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Seer (pronounced See-er) is a humanoid monster that has the ability to see potential futures of individuals, and very occasionally the future as a whole. He is among the oldest and wisest monsters that are still alive, having been around during the time of the war, and used to work for the royal family. Ever since the death of Asriel, he has vanished without a trace, and only very few have seen him since. Most monsters who properly know of him believe he is dead.


When Toriel's father found out about his abilities, Seer was made to work for them during the human-monster war, to predict if the war could be won. While not being able to predict the full outcome until it was already too late to change the tide, he had prevented a few battles that would have been a massive loss for monsterkind.

When Asriel was born, Toriel requested to look into his future, and what he saw, his death by humans on the surface, shocked him. Not wishing to concern his king and queen, he decded to lie, for the first time ever, and told them a great future awaited their son. When the tragic incident happened, he silently fled the castle, and exiled himself into the depths of New Home out of shame. Asgore put a bounty on his head in his anger, although this was quickly undone, and in his fit of rage the king also erased him from monster history, whishing to not be reminded of Seer ever again.



Seer is a tall humanoid monster, with a dull grey skin and thin, fragile arms and legs. He has thick white hairs coming out of the lower back of his skull, and 3 golden eyes. He usually wears long purple robes with eye and clock patterns, covering all but his head.


Seer is serious and quiet, rarely talking unless making a prediction, and when he does, he speaks with a deep monotonous voice. He dislikes large crowds and often isolated himself in his tower. Ever since his self-imposed exile, he despises himself, and the only thing that keeps him from ending his life is a vision he had of monsters returning to the surface.


Seer is able to see an individual's future by staring into their eyes with his third eye opened. On rare and completely random occasions, he receives visions of the grander future. His magic takes the shape of clock hands and hourglasses.


The royal family

Originally being unhappy with being thrown into the war without choice, over time Seer grew a deep respect for the royal family, which eventually even developed into some sort of friendship before everything went wrong.


  • Seer is not a zombie monster, nor is he inspired by zombies.
  • Seer is very loosely inspired by Lurien the Watcher from Hollow Knight, and Leif and The Watcher from Bug Fables.
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