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ShadowGod!Sans Is an Out!Code created by Keion15. He is the Shadow Demon of The Omniverse and the brother of AntiGod!Sans. He was created by Virus404 as one of Infinitey Code's minions, is enemies with GoodGod!Sans.


He was created a Experiment by Virus404 and Infinity Code By Using Fear,Darkness and Shadow and Then Shadow God Sans was created and He met His Brother Anti God Sans and Both started causing Fear Around the Multiverse and Omniverse and Shadow Sans Cause Negativity around the multiverse but Good God Sans always stand in their way and Shadow Sans Like to Kill anyone who stand in his Way and He will Show No Mercy In a Fight. Unlike his Brother He don't need Henchmen because He can kill/Fight anyone.



He will no Mercy in a Fight and He is very Cold and Silent and He will only Talk If Virus404 and Infinity Code Ask Him To Speak or His Brother Anti God Sans ask Him To.


He wears all Black and even his Body is Black with Sharp Teeth and a Grey Eye (Left Eye).


  • Shadow Jump: can Jump form one AU to the Next.
  • Shadow Manipulation: He can control and Use Shadows to Kill or Fight and He can make things of his Shadows and He can create Shadow Clones as Well.
  • Shadow Blaster: He use a Dark Shadow Blaster that do a Lot of Damage.
  • Shadow Bones: He use Shadow Bones
  • Shadow Teleportation: If he can damage amount He can Teleport into a Shadow to Get away or Sneak Attacks Enemies.
  • Shadow Portals: He can Make Shadow Portals
  • Shadow Clones: He can make Shadow Clones to use to double team on Enemies.
  • Shadow Scythe: He use a Black Shadow Scythe for a Weapon.
  • Shadow Blast: He can Blast Dark Energy at Enemies.
  • Negativity Magic: He can use Negativity Magic that corrupt Pure Beings.
  • Negativity Sense: He can sense Evil,Negativity and Dark Beings
  • Shadow Ray: This is a Special Ability called Shadow Ray which he shoot dark Magic at Enemies.


He Is weak to Light Magic since Being a Shadow Skeleton and He is also weak to Positive Magic. If He get damage enough by Light Magic He Heal Himself by Eating Shadows and absorbing Dark Magic.


AntiGodSans (Brother/Ally)

He do care about his Brother and They work Together just in case they fight enemies that are stronger than Him.

Virus404 and Infinitey Code (Bosses/Creators)

He respect both of his Bosses and He will listen to Them and He is very Loyal to Them.

Alpha Corruption Sans (Ally)

Since Alpha Corruption sans Is the brother of Virus404 and He work with Shadow God Sans.


  • He Is the Shadow Demon of the Undertale Omniverse
  • He Is the Brother of Anti God Sans
  • He was created by Virus404 and Infinity Code
  • He cause Fear and Negativity around the Omniverse
  • He will kill anyone
  • He Is a Shadow God
  • He is also a Demon God
  • He sometimes destroy AU's
  • He like to eat Tacos
  • He Is friends with all Shadow Characters.