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Software Breaker is an outcode created by Mysware. He was created to be the destroyer of Outerverse. he's past is full of revenge for being thrown away and aims to destroy all softwares.


When the first AUs were being built, empty software that nobody cares about was thrown into trash bins and cleaned, a realm was created to prevent these garbage software from falling apart and started to be thrown there. After many years, many of the countless infinite unnecessary software began to rebel and unite so that they could be saved with a single body. But something went wrong, after the merger they turned into a very strange creature and tried to separate, even if it was painful, they finally managed to leave but not quite. Thanks to this, 2 different creatures were formed and they were organized, but now they had a single will instead of the free will of software. Two of them looked at each other, one of them had a lot of warning signs around him, and his eyes were warning signs and green, wearing red, and the other was whiter and one eye covered like a fence, the other was faulty. They were afraid of each other, but then suddenly they screamed, they both started shouting about freedom but did not know the way out. The two bonded quickly, but there were personality differences between them; The red creature was more hasty, hating its past and thinking darker, while the white creature was more optimistic and naive. After more conversation, they began to test their strength even when they tested on each other, the creature in the red suit had already grasped very well, but the creature in the White suit was more inexperienced. In the end, they thought of a name for each other; the creature wearing a red suit would be called "Software Breaker" and the creature wearing a white suit would be called "Alpha Computer". While this was happening, Software Breaker began to contemplate and discuss their past lives, Alpha Computer understood him but found him wrong, yet he did not want to say his wrong discovery because in general he does not want to break Software Breaker's heart. Within a few weeks they decided to get out of the Trash, Software Breaker would go first because they don't know what dangers await them outside. Software Breaker managed to come out.

Software Breaker was in a .. ship? it seemed to move and swing, and there were a lot of boxes around it. Although he was a little startled, he got out and realized that they were really on a ship, there were a lot of pirate monsters and a sans driving the ship, it was very loud and Software Breaker was disturbed by this and immediately ran to the sans. When Sans saw him he was shocked and immediately realized that he was not here, Software Breaker was unresponsive, disappointed by the AU's look like this, the bigger thing is that like him was thrown into the trash and that such software would survive, he got so damn nervous. He grabbed his head and leaned to the ground, his anger began to take hold of him, the sans of the Universe made this awkward and approached Software Breaker, as he reached out to him Software Breker went mad and punched Sans in the middle of it, sans suffered mortal damage and flew out of the room and flew into the middle of the deck. Software Breaker was staring madly and was suddenly surprised, he went mad with this power. As for Sans, his life-threatening was very high and he would die in a few minutes. The pirates moved nervously to Sans' room, Software Breaker was puzzled about what to do, but he was still mad and fainted there. When the pirate monsters entered, they thought Software Breaker was dead. Software Breaker suddenly teleported to the middle of the deck as he grabbed and prepared to kick him off the deck. He stepped on Sans's dying corpse with his foot and turned it into a cannon, the Pirates got furious and attacked Software Breaker. Software Breaker took fast strides, dealing fatal damage to them with one punch and neutralizing them. All the pirates slowly died and eventually collapsed the ship. Software Breaker's current aim was to destroy the universe, and that would be easy. A blaster covering most of the space suddenly appeared in the air, even though Software Breaker had covered the entire universe with strings, it had already left the universe and the Blaster fired. Software Breaker has since turned into a ruthless destroyer. He told Alpha Computer what happened, and Alpha Computer would help him on this mission.



Software Breaker is wearing a red jacket, surrounded by a lot of warning signs, and red strings running from his eyes. His eyes are green and his pupils are warning signs.


Unwilling to remember his past and full of vengeance, he thought his life was normal when he was thrown away, but when he traveled through the universes he remembered that it was injustice, his brother and software like him were being thrown into the trash and ridiculous software was freed, which was injustice for him, so he would destroy all unnecessary software forever. Generally he is a bully, rage, very cunning and mad, love is fun for him, fun is just allied with destroyers. He has a separate relationship with his brother. He hated all of the guardians and wanted to turn these garbage universes into real garbage.


  • Code Master:Software Breaker can control, delete or manipulate any code. It can create things from scratch and give them features that won't go beyond their own limits. Can see all codes. For example, he can create living things by creating a new world from scratch. By deleting the main codes, he can make sure they never come back. Nothing can prevent it from accessing the code.
  • True Absolute Destruction Blasters:These blasters, which can destroy anything in seconds, give pain such as breaking all bones when fired, sometimes even breaking all bones, when the fire goes out, there will be traces of destruction and poison in the place where it is fired and they will not disappear in any way, but the damage can be gone if Software Breaker wants. It is almost impossible to escape these fast moving Blasters. These blasters have unlimited powers, so they can destroy many concepts of the universes or NPCs.
  • True Absolute Breakest Bones:These bones, which will cause great pain, are unrivaled, They can drill or shatter all kinds of things. They are highly damaged and unbreakable. Where they get stuck, a fatal degeneration will occur, but then the corruption will stop.
  • True Absolute Puppeteer Strings:These strings will instantly puppet any being and erase their free will. When the puppet loses his free will, it will need Software Breaker and become a complete puppet. If Software Breaker wants the puppet can be free, but if he doesn't, he will be a puppet forever. The real soul of the puppet will be moved to the trashvoid can and will stay there forever.
  • True Absolute Breaker Revolver:This revolver is a deadly revolver with unlimited energy and bullets, up to 2 can be created and when squeezed it gives the effect as if a beam is thrown. These bullets, which can pierce everything it hits, will not stop until it takes its prey. The surroundings of the stuck places will slowly degenerate and at the end will stop and inflict fatal pain or even death. Corruption ends shortly, this revolver is Software Breaker's ranged weapon. It is so fast that it cannot be grabbed or seen sometimes, only the light effect it gives is visible. It is equal to the speed of Form B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y of Error404. The limit to go is 5 universes distance.
  • True Absolute Destruction:He can destroy everything that is or does not exist, he can destroy all kinds of beings without limit, he can create real chaos and destruction. He's a god of destruction
  • True Absolute Crushing Touch:Software Breaker can load a heavy weight on the enemy with one touch, this weight can even reach infinity. This weight will even cause death and is an enormous advantage for Software Breaker.
  • True Absolute Destructive Punch:With this punch, he can neutralize or even kill the enemy, his strength is unlimited and he is extremely powerful. It can perfectly separate a planet from the center. Most or all of the bones who have eaten the fist will be broken and paralyzed, no one can prevent this ability.
  • True Absolute Code Punch of Death:Software Breaker can use this ability if he wants to get things done easily, Software Breaker can destroy the code of any asset with one punch. The being whose code has disappeared can never be brought back by being erased from existence. but this ability doesn't work on Anti-Code.
  • True Absolute GOD BREAKER:Software Breaker can throw a punch encased in 100% energy that can easily kill a god no matter what happens, the god who suffers this feature will be stunned and eventually get heavily wounded and exhausted. From here on, his fate was left to Software Breaker. After this attack his own energy is quickly regenerated.
  • Anti-Void Magic:Software Breaker has unlimited access to all forms of magic and other mystical and supernatural powers. He can bend, break and even create natural laws, perform incredible miracles and create things without limits.
  • Instant Regeneration:If a part is damaged or destroyed, those parts will be replaced. For it to disappear completely, all of its parts must be destroyed. It can be renewed again even if a last part remains.
  • Hacking Intuition:Software Breaker is quite adept at hacking, it would not be a lie to say that there is nothing he cannot hack.
  • Censoring:Software Breaker can censor everything, for example an attack can censor hide them from the enemy so that the enemy remains vulnerable to attack.
  • Absolute Reincarnation:If Software Breaker dies somehow, his codes will leave that environment and they will find their way to the trashvoid, where the codes and the Software Breaker will reunite and regenerate.
  • Nigh-Omniscience:Software Breaker knows almost everything because he has lived for many years.
  • Power Consumption:He can use the powers, energy, and abilities of someone he has killed and consume or use them for a limited time.
  • Maddening Presence:Since the Software Breaker has a very unstable structure, it affects those around them, the divine and non-code-based beings will be crushed by a heavy force and eventually they will either disappear or turn into a virus. However, he can turn off or active this ability
  • Administrator Access:Software Breaker can do what he wants by logging into the system he wants.
  • Absolute Outerversal+ Hoop:He can access all kinds of universes in Outerverse. He can log in to Metaverse-, but must use his full power. Able to travel between dimensions
  • Electronic-Media Jumping:Software breaker is able to jump from any media to media.
  • True Absolute Reality Ray:True power of Reality ray. This ray, which can reach 10 universes in the distance, not only destroys the place it hits, it spoils the reality there and causes the enemy to lose their sanity. The beam can grow as large as a 2-story house and instantly kill the opponent, the beam can pierce everything without recognizing an opponent or shield, and these cuts hardly heal even with healing spells. They are extremely fast and almost impossible to escape.
  • Absolute Deus Ex Machina:Software Breaker can go at limitless speeds, possessing abilities like flash, he can use limitless amounts of strength and accuracy making him dangerous in combat. he also has limitless amounts of intelligence and mental fortitude. he is able to block off completely ANY mental attempt towards him. he also does not require sleep, food, rest, and cannot get tired or become exhausted. he knows every form of martial arts.
  • Breaker's True Chrome Hands:Unlimited sized chrome hands can summon and use the power of every soul, these hands are strong enough to crush anything they touch and cannot be broken. Their powers are unlimited.
  • High Meta-Breaking Explosion:It is capable of massive hyper meta-explosions up to 25 meters away. He can have these bangs anytime he wants and he can get bangs anywhere on his body, no matter what, he doesn't even get scratches from these bangs. These explosions are absolutely invincible and equipped with unlimited energy, normal NPCs die immediately with this attack. And its cooldown is 5 minutes.
  • Software Panels:with this panels he can follow every concept and reality of the universes. can coding, take notes, detect the area of ​​each software, etc.
  • Unlimited Soul Manipulation:He can manipulate, create, or destroy souls that exists or does not exist without limit.
  • ''The Software Breaker'':Software Breaker can fatally crush anyone within 5 Meters with an energy of destruction instantly. Those who suffer from this feature will stick to the ground like a giant stepped over it. But this feature only works for those who have power below King Multiverse.
  • True Absolute Mental Power:Software Breaker can manipulate, modify, control and copy the entity's functions of the mind, emotions, and history of their chosen people and upload them to someone or something, as well as retrieve, rearrange or completely redesign memories.
  • Omni-Virus:like Virus404, Software Breaker can be any type of virus and produce any type of virus.
  • Virus Manipulation:Software Breaker can control, create or destroy any kind of non-free will viruses, and it can easily create the deadliest viruses.
  • Old Capabilities Returned:Software Breaker can prevent an entity from receiving a power that it copies from another being or existence.For example; When the Errorcode copied a power, Software Breaker can disable the copied power and so the Errorcode will revert to his classic powers.
  • True Intellectual Immunity:Software Breaker is immune to mind control, being paralyzed, being controlled or manipulated in any way.
  • True Power disable Immunity:Any power disabling or destruction is useless to him. and his powers cannot be copied somehow. It cannot be prevented in any way. this ability cannot be blocked in any way.
  • True Quantum Paradox Immunity:Software Breaker is immune to all molecular and quantum abilities, even primordial and meta quantum manipulations, etc.
  • Erase-Code Immunity:This feature prevents it from being deleted directly.
  • Change Immunity:Software Breaker cannot be corrupted in any way, rendered useless, manipulated by its appearance, neutralized, stats may increase but not decrease, the rest cannot change anything.
  • Time Effect Immunity:Time Manipulation has no effect on him. If time stops, time will not stand against it, if time passes back, it will still be the same, if time slows it will not slow down, if time speeds up it will not accelerate, etc. Even if he wants it, he can't turn it off. He is also immune to any time attack.
  • Instant Kill Safeguard:Whatever the attack is, whatever the situation is, Software Breaker is protected against attacks that can be destroyed in one shot. If the Software Breaker is attacked with a single hit, he will be untouchable. Software Breaker will not take any damage until this untouchable is sufficient. This also means that his codes cannot be deleted in one go.
  • Absolute Deny Access:Software Breaker can choose who can or cannot enter an AU he is currently on or monitoring.usually uses for an AU is destroyed by him, it captures inputs to the AU and does not release it until the AU crashes.
  • True Code Mastery:Can change any code in any way. can load the codes into himself, manipulate the codes in every way, change the functions of the codes, control their values, manipulate their shapes, and even convert it to a different code.
  • True All Voids Mastery:Software Breaker can control all voids at its own will, he can do whatever it wants in voids, he can be empowered, he can manage space and time in Voids, he can create barriers from scratch, he can choose who can enter and many more.
  • True Anti-Void Mastery:Apart from producing Anti-Voids, Software Breaker has the power to reflect the energies of Anti-Voids outside or use them for itself. He can change the structure of Anti-Voids, change their themes, change their structure, change their events, reset the thoughts of those who know Anti-Void about Anti-Void, and many more.
  • True Absolute Puppet Mastery:He is the best puppeteer in and around Outerverse, from him he can easily turn the powerless into brainless puppets; he can change their minds, play with their bodies, play with their sprites, shape, and more.
  • True Blue Mastery:Software Breaker is able to move any object as existor doesn't exist, as well as manipulate, edit and destroy both the mind and body.
  • Absolute Clairvoyance:This allows Software Breaker to gain any and all information about everything around him but this types spans out to the entire Outerverse so he knows everything about the people, places, events, etc with 100% accuracy. He can use this abilities too;Absolute Past and Future Sight,Absolute Sight,Absolute Telepathy,Absolute Analysis,Absolute Tactics,Absolute Awareness,Absolute Precognition and Prescience,Absolute Mental Fortitude,Absolute Intuition,Absolute Perception and etc.
  • Invisibility:can be invisible for 25 minutes.
  • Time Stop:Software Breaker can stop time.
  • Space-Time Bending:Software Breaker can create and cause distortions in space and time.
  • Absolute Creator's Help:Since killing a creator, it has been attracting its energy every day, and it is getting stronger with each passing day.
  • ABSOLUTE BREAKER Form:Absolute breaker is a very powerful form that occurs when Software Breaker needs some ultimate help. Absolute breaker now gains access to absolute powers beyond boundaries and can throw punches that can break even defenses beyond infinity. It gains many new features and It reaches 8'7 tall. With his gaze, he can move faster than the speed of light, giving entities a great sense of collapse. It can deny death and shatter every ultimate being. In addition, its legs and arms are extremely long, and the fingers are very wide and sharp. Regardless of the entity approaching this form of excessive strength, it will feel a weight and the closer it gets to the breaker, the more it will be crushed, while the being will be extremely weak. The utter hurt is now a psychopath killer who has transgressed in his chaotic evil, and no one can stop him from this feeling.The powers of this form cannot be priced or counted, but the currently emerging abilities are:
    • Puppeteer's Ultimate Strings:Ultimate and overpowering versions of the absolute puppeteer strings can now puppet all kinds of beings and have full control over them, as the Absolute breaker no longer knows the limits.
    • Cursed Infection:it can release a cursed infection into the air, and anyone who is subjected to this infection will begin to melt away from their hands and eventually disappear. The only way to get rid of this is to cut the infection trap. Its range is 2 meters.
    • Overwhelming Approach:Approaching the absolute breaker, his final state suffers a weight and a weight that can go to the ground or even to the core. The absolute breaker can choose who will be affected.
    • No Limit:he has no limits, his strength has been increasing in an incalculable way, and has been breaking through the limits set unknown times.
    • Mental Disorder Creation:He can spoil and shape the mind of anyone he wants. When the mind is broken, your destiny is up to the Absolute Breaker, whatever the absolute breaker wants, the mind will be shaped or distorted accordingly.
    • Unusual touch of the Breaker:Breaker will touch the person he wants to come to death with absolute pain and die, entity will start to tingle and hit the ground, and if entitys will is weak, entity will disappear.
    • Reality disruptive:He can distort reality as he wishes or correct his own distortions, such as distorting the reality of the AU, but it distorts the reality of everything that is behind him now.
    • Flight:self-explanatory
    • Ultimate Reality Ray:This beam, which is extremely powerful from the old ray of reality, no longer recognizes an opponent. It leaves a mark on everything it hits and leaves an infection that distorts reality, the reality in this wound begins to degrade randomly, and the entity cannot bear it and begins to suffer or even die, but it becomes more likely to suffer rather than die.
    • Outerverse talent development:All attacks except these attacks are 50x stronger.



He encountered the Trojan and became friends very quickly. But even though the Trojan did not know that he was the Software Breaker's puppet, Software Breaker did not erase his free will because he is feel sorry for the Trojan.

The Anti-Code (Archenemies)

Software Breaker and Anti-Code are archenemies. When Software Breaker and Anti-Code met, Software Breaker attacked without thinking and tried to make the puppet, but was distracted because it didn't work and lost control and lost to Anti-Code. But when he stood up again, the Anti-Code was gone, and that day he swore revenge.

Alpha Computer(Brother)

Alpha Computer is Software Breaker's most cherished person and his younger brother. Although they were born on the same day , Software Breaker occurred before. They both value each other and they destroy this garbage together, if someone damages to Alpha Computer, it will be destroyed by Software Breaker within 1 day at the latest.

Infinitey Code(Ally)

Software Breaker acts as the executioner of the Infinitey code. He is very happy to work for Infinitey Code because he has a lot of fun with it. But he doesn't listen to Infinitey Code very much.

Omni-Breaker(Ally/Best Friends)

They are best friends with Omni-Breaker, they destroy universes and hang out together. They both value each other and sometimes hate each other.

Alpha Breaker(Ally/Best Friends)

After Omni-Breaker, Software Breaker's best friend is Alpha Breaker, they're ally in Breaker Squad.


They are good allies with Virus404, they go on Infinitey Code's missions together.

Bete Noire(Bullshit/Murdered)

While Software Breaker was destroying Glitchtale, he encountered Bete, Bete attempted to kill him, but that was insufficient and ridiculous. He easily killed Bete with the True Absolute Reality Ray.

Epic Sans(Fun)

He finds Epic Sans fun.

Epic Dust Sans(Murdered)

Epic Dust confronted him and scorned him, and Epic Dust thought he could kill him easy, but suddenly felt like a big punch, flew far and finally died.

Virus Sans(Murdered)

Virus Sans was a so easy to kill for Software Breaker. stopping time, use ''Software Breaker'' and finished. He always makes fun of Virus Sans' frustration.

Anti-Virus Sans(Almost Murdered)

He knew he could easily defeat anti-virus, but let him go for fun. He will kill him the next time.

Error Sans(Frenemies)

He bullies Error Sans because Error Sans is too weak for him. But he helps him a little sometimes

Ink Sans(Enemies)

He can easily kill Ink Sans, but he never does as this will be very boring.

Classic Sans(hate)

He hates the classic sans so much that he is dying to kill him every day, if he had the opportunity he would have killed him already.


Since the Omni404 couldn't overcome him, he couldn't destroy him and they became friends, Software Breaker likes to hang out with the Omni404.

Bad Guys Team(Puppets)

The whole team of bad guys including the nightmare is his puppet, he let their lives for fun and can delete or activate their free will at any time.

Core Frisk(Enemies)

Core Frisk interferes with his work so he hates him/her terribly.

Trivia/Fun Fact

  • A message from the author, I will not edit this page anymore, but if you want to see new updates on OC, check here.
  • Trashvoid:it is an endless waste of garbage where programs or software thrown into computers' trash and deleted programs go. There is not much to see around, but there are parts from every computer. Nobody else can enter here except the software thrown here whatever happens.
  • Breakerist Realm:It is a realm that Software Breaker created after many destructions. The environment is full of computers with lots of dummies and codes, and computers are constantly being written. This computer is a gateway to every host and AU, in fact, can enter any computer it wants or enter any universe or reality. If any non-divine or non-code-based entity that comes here stays here for 2 hours, it will begin to melt and disappear, and only the software breaker can stop it. and breakers are allowed in here.
  • Software Breaker doesn't need its own code, so even if its code is deleted somehow, he will still exist.
  • Software Breaker enjoys destroying.
  • Software Breaker's favorite drink is coffee, his favorite dish is pudding.
  • Software Breaker likes to read manga.
  • Software Breaker hates Glitchtale and destroyed.
  • Software Breaker is bisexual.
  • Software Breaker always adds strength to his power.
  • Software Breaker killed Geno.
  • Software Breaker since he absorbs the power and energy of the creator every day, he has a power beyond its limits and it is getting stronger every day.
  • Software Breaker loves Knife Party's songs.
  • Software Breaker killed a group of gods.
  • Software Breaker hates Dust AUs so he often kills Dust Sanses.
  • Software Breaker can inflict fatal blows on any god.
  • Software Breaker's favorite color is purple and red
  • Software Breaker doesn't care much about assets other than sanses.
  • Software Breaker know about fiction.
  • Software Breaker hates the number 13.
  • Software Breaker can have a soul whenever he wants, but he does not because the soul weakens him, so he is soulless.
  • Software Breaker targets to weak entitys.
  • Software Breaker drinking wine
  • Software Breaker has Zoophobia.(Fear of animals)
  • Software Breaker has Hyperacusis.(Increased sensitivity to high frequencies and sound level ranges)
  • Breaker Squad is a group where breakers come together. Members is:Omni-Breaker, Software Breaker and Alpha Breaker, sometimes Alpha Computer join them.
  • Software Breaker can think of more than one thing, 50 at most.
  • Software Breaker was able to interact with the creators, but he was only able to kill 1 of them.
  • Software Breaker hates the original universe very much.
  • Software Breaker likes to eat bananas
  • Software Breaker Hates normal NPCs and kills all the time.
  • Software Breaker has a desire to kill that nobody can think of.
  • Software Breaker hates joke character.
  • Software Breaker never ages.
  • Software Breaker likes to eat pizza
  • Software Breaker is even more adept puppeteer and manipulator than Error404
  • Software Breaker is doing the protectors genocide, it has destroyed many of them now.
  • Software Breaker destroyed too many universes.
  • Software Breaker is no sense of love.
  • Software Breaker is mad.
  • Software Breaker is very cunning, he can easily manipulate or fool someone.