Snowietail is the creator and character in Undertale AUs. She is User: Hoparduc Snowpanther's OC in the game.


Snowietail is named Hóvitél in HungaryTale and is a main character. She is often following the protagonist, and fooling around with "bone-blocking" Sanyi her older but shorter brother. She is also shown to draw a lot and often not wanting to go to school.

AUs featuring Snowietail


She can be fought after the Battle with Asriel Dreempurr. All attacks will miss, due to ruining the True Pacifist Route.


If Snowietail would be in Underfell: She kills monsters to use their dust to draw and paint. She realises at the end she doesn't have to hurt people when Frisk teaches her how to make pencils and paint out of other things




ACT Menu Options

Check: Snwoietail AT 30 DF 30. Anxious and sad about fighting

Draw: You try to draw a Snow Leopard. It doesn't look like that. Dialogue if chosen draw: "You call that a drawing? Here I will teach you how to." Can lead to a sidequest.

Flirt: 1st time: "You Compliment Snwoie's Tail. She hides it behind her back." "Well this is awkward."

Flirt 2nd time: " You grab Snowietail's Paw. She blushes." "You make me feel ashamed!"

Flirt 3rd time: " You pet Snowietail's Head. She purrs a little." "I'm sorry I don't love you! But I know how hard it is to fight against those who you love." She Spares you

Insult: 1st time: ignores it. 2nd time: "Don't say that or you'll end up worse than you expected!" 3rd time: She grows to a giant size and bites the Bulleting Board. One hit K.O. move


  • She was originally called "Hoparduc", then "Kyra".
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