do not edit without the permission of DariusRocks. Since Shalela and Amanda swapped Shalala's parents are not dead ( well they still are they are just not murdered)


in Armor: she still has armor like undine's but it is purple

Out of armor/ she has blue jeans and a white button up silk shirt sparkly yellow eyes brown hair and pale soft smooth skin and can make star eyes


She is vary happy and energetic and smart she tends to knit in her spar time she loves to say puns and sometimes she is vary laid back loves to make tacos and loves here husband Underswap gaster and here three children Papyrus/Underswap and Sans/Underswap and considers Scora/Underswap her son as well and was vary sad to hear gaster fell into the core. And dose not say what's on her mind .


she was born a wizard and when she was 18 the war with humans and monsters started a couple weeks later she was running to her house she accidently ran into swap gaster thinking he would kill her she ran the opposite way but she had a feeling to stop and help the man so she did and came to realize the man was nice then a year later they got married they were both skeletons papyrus and sans then six years later she decided to fight but not with humans but with monsters one day an unknown human stabbed her and she died the monster buried her in a cave not that far from snowdin there she rested for years then one day a human named Chara/Underswap fell down into the mountain her Determination woke up Shalela she was nether dead or alive no one in her universe could see her so she found a place to hide where no one would find her but some still did.


  • bones
  • telekinesis
  • teleportation
  • Karmic retribution
  • ultimate: LV giving


  • her karma prevents her from hurting people that have no LV
  • her ultimate takes all her magic
  • hates hurting people


Sans/UnderHell : she kind of hats/likes him

Sans/Handplates : she feels vary sorry for him and his brother Papyrus/Handplates

W.D Gaster/Createtale :she likes his colors and his personality

Papyrus/Underswap : her Favorite son

Sans/Underswap : she loves him a lot

S.T :she thinks he is cool

Our Tale : she dislikes him

Createtale Sans : she want him to adopt her but he would not

Infected : she thinks he looks scary and how he just disappears

Error!Sans : she hates how he kills others but she also feels sorry for him

Ink!Sans : she likes him and his colors and hangs out with him as well

Core!Frisk :she thinks core frisk looks adorable and just so cute so she tries to keep Core!Frisk around

Nightmare!Sans : Nightmare!Sans did adopt her but he dose not know she is not a destroyer and she likes him and treats him like here dad but she thinks he looks kind of scary

Sans/Createfell : She calls him her brother and hangs out with him and when he cuts his bones it freaks her out and she tries to help him as much as she can

Dream!Sans :she thinks he looks cute but she did not tell him Nightmare!Sans adopted her

Bluescreen/Sans : ... she's not shore

Gradient (ComboClub) : she likes him and thinks he looks smart with glasses on

Sans/Underlust : she dislikes him and wishes he was more appropriate

Rhosaith : she likes Rho but she made a mistake she tried to play tag with Rho

Error404 Sans : she thinks he looks creepy and wants to stay away from him

Underfell : she thinks there edge because the did not have breakfast