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Shada is a Protector and Destroyer of the multiverse. She's a survivor of one of Error's attacks, and a genocidal murderer in Underfell.





Shada has raven black hair and blood moon eyes, her uniform is a formal long-sleeved shirt with purple sleeves and a gray top along with a bright purple bow tie. She has dark gray shorts and long black socks with greyish gold colored boots. She also wears black gloves.

In her previous design, she was going to have long black hair in a ponytail and more of a uniformed officer look.


Throughout her life, she's always been a happy girl, though when someone mentions the word "brother" her eyes go blank, this is probably due to losing her brother during Error's attack. She's rarely seen to show negative emotions due to her ignoring any type of bullying and insults.

Her original concept was to be the complete opposite of her current personality, she was going to be really serious and fight till the end. Although this idea was scrapped when the creator Major decided to make Shada more of the cute but deadly vibe.

Soul Type

Soul: (Formerly) Love - Hatred

Soul Color: (Formerly) Pastel Red - Dark Red

Skills and Abilities

  • Teleportation: She's able to teleport anywhere at anytime
  • AU hopping: She can go to any AU however she likes
  • Cheat Code: She can cheat in battles (Ex: leaving the box and then running out of bounds without the Flee option)


  • Her voice claim was originally Melaine Martinez but then It was changed to LiSA