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"Chaos, chaos!? No, no! Order, order!" - Tasque manager

"Chaos!? Destruction!? no, no, Order, order!" - Security Manager

The Security Manager, also known as Process Manager or Tasque manager EX, is an alternate version of the Tasque manager herself, who seemed to have been altered thanks to someone outside of her game files (Ink! sans), and decides to repay him by watching over the deltarune multiverse, while also doing work for Queen. (for any timeline)


The Tasque manager began her existence in a normal Deltarune playthrough. although, to spite the boss herself (and out of curiosity), the player deleted her from the game, and as a result broke the timeline AND game itself, forcing them into a softlock that could be repaired via a reset. However, due to her deletion from the playthrough, the Tasque Manager was essentially stuck in the abyss... the void. while the player did get a backup file of the Tasque manager, the damage was already done. she was replaced by a copy of her original self, and was subjected to an endless torrent of pain from being deleted...

However, after calling for help for weeks, someone finally answered, a skeleton who's outfit was rather... Incorrect. Although she hated her outfit, she was eager of a deal he gave her: "hey, uh... if ya' want, i could give you a second life, if ya' want... all I need you to do is to help uh... coordinate an entire multiverse, like you would do with a dress."

Willing to escape her own torment, and out of fashion-driven interest, she accepted the deal, and within her, she felt a spark... a spark of life. she was converted into a whole new person.



  • HP - 13,670
  • ATK - 100
  • DEF - 70


"Chaos!? Destruction!? no, no, Order, order!" - Security manager, when she first fought God! jevil

"A perfect world does not exist, now does it?" - Security manager to herself

"Cease for order, become one with order, the great equalizer is none other than order!" - The security manager, banishing an Out!code

"You got Godlike powers because the very spark that made you believed it would be 'cool'? nonsense, I say this world could use an overhaul." - Security manager Criticizing the "Improper structure" and mislogic of an AU

"Clowns such as yourself do not deserve to exist... but it is my duty to serve as a protector, not a destroyer." - Security Manager refusing to slay the original Jevil

"What is an AU destroyer, a foolish fool who foolishly fools around for the sake of such foolish tomfoolerly! but enough talk, have at you!" - Security manager


The Security manager seems to look somewhat similar to their canon-counterpart, albeit with many differences that can tell them apart. The Security Manager actually has 4 hands instead of 2, which they use for multiple whips, and rather than a single plug-tail, the single cable splits into 9 different tails, similar to the Kitsune in japanese Mythology (to further the kitsune Inspiration, she also seems to have 3 black, small, painted Triangles below her eyes). in addition, the Security manager can also be seen wearing a police badge that says "EMS (Expanding Multiverse Security.), and a police hat, complete with cat ears. The security manager's "accent (tail, mouth, eyes, ears, and other pieces of clothing / body parts) colors" may change depending on certain circumstances, which include:

  • Cyan (with yellow eyes) - normal
  • Pink - Flustered
  • Red - Extremely agitated or aggravated
  • Deep blue - sorrowful or regretful
  • yellow - Excited or surprised
  • purple - Scared
  • Green - Disgusted
  • orange - Jovial or impressed


The Security Manager seems to remain the same, personality-wise, being very elegant, orderly and clean. However, due to their new, very busy job, they're constantly exhausted, sometimes asking to "charge their batteries" after a long day. Due to Light world exposure (which I will explain in tools and abilities), the Security manager has begun to like (and dislike) more than what they used to. for example, they get highly anxious when in the presence of cucumbers, and will refuse to eat Oranges at all costs, as doing so may make her sick for quite awhile. Due to having to read through every story in the deltarune muliverse, she has begun diving into literature during her "break hours", which she sets to 3 hours a day, but will automatically be stopped when an unauthorized entity attempts to bring chaos or destruction to an AU.

Tools & Abilities

  • Whips of order - much like their canon self, the Security manager has a whip, In fact they carry one whip that can divide into four more when needed, and can stretch from 3 feet all the way to two entire miles. they all are capable of replicating the same attacks as the original as well, but during the "Tasque manager says" attack, renamed "ABCD", they will often leave one square with a blue or orange attack... wouldn't be proper to play unfair, after all.
    • X-lash - by lashing 2 whips upward in an X-shape, she is capable of firing electric X-shaped projectiles.
    • Homing-lash - when dealing with fast targets, she will resort to using this technique, allowing her whips to extend towards and around her target, electrocuting them with the ball-like tip. she may also use this technique and stop it when it circles around her foe's soul, allowing her to stop them from moving
    • Capture-lash -By lashing her whips, she can use her very will to bend them around her target, having it act like a lasso, capturing and stopping them in her tracks.
  • Vectoring - The Security manager is capable of vectorizing things into reality via creating models with the very tips of her fingers. She often uses this for clothes and decorations, but thanks to Ink! sans, she has learned to do quite a few interesting tricks.
    • Vectorized heads - Similar to her old Mistress, Queen, she is capable of creating weaponized, vectorized models, which are in the shape of Queen's laughing head. (She chose queen's head because it reminds her of her original place. a sense of nostalgia, if you will.)
    • Vectorized Gates - her own vectoring skills are more-than-often used for making gates, which allow her to enter an Area in the Deltarune multiverse: the Outskirts (a literal blank canvas, illuminated with an unknown and unseen light source... and populated by rudinns and Tasques that stay in the "silver city", which spans miles upon miles, and is said to be the security manager's base of operations.)
    • Vectorized Knives - to channel her inner maid...ness, the Security manager has seems to have a proficiency with knives, which she may create via vectoring, either give to a feasting person as silverware or as a highly deadly projectile (which is capable of dealing a whopping 70+ damage).
  • Firewall Emissary - As time went on, The Security manager began recruiting rudinns from scrapped AUs, much like how Ink! saved her life, converting them into "Rudinn servitors". these rudinns are armed with small laser guns (much like how normal rudinns are equipped with swords), and are often accompanied by Tasques (and occasionally volunteering Tasque managers)
  • Light-Dark Body - Due to Ink! altering the Manager's body structure, one side effect is the ability to exist inside both the light world and Dark world, without any sort of repercussions.
  • Feline physiology - Due to her cat-like/Cat-inspired body, the security manager is capable of enhanced hearing and is more acrobatic compared to most other people in the deltarune multiverse. She is also very quick and quick to react, so there's a 90% chance she'll dodge an attack that's the speed of a bullet.
  • Yellow and Blue Keygens (special ability) - when dealing with a conceptual destroyer, the security manager may resort to vectorizing and using a pair of large, Key-like swords, known as the yellow and Blue Keygens, which are designed for dealing with such deadly threats. The yellow Keygen embodies Order, and will essentially Decode and destroy glitches and chaotic entities that it touches, whereas the Blue Keygen embodies Logic, and will use human logic to defile sentient concepts and will even mitigate things such as nigh-omnipotence and absolute control (essentially giving entities the classic Deltarune "your choices don't matter" treatment). However, these will require pure concentration and time to be properly vectorized, otherwise they may fail to be summoned... in addition to this, their abilities only work on the enemies specified, and attacking anything else will only do 10 DMG, so they aren't all that strong against anything else... Determination (and Determination specifically) is also capable of Mitigating the abilities of the Yellow and blue Keygens.
  • Plug-in (special ability) - by using one of her cable-tails, she is capable of plugging her own presence into another person (often from the back of their head), allowing her to do one of two things: Uninstall or Install. Uninstalling allows her to eliminate the person by erasing their conscience or get rid of any corruptions that may have happened, depending on what she wants. Install allows her to (literally) reprogram people, changing their stats or inflicting "plugins" which give them new abilities (limited by her own strength, so she can't grant omnipotence). She mostly uses this for erasing certain destroyers or to recruit Rudinns... however, much like the Yellow and blue Keygens, they do require the Security manager to be precise and can only work if they hit certain weak points, otherwise they'll just electrocute the target.


Cucumberphobia - As said before, the Security manager severely fears cucumbers, to the point where she may go silent and not even make a move.

"Unfairness!? absolutely not!" - While the Security manager is extremely powerful, she often dumbs down to her opponent's level UNLESS they are a destroyer or are attempting to exploit her weaknesses.

"A mouse? what is that going to do to- OH GOD, they're spreading!" - The security manager has a whole emissary for a reason; she can handle one enemy, maybe two, or even five if she has the will to do it, but a swarm is a much different story. she isn't really all that good against entire crowds, and will cower behind a whole army of laser shooting Rudinns If faced with such.

Glamour Overload - Due to her very personality, It's possible to play the Charisma card and charm her with a highly detailed, extremely beautiful display (be it a dress, a single art piece, or even an elegant harp solo)... however, It is possible for her to pass out from witnessing an excessive level of glamour.


Tasque manager - Looking at her old self, she believes that she's changed beyond her original self, and sees the canon Tasque manager as a shadow of her former self, and will often talk to her old self when needing to reflect on herself.

Queen - She highly respects the queen, and continues to work for her with every timeline or AU she visits. If Kris were to break a pot, she's replace it. If Queen needs a extra bottle of Battery acid (Ages 3 and up), she'll get it for her.

Kris - With every timeline, comes a different Kris, and with every Kris, comes an opinion. her general opinion is that most Kris's are a rather large nuisance, much like Berdly, and she doesn't even bother to get close to him. However, there have been Krises (Krisies? Krisi?) that were able to tug her heart a bit, and as a result gained her interest.

Spamton G. Spamton - To put it in short, no matter what AU or timeline, The security manager will do all that is necessary to prevent Spamton from staying in the mansion. This Included a moment in time where the ol' chap played a dirty trick and hid by holding onto one of the tasque manager's legs, which was then found by the swatchlings and Security manager, who threw him into the acid lake (and he survived).

Ink! sans - The Security manager sees Ink! sans as a sort of mentor, and gives him a massive amount of respect... other than his outfit of choice. while she does tend to praise him, she deeply despises his own fashion sense, but Ink clearly knows this, often making the remark "Well, I only got one set of clothes".

Jevil - Much like her canon self, The Security manager highly despises Jevil, but refuses to kill him since it would alter the timeline, and instead is forced to embrace the unbearable. (Theoretically, It would be possible for the security manager to serve an AU Jevil where he swaps personalities with queen.)

God! Jevil - God! jevil, on the other hand, is a nemesis that the Security manager views as the penultimate target, often mercilessly hunting him down, and even giving little to no sympathy... although, she is justified due to God! jevil's values and belief of chaos.


  • The Security manager was originally going to have a "Giga form", much like how Queen had her Giant robot, also named "Giga Queen", but it's unsure if that would be a good idea, or how that would even work.
  • The Security Manager is actually designed to be based on Security and Anti-virus software in a computer, similar to Ambyu-lance
  • The Security Manager being a made who is capable of weaponizing knives may also be a reference, particularly to Sakuya Izoyoi from Touhou Project.
    • Furthermore, her Yellow and blue Keygens and high status may also be related to an asian-style piece of media, particularly the character Dlanor A. Knox from the Umineko series. (which has the word "neko" in it, so the tie-ins would be obvious)
  • The Security Manager may have a mixed opinion on eating rats, as eating a raw, living rat may gross them out, but they'd perhaps enjoy consuming Rat-dumplings.
  • The fact that she has Kitsune-like features may be related to pop culture's common interpretation of them, which can be tied in with the Bakeneko and Nekomata in japanese folklore, which are often portrayed as humanoid cat people in modern media, much like how Kitsunes are often portrayed as humans with fox-features in popular culture (hence the written design).
  • It is canon that security manager respects Ink, so it would be possible that CORE! frisk could also gain their interest, especially given their more formal way of doing things.
  • With Four suits being considered the first original Deltarune AU, it is likely that the security manager's first stop was either Deltafell or this very AU, meaning that they may have gained awareness of the AU's exclusive characters (EX: Lori and Nickolas).