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Sparta is a skeleton OC created by Amatic SC who is named after the font "this is sparta!". She lives in the void, but she doesn't remember anything about her life from before she came to be in it.



She has a glitched out appearance similar to error, as well as many other similarities. She can create blue "silly string" with her fingers and has the same "speech impediment". She usually wears tattered clothes underneath a dark trench coat and bandages around her feet in place of shoes.


Sparta can be sarcastic and petty, but only if she holds a grudge against you. She likes to sing, but she would never do it in front of anyone because she's embarrassed.

TW (Trigger Warning) for parental abuse.

She doesn't remember anything that happened before she came to the void (or how she got there) but certain things that happened then have affected her personality. for example, her parents' abuse has affected her worldview and causes her to tense up when someone goes to hug her. she doesn't push you, or run away, she just raises her arms defensively, like she knows you're going to hurt her and is just trying to make it hurt as little as possible.


  • Gaster Blasters: She has the ability to create large dragon skulls that can fire different colours of magic.
  • Silly Strings: She uses blue strings from her fingers to tie people's SOULs up, but she isn't very good at it. She can also use them outside of battle for more practical things, like glue or shoelaces.
  • Blue Magic: She can turn souls blue and change their gravity, similar to how Sans uses this ability in his Genocide fight.



Main article: Error!Sans

Sparta and Error have an... interesting relationship. They are both happily surprised to meet someone with the same glitches and she looks up to him a little, seeing him as sort of a surrogate uncle. He has taught her to believe the same thing he does about destroying AUs and she helps him attack anomalies.


Main article: Underswap Sans

She met Blueberry soon after Error because the former was just about to attack the latter when she arrived. She thinks of him (or rather, the infinite other hims that weren't killed that day) as a sort of an annoying younger cousin.

Fresh sans

Main article: Fresh

She is extremely afraid of Fresh and will avoid him if possible.


  • She is unable to open her mouth.
  • She can play the cello very well.
  • She replaces all her spaces (like the Spacebar) with underscores.
  • She has never played Minecraft.