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"Well, looks like you made it this far. Let me guess, you were expecting some sort of awesome ending to Genocide, weren't ya? Well, there is no ending. You will suffer for all eternity in my hands. Unless of course, you reset. But, if you keep this up, I might just have to kill you, with no way to defeat me. Got It?"
– Shadow, Genocide Fight

Shadow is an Undertale OC created by njsrobot. He is a long time friend of Sans and Papyrus, and is a roommate with them. He's extremely serious, but occasionally jokes about stuff. He is also the final Boss of the Genocide Run, officially ending the run with an attack that ends the whole run, every time you do it.


Shadow was born out of Nowhere, and met Sans and Papyrus when they were 3 years old. He first got a hold of his powers when he was 5 years old, and used them for good. Later in his lifetime, around a teen, Sans and him met up, and Sans accidently killed him with a bone to the skull. However, Shadow came back to life, and forgave Sans. He really hates murderers, because he believes they killed his parents. So, when the Neutral and Genocide Runs happen, he isn't that happy. He is the Ultimate Boss, unable to acually kill him, making it the official end of the Genocide Run.



Shadow has a similar head shape to Sans, and he wears a hood on his head. He has sharp teeth in his mouth usually, and his mouth is usually closed with a smile. He also wears a black hoodie with 2 red X's on it. He wears a belt and black jeans. He also wears a pair of black shoes. His face can change looks, depending on how he's feeling or if he is hurt. His eyes can become pitch black, and his teeth will separate, showing that he wants you to suffer, or if he is injured. One of his eyes becomes 1/4 shut, and becomes pitch black, and his teeth disappear, showing a pitch black smile. He also has a crack in his skull, meaning that you will have certain death.


  • Sharp Bones: These bones are extra sharp, able to impale anything it comes into contact with.
  • Shadow Blasters: These are Blasters, not Gaster Blasters, that shoot beams of Plasma and Shadow.
  • Shadow Hands: He can create hands out of shadows, that swipe at the enemy.
  • The "Suffer Eye": His right eye becomes red, and then he slams you all around, even faster then Sans can. His final time he does this, he gets you down to 1 HP, and then sends a swarm of sharp bones, killing you.