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Styx is Createsans's friend's OC. He is a street dancer that is encountered during any Route in Alphys's Lab, after she leaves to "use the bathroom". He is an added canon.



He has light red scales and yellow vertical pupils. He has pale yellow horns on the back of his head and wings.

He wears a gray tattered tank top, jeans, and no shoes.


He is loud, rebellious, and loves getting into trouble and vandalizing. He likes to paint, but not where he's supposed to, similar to Streak. Mae often yells at him to stop, but he ignores her. He has gotten in trouble but managed to avoid it.

Weapons and Abilities

He normally uses spray paint as a weapon, and he can also breathe fire and use his tail as a weapon.


He is ticklish, but fortunately, only Mae knows this.



Mae is his best friend. She often draws out designs for his paintings, and he sometimes asks if she can draw something for him.


His attacks vary per route but are all similar

True Pacifist/Neutral

  • He breathes fire towards the protagonist's SOUL> The fire is orange and easy to avoid if you keep moving.
  • He swings his tail. The tail changes color depending on the turn and the protagonist's actions. It's consistently blue if the protagonist kills Papyrus and orange if the protagonist kills Undyne.


  • He has a complicated bite. It is notably similar to Lemon Bread's attack.
  • He sprays paint. The color of the paint varies, but the color sprayed is the protagonist's soul mode until he sprays paint again.
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