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Starshine Mew Mew is an Out!code protector created by Ninadroid. She is a heroic yet short tempered version of Mad Mew Mew that travels the multiverse to protect it from the forces of evil and chaos. She also has a habit of meeting with other versions of herself.



She has long blonde hair with blue and white colored hair pins that have yellow ribbons with stars at the end. A sailor girl outfit with a cat like patterns, a medium sized blue and white skirt and cat shaped shoes. She also carries a staff with a large cat hat with star shaped eyes.


He acts like a stereotypical magical anime girl who wants to protect the world from evil. But she also has a lot of Mad dummy's personality traits.


Undertale Mad Mew Mew

Starshine calls her Pinky Mew. She is the first and most cheerful member of Team Mew Mew. Pinky Mew was very shocked but also excited to meet an Outcode version of herself. But sometimes she gets angry at Starshine because of how she is more powerful than her.

Underswap Undyne

Starshine calls her Fish Nerd. Since Starshine was unable to find a Mew Mew in Underswap she decided on the next best thing, Undyne. Although she isn't as strong or confident as the other Undynes that is has met. But she is the smartest member of Team Mew Mew.

Underfell Mad Mew Mew

Starshine calls her Goth Mew. She is the most ansty member of Team Mew Mew.

Inverted Fate Mad Mew Mew

Starshine calls her Mecha Mew. She is the most tanky member of Team Mew Mew.