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""Wrong" is something objective. Opinions are pure subjectivity. Therefore, wrong opinions don't exist, neither correct ones."
– Stephen

Stephen Lighthead is a human from an alternate timeline, seperated from the rest.

He is a genius mind, mastering the use of quantum mechanics. He is 25 years old.


Stephen was born in a chaotic timeline, where there were conflicts almost everywhere and everytime.

His parents were quite abusive, and would try to experiment with him. But there's something they didn't count with. Stephen was oddly born with an outstanding intelligence. Eventually, when he turned , he was able to outsmart his parents, and as well, their abuse towards him backfired. He managed to throw them into jail.

When he grew 11 he encountered bullies in his school, but still they couldn't do anything. He was oblivious to the insults, and even if he was physically hurt, he could just get up carelessly. As he grew older, he managed to become smarter than Gaster, the royal scientist. 

After that, he managed to create a timeline jumping machine, as well as other stuff. He became a prestigious scientist, but not everybody like it. 

Chara, being the tyran of the timeline, sent guards to kill him, but again, they were defeated. After a while, he murdered Chara and took their Determination and used it to power his machine. 

After RESETTing the timeline, he made sure that no signs of genocide were in there, so he took the SOULs and broke the barrier. After exploring all timelines, he got bored, and at the age of 23, using the remaining DT and the SOULs, he went beyond his universe and began exploring the multiverse. Currently, he has been exploring it for 2 years.

He has found about Multiversal Web!Muffet , and is finding away to end her reign of terror.



Stephen is pretty open-minded, and is open to experimenting and trying to improve his theories and statements.

He's constantly researching in order to backup his arguments in case he has to argue with someone. He also will try to find the most closest to the objective truth, if there's any.

He will basically accept any speculation if there's something to "prove" it, but won't confirm it. He also hates tyrans. He's often called the "human calculator" or "the human computer".


  • He has the ability to build things out of few materials.
  • He can calculate various problems pretty quick in real time.
  • He has photographic memory.
  • He can create a program in few time.
  • He's very fast as well.