with time people would forget him, and you know what? He was right after all. One day after helping an AU and saving it from destruction, he felt something behind him, a shadow, the devil himself, the one that could have sensed his despair from the other side of the multiverse, Nightmare. SoD, faced the gigantic octopus looking skeleton, and first he prepared a bones hidden behind his back, he knew from others peoples who this guy was and he needed to get out of here fast, he approached the goopy figure, and presented himself as Screen_Of_Death.

Nightmare immediately answered by presenting himself too and explained his presences here, he said to SoD that he felt his despair and his fears, he said to him that he could make him feel better, he said that he could make him go back to normal, he even promised himself his world back, his friends back, bu SoD knew he was lying, he knew this because he knew nightmare from stories and legends he had heared from peoples in the AUs he saved. But nightmare continued his speech, promising him heaven and beautiful deal, but he crossed the line when he said "don't you want to see your Toriel back? Do you really want to fail her again? To disappoint her again? To let her die because you are a weakling?".  And at this moment SoD rushed with his bone in his hand to stab nightmare in the face, unsuccessfully though. Nightmare pierced sod's chest with his tentacle before sod could attack, nightmare pierced through his soul infecting him with hate and making him glitch away in his dimension, lying here, left to rot until he finished to be stunned. This lasted for 3 years until he woke up again. This time, he was different, he felt strange, he got out of the FILE-4 and appeared in the doodle sphere once again; he entered some AUs to check on them but it was his worst mistake, nobody remembered him, the great hero was long gone and the inhabitant of those world didn't needed him anymore they had just forgotten him. Sod felt pur hatred and in a move of rage he blasted them all, stole the money and everything precious and then left the AU to burn. Sod then had an idea, if he wanted to be remembered he needed to get powerful, and he had the key to this in his hands, the golds, the money, it was all he needed.

His mind

One day he forgot who he once was, he was a shadow of his former self, that day a door closed and a dark and sinister abyss opened in his mind, voices began to speak in his head, they shouted, and they never stopped, in spite of that, from the outside he looked normal, he made "friends" that he considered in reality as puppets, his "friends" trusted him, he fooled his world for 30 years, and it's still the case. Why would this change?

His Home

Sod's timeline has of course been destroyed, but not the inhabitants, in fact the whole population is alive, sod doesn't know it, but somewhere in a void called "The Screen of Death" all those he knew are stuck for eternity.

it's over for him, but is it really bad?

Sod unfortunately has some sort of timer that could take decades, but eventually he will un-glitch and return to his original self, he will keep his stats but regain his mind, he will remember everything he has done,  after this trauma he will simply disappear, some will even say that he has created his own AU outside the multiverse where no one goes, and that he lives there peacefully trying to forget the terrible things he has done

Others Stories

The Team Void

Sod didn't wanted to join at first, but after some talk with shattered he got convinced the power of his rank and the money he was given was enough to make him work in for long. And so he joined the [./https://undertale-au-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Team_Void Team Void].

Frozen Bones

"sod once got stuck in deltarune due to him not being able to open a portal to go back because of the "non undertale" code of the world, so he stayed in here for 2month to finally being able to."

He was waiting for a solution he started to feel the urge to scam someone or even do something fun, so he catches all over the town for something to make, and then he spotted a strange kid and a purple monster, so he followed them by curiosity and also because it's easier to scam kid. He followed them to the library and then as he walked in, he lost them, so he tried to see if they didn't come into the computer room, but he fell into the dark world, he found it intriguing and made his way into it, killing darkner on his way. As he was walking toward he encountered nothing but frozen enemies, so he kept walking, but he then started to hear the sound of a battle, he rushed there for some action, but when he got there he only saw again frozen enemies, not a problem, he was getting closer from the "trouble maker". He finally did reach it, or you would say "them" since there were two of them, the strange kid from before and a weird girl with white clothes. He then thought it was funny to engage the fight and see what they could do. He jumped out of the shadow on the knight looking one, but before he could reach it everything became black and he only had the time to hear, "proceed" from an unknown person... He opened his eyes, a lot of water was at his feats, as he checked his stat he saw that his auto defence against hyper cold mechanism (Pyrokinesis) had been activated by "extreme danger" his hp where really low and he was frozen to the bone. He managed to open a portal and got back to the only person he trusted, he found TsR's shop and got in, with several unhealable damage.



  • LV: Un-measured
  • HP: 36001
  • AT: 80 (KR always activated, last for 20sec per hit)
  • DF: 310
  • EXP on Kill: make your love go back to 1
  • Gold On Win: make you go back to 1
  • ACTs: Check, punch, run, faster, FASTER!


Screen of Death is a skeleton wearing a blue t-shirt, a purple torn cape, a jeans, black boots, black gloves, and he also carry little bag of gold that he stole in different AUs. Both his eyes sockets are blank. Under his left eye his magic melted into green tears. SoD did go through a lot of design, at each reset he got a new one there is some examples in the gallery, these are all canon design, but it's just his old self.


His personality is really broken; he thinks he is indispensable. He wants to be the rishest so people will remember him, to give him a reason to live, as he has a panic fear of being forgotten. He uses extremely violent methods to stole gold in the AUs and with all the peoples who dare interfere. He just wants to be admired, to not be forgotten.

He can be described as a weird pirate thingy, or as a friend by the people he use as main tools, he does not care about others lives, only him matter, he saw other peoples as useless tools. He uses as a kind of "mask", in which he pretends to be interested in other people in order to be admired in return; that's why he can't have real "love" relationships or just real friends, so he sadly can't be shipped.


  • Portal: Creates portals to go from one AU to another, and to deflect attacks.
  • Hidden In Hell: SoD hide his soul in a place only him can access, he is immune to blue magic, string and others soul attacks because of this.
  • Pyrokinesis: Can make something on fire with his mind power, used to burn down AUs.
  • Time Stop: sod cannot teleport, but he can stop time for 7 sec, giving him an advantage against opponent that can teleport, for the opponent however it will be just like if sod was able to teleport.
  • Osteokinesis: SoD have the ability to controle bones in peoples, by using a mind spell he can break 3 at max dealing 100 damages by bones.
  • Shadow traveling: SoD can enter an AU by walking out of nowhere from the shadow, nobody know how he does this. (this is also used as a teleportation replacement)
  • Hallucination: When SoD stare at his opponent he can use an ability called hallucination, when used the opponent will have flash in his head of sod slicing his throat with a sharp bone while laughing at him.
  • Smoke Clone: Sod can make a clone out of smoke, used to cover his back.
  • Smoke Materialization: SoD can materialize stuff out of smoke (chairs, armchairs, weapons, books etc...)


  • SoD!Bone Attack: A bone attack that's more damaging than the original. (summoning a bone cost him 5G, if he's out of G he won't be able to summon them, tho he don't really have to worry about being out of money)
  • SoD!Gaster Blaster: A Blast attack that's more powerful than the original. (same mechanic as the bones summoning a blaster cost him 10G, if he's out of G he won't be able to summon them)
  • SoD!"String" control: Like Error!Sans he can use his "string" but not to grab his victims, he can use them to manipulate minds and also as a magic whip.
  • Death Wish: Summon a bone filled with all the energy of SoD, he use it as a dagger, this attack can one-shot every character weaker than SoD.
  • Soul Punch: Summon SoD's soul in his hand, if he punch you while he have it you'll get teleported to the end of the multiverse, usually used to end a fight, this attack do 0 damage and is really risky, because if the opponent destroy SoD soul, it's the end of SoD.
  • LightSaber: While he was doing business in outertale, he got into alphys lab, and while he was shearching for gold, he found this strange saber, as he thought it was cool, he trained and still use it these day. (it does 250 per hit and if the oponent is hit in the head it one shot, also if a part of the oponent's body his cut the damage will be of 550)


The Selling Reaper: Tsr is SoD's only real friend, he see him as an inteligent person and often go sell drugs in dark tone AU's with him, people call them the "drugs dealers". (Dream!Sans hate them for "unkown reason")

SoD's original Toriel: actually stuck in the void, the one from his original AU, they were more than friend, he remembers the time when they were happy without this curses, and considers her the only real person. (He don't know that she is still alive.)

Oblivion Chara: She was once a chara whose game glitched and got deleted, she ended up in the anti void, without any memories of it, just remembering her name... She stayed in the anti void for 15 years. After all this time she still didn't got crazy, but her memories decreased drastically, making her forget lots of things, and couldn't learn new things. She one day encountered sod, he tried to kill her but saw that she was just lost, and something strange happened, he used mercy, and took her with him. They traveled in all of the multiverse together, he even healed her memories. Now they keep wandering around, with time they fell in love, they now wandere in AUs together. (for information, after 15 years in the void, this chara is now 30)


  • SoD has less HP than Mettaton Neo
  • Screen of death have intense somniphobia, he is so afraid of sleeping that he literally can't.
  • Screen of death has a negative HP number.
  • Screen of death can't take the hits because of his negative HP
  • There is a simple way to beat sod, but nobody has found it yet.
  • If someone eventually found a way to hit Sod, his self-defence mechanism would cause him to dodge all types of attacks until he was exhausted.
  • Sod sees everyone as common tools.
  • Sod was created just after error, but Sod couldn't escape from the FILE_4 while error didn't take so long to figure out how to escape from the anti void.
  • The X mark on sod chest is from when he put his soul out of his body.
  • In another multiverse called "the infected multiverse" he somehow got infecte with the "fresh" parasite while he was exhausted
  • With The Selling Reaper they form a duo named "The Drugs Dealers" they go to different Dark Tone AUs and make pop up a store out of nowhere (which is just a sans station with a "NO, WE DON'T SELL DRUGS HERE!" written in a capitale letter) they then sell random drugs and other shit.