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Seasons!Frisk is a human out!code created by Trica13. They’re a being born from the essence of the Tree of Seasons, which brings the seasons of the year throughout the Multiverse. They now wander the Undertale Multiverse, bringing seasons to every AUs they come across while also being responsible for changing the day & night cycle of each AU.


Seasons was born on an unknown AU to them though it had a name to it, LostSeasons!Tale, but there are many rumors that say they were born from the first tree to ever exist on the Multiverse, and that, the second they came out of it, the seasons of the year on the Multiverse also started to appear and change, but this is not exactly true. They don't have an exact home or location to stay at since they often move from time to time to do their job.

Their first moments:

Their main AU was something that was pretty much an work-in-progress, with the only start being that one tree, a few more people that they were never able to find and after a while, them, it had nothing, just a complete void, it is unknown to them if this AU was ever going to be continued or not or if they were able to find anyone there in the first place. They wandered their home AU, at first they were curious about this place, it was surprisingly huge, for the first few days they sat alone on top of the tree, gazing up at the dark and cracked sky, they hadn't gotten the courage to go out there and explore yet, they stood like this for quite a while, wondering what was it like to be away from the tree, would they find someone out there? What was it like to have someone alongside you? After all, Frisk had come out to life all alone in this world, while forming from the essence of the First Tree they remember hearing soft whispers with quiet words that would keep them the company ever so often, it was a very comfortable feeling to them, sometimes the whispers even sang sweet lullabies that slowly drifted them off to sleep. They felt like they weren't alone before actually being created and they wanted to experience that again... They even started to talk to the tree and even draw these thoughts on its trunk with a branch that had fallen down from it. Two days passed and they finally started to slowly explore the outskirts from where the tree was located, they had told themselves that they wanted to find someone, anyone to talk to, but they weren't successful at finding anyone, since this place seemed to be way to big and they too small for it. Days kept on passing, soon a week as over by that time they could never find anyone to talk to, no matter how much they tried, they were simply trapped here.. After a long while with no success at their main goal, they finally started to try and get out of this place, but it seemed hopeless, even though they were determined to.

Their escape:

Their desire to leave only grew stronger and stronger and in a taste of luck, something started reasoning within their SOUL and the tree itself, once Frisk came in contact with the tree, the magic that was inside of it & Frisk's DETERMINATION suddenly started to fuse with each other in a matter of minutes, their SOUL had gone through a complete transformation, it was something very different from any other SOUL. The proccess was certainly painful for Frisk and they ended up passing out... Once they woke up, they saw themselves appear somewhere entirely different, they were at least out of that empty void.

A new land, a new life, a new purpose:

Once they finally awoke, they found themselves in a totally different place from where they had been before, it was like a void, but it was still inside the Undertale Multiverse, most likely a part of it but it was still away from where the AUs and the people were, it was so colorful and so different... Each part of this place seemed to be a complete mess, but it was still pretty in its own way, there were many things mixed together greens with whites, reddish colors with blue colors, the temperature was tolerable despite the mess. It didn't take long before Frisk began to explore this strange new place. One part of it had the sky painted grey, with many clouds around and a white texture on certain parts of the floor, there was snow on it, of course snow being snow was also cold once they attempted to step on it. Another part of the place looked more greenish and more alive than the first one they attempted to step on, it was very colorful and brought up a comfortable warmth. There was also a part that was painted with reddish grass, and there were many leaves around some were dark brown, red or simply brown, this one was certainly cold, but not as much as the first one. And in the end, there was a part of it that was very lively and very hot too. They stood on this mess for a good while, trying to understand what each thing was and what to do of it until, without even realising it, they started to organize each part of this place with the help of their SOUL's magic just where each thing seemed to belong to, the cold in the cold, the warmth parts in the warmth and so on. After a while they had fully organized this place, it certainly looked much better from the mess it was before, Frisk was slowly discovering themselves up and as time went by they started to wonder, what if they could bring these new seasons somewhere else... Somewhere where they weren't so alone... They wanted people to see what they did, to also be able to enjoy the things they enjoyed. But they also questioned themselves, if there was even anyone around... They would have to find a way to do this.

There's always a way:

Time just kept on going by, though for them it felt like nothing, soon seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into days but they still hadn't given up hope. Finally after a long while, they focused their DETERMINATION and desire on their SOUL so much that it started to glow, their SOUL started to absorb all the energy that was present in this place into itself, that when this was done their own SOUL was actually constantly beating with the energy from all of this place. With all that energy focused into one single desire they managed to break out of that place and into the Undertale Multiverse, and so their next chapter began...



They have a medium-length straight brown hair with some flowers, most likely, buttercups and pollen on top of it. They wear a yellow shirt with blue, orange and green colored stripes with a red heart in the middle, blue pants, and brown shoes, they do not have upper legs nor hands, their hands are now actually little clouds that they can grab things with, the result of this was most likely from the painful fusion that they went through, which ended up leaving scars on their body though they can still stand and walk because of the strong DETERMINATION on their SOUL. Frisk has some freckles on their face and two pointed-stars on both of their cheeks that tend to glow whenever they're feeling happy. They also wear a dark brown scarf with the tips symbolizing the seasons that, they themselves made.


Frisk is often potrayed as a very curious kid, they like to get to know new things and people too, but it's not that common to find them around just like that, because they often like to work alone. They're generally helpful even to people that they barely know, and sometimes they even trust other people too much, more than what they should which can lead them into getting into trouble. Frisk is quite the calm person, that often likes to mind their own business, but they too have quite a fiery temper, though it's quite hard to get them to show that side of themselves and they often only show it to people that they genuinely care about. They are also very clumsy and they're not that good at fighting either, but they'll certainly try to defend themselves.


  • Vine growth: They can summon vines from the floor to attack or restrain their enemies, but they have barely any control over them, which causes them to sometimes being the ones to get stuck in them.
  • Ice manipulation: They have minimal ice manipulation, the only things that they can often summon are ice walls that they use to knock people away from them, this ability might be extended in the future as they're still trying to get a good hold on their powers.
  • Seasons manipulation: They can change the seasons of an AU they're in, but this power has a limitation, it can only be used up to 5 times per month, going away from this limit can actually damage their SOUL quite badly, something that can take months to recover from.
  • Lunar manipulation: They can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of a moon/moons, including its gravity and the effects it has on the planet, reflective surface, time-keeping, etc. and use its lunar energy.
  • Strong DETERMINATION: Their SOUL's DETERMINATION is something that is very big, their SOUL can recover from various things that a normal SOUL wouldn't be able to, and can do things such as recover parts of itself if broken/damaged or even completely shattered, though this does take a while and tends to tire Frisk quite a bit.
  • Sunlight manipulation: They can create, shape, and manipulate all aspects of sun, starting from its immense heat, luminosity, mass/gravitational field, magnetic field, raw nuclear energy, and reaction, etc. More specific effects include solar winds/flares, geomagnetic storms, sunspot reaction causation and UV emissions. Using this ability way too much may cause them irreparable SOUL damage.
  • Minimal Elemental Manipulation: They have minimal manipulation over the elements, such as water, earth, fire, ice, etc. They can't just use their abilities out of nowhere either, they have to be near a certain element to be able to manipulate it.



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Ink and Frisk have never really met face to face either, but Frisk does know him quite well, since Ink has been to AUs they too have been to. They find him to be quite funny and cheerful to be around.


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They haven't met Error before, but they do know that he destroys AUs, which causes them to think of him as an Enemy rather than a potential friend.


They've seen Reaper before and their funny nature too and they're also aware that he's the God of Death, they just never met face to face yet.


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They've had a brief meeting before and for a first time relationship, they certainly do not like each other at all.


  • Seasons REALLY likes Donuts!
  • Their scarf's ornaments will glow depending on which season the AU they are on is currently experiencing. (For example: The sun ornament in their scarf will glow if it's Summer in an AU they're in).
  • Frisk was born from the essence of the tree, much like how a flower is born with a small difference, but instead of a seed it was the tree's essence. The tree's trunk opened for them the moment they were born.
  • Frisk's theme song is called 'A Changing Heart'.