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Sheppard "Shep" Candel is the name of the man taking the role of the God Of Space, although he is technically a demigod. with this power, he is able to travel all over the multiverse, but he comes to UnderTale and it's AUs most often.



Shep has grey hair with a large shock of hot pink near the front and striking, glowing orange eyes. he looks like an average human otherwise, and is frequently seen in a yellow hoodie over a homestuck T-shirt.


He likes to annoy and tease his friends, seeing it as joking. he loves to draw, whether on a computer or a pad of paper. he also likes to write, play DnD, and flits between multiple other smaller interests on a day-to-day basis.


  • Multiversial Travel: He can travel between universe by clapping his hands, and can bring other people along for the ride if they are touching him (or touching something touching him, like a cape or scarf). He abuses this power frequently, seeing as he has stolen and is fostering the handplates kids.
  • Teleportation: He can travel to a different universe, then come back into the same one in a different spot, effectively teleporting.
  • Versial Sight: He can peek into any Universe in a third-person view centered on someone he knows well.
  • Blue Magic: he can use blue magic against his opponents, although it's currently pretty rudimentary.


  • He celebrates his "Top surgiversary" every May 14th.