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Strol is an OC created by Phase sans. He is a unknown character of high power, he is currently not quite known on appearance due to the fact he is not an actual physical being, yet. He has had his home destroyed due to some kind of sans (probably error sans to be honest) and now he dedicates his life to protecting all.



Strol has a dark sort of tattered silk cloak with a white lining around the face area and down the middle (to be honest, looks like that boat person thing but darker and white lining).


Having a power 6 times that of regular sans, he is obsessed with keeping the balance of multiple realities. Not having friends, he has nothing but a remnant of supposedly where he came from which is a gem which is said to hold more power than 500 gods (probably why his home was destroyed). Not even he knows how to use it though, he was told to just let the gem power him which does happen in times of need.

  • Hand beam: He concentrates his power from his boney hands into a beam usually tiring him out due to how draining it is
  • Controlled Fire: Concentrating his focus to a casted fireball he can have it chase the attacker around until the flames go out
  • Force Grasp: He concentrates his reach to hold the attacker and hit them with ease
  • Ancient Gem Release: being harder than anything, he concentrates all his energy into his gem and unleashes the power in a form of beam and fire madness but after using it, he cannot attack for 2 minutes for it is maximum draining
  • Dark energy: he casts a dark bullet or two at the attacker, the bullet steals energy from the attacker and gives it to him
  • Book of Harmony: combines all attacks into one large godlike attack that ignores barriers or defense
  • Ancient Blade: He summons a blade into his hand and swiftly strikes hit opponent (he is invulnerable while striking at his target)
  • Reality Crusher: His last resort that has not yet been used, he destroys the gem and himself causing the reality to crumble taking his target down with him by quickly binding his target to him before he dies (good god man, that is a bit intense)