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Serpera is a snake monster that is a part of the Royal Guard. From the moment she had joined, she preyed upon the position of captain, and only became a member of the royal guard for the fame and glory, rather than to genuinly protect monsters. She hates Undyne ever since she "snatched away" the position of guard captain "from her".



Serpera is a long snake with a goldish brown color and bright red eyes. She has sharp fangs and a tail that ends up in a rattle. She has the Delta Rune tattood on the back of her head, and wears very flexible armor that allows her to crawl through small spaces.


Serpera is cunning, selfish and jealous, and extremely hateful towards those that stand in her way. She is absolutely merciless towards her opponents, doing anything to completely destroy them, now matter how horrible the means. She absolutely loves seeing the terror in her victims' eyes before their light dies out. She has a knack for poetry.

Weapons and abilities

She has poisonous fangs and can coil herself up to strangle her opponents. Her guard's weapon is a long thin sword, which she holds with her tail.



She absolutely hates Undyne, and has sworn to one day completely eradicate her good name, and make her rot away in the deepest dungeons below New Home.