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Stradetch, The Death That Consumes, is known by many self-aware entities to be the most powerful antagonist in all of the multiverse.


Stradetch was corrupted during his creation. It's unknown how he became corrupted in the first place, but it's certain that he's a brother of a being called Omneon. Some time (after his corruption) the two fought, leading to his banishment to the void.

When he regained enough power he duplicated the AxeTale AU and made NoireTale, where he now reigns supreme. He chose to clone AxeTale because of the AU's chaos and The Hunger, however, he hasn't been affected by The Hunger. This is because he is immune to its effects. He can't be more corrupted than he already is. He is using the very existence of The Hunger to stay alive. He has promised that he will return and kill all who stand in his way.

Since then, Stradetch has been behind most of every multiversal threat, pulling the strings while he regains his energy. His main objective is to collect seven souls to invert into their opposites. Once that happens, the multiverse will be doomed.

Stradetch has taken several to be his proxies.

  • Error Sans
  • Dust!Sans
  • Nightmare!Sans
  • Killer!Sans
  • Bete Noire



Stradetch's body reflects his soul, pure darkness. The only parts visible are his giant hands and face. He seems to tower over everyone.


Very dark and cold. His cares for nothing and no one.


  • TRUE RESET: Able to fully RESET timelines and remove all saved points.
  • TIME CONTROL: The ability to freeze, reverse, or accelerate an object's or character's time, this can also make enemy entities unable to move and use powers and/or abilities.
  • CODE OVERRIDE: Able to infiltrate, hijack, distort, change, reverse, remove, add, etc... code up to the point of changing reality itself to the way he wants. He can also shut down any anti-virus/protection code, create his own code, combine AU's, delete AU's, create savepoints, delete savepoints, SAVE, LOAD, RESET, etc. Stradetch can also use this to mimic any attack. However, due to Omneon's existence, these abilities have been limited to a certain degree. But even though they have been limited, they are still on an unstoppable power scale. Stradetch's code can't be changed in any way.


A corrupted version of the Hyper Soul. It's a combination of 8 Negative traits with the dominant being Corruption.

  • Corruption - Black
  • Hesitance - Teal Blue
  • Fear - Pink
  • Falsehood - Taupe Brown
  • Envy - Violet Purple
  • Wrath - Sienna Brown
  • Deception - Amber Yellow
  • Sloth - Pear Green



Brother and Nemesis

Error Sans

The two know of each other. In some timelines, Error fears him. In other timelines, Error is a proxy of Stradetch.

Bete Noire

In some timelines, Stradetch takes Bete as his proxy.

W.D. Gaster

Encountered each other once in the part of The Void.

Hate Sans

Hate Sans is an incarnation of Stradetch.

Ink Sans

Ink knows of Stradetch but keeps his existence a secret.


  • As long as evil exists, he can't die.
  • He can only be defeated by Omneon.
  • He is aware of the events of the UnderVerse timeline.
  • He is aware of Infinitey Code and thinks of him as nothing but a mere joke and could easily beat him if they were to meet.
  • Stradetch's soul is made of the same substance that GlitchTale's HATE is made of.
  • He is aware of CORRUPTION, and thinks he is another fool.


Stradetch Sprite