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Symbol!Sans is a Sans variant created by Commaful user Feartheunknown2. Originally named King!Sans, his AU (Warriortale) and its timelines collapsed on him due to a trick from Error!Sans. This implosion infused Symbol!Sans with excessive powers and saved him from a fatal eye wound dealt by Chara. He now watches the Multiverse from what's left of Warriortale (the SymbolVoid) and steps in only when truly necessary.


Symbol!Sans is the sole surviving version of King!Sans (AKA Warriortale Sans) that was tricked by Error!Sans into collapsing his AU and its timelines upon himself during a battle with Chara. This makes Symbol!Sans survive a killing blow dealt by Chara, and gives him formidable powers. Warriortale was turned into the SymbolVoid, a place of complete emptiness that only Symbol!Sans can manipulate. Symbol!Sans's hatred towards Error!Sans and grief towards losing his family, friends and kingdom manifest into another form of Sans: Level!Sans. Symbol!Sans is obsessed with protecting AU's from facing the same fate.



In the present, Symbol!Sans appears as a tall skeleton with a massive scar running through his left eye, causing that eye to be blank. His right eye is always glowing in a bright neon purple. His jacket is a similar shade of purple, with a grey undershirt, grey shorts and red slippers.


He has a usually kind and funny persona (Except when faced with any versions of Error!Sans and/or Nightmare!Sans), and will go above and beyond to help those with good intentions. He can be selfish, though, and sometimes is willing to break his own rules to get what he needs and/or wants. He doesn't like his other form, Level!Sans, but will transform into him if it is an absolute necessity (in his eyes, at least). He will do just about anything for a good meal of chicken alfredo and DR. Pepper, and one of the best ways to tick off Symbol!Sans is to take one from him.


  • Symbol Blaster: These are like Gaster Blasters, but much more powerful. They shoot extremely explosive beams of purple energy, and they have matching eye scars with their owner.
  • Power Outburst: At a great expense to his powers, he can cause a massive explosion of neon purple energy that essentially disables gravity and slows time.
  • Immortal Reset: If killed, he can just respawn back in the SymbolVoid, albeit after an extended period of time.
  • Border Slip: He can slip easily between the borders of different AUs



Put simply, Level!Sans is Symbol!Sans's more dangerous form, born of rage, grief and power. Level!Sans has no SOUL, and finds emotion foreign.


A great enemy of Scribble, he caused the destruction of his home and the creation of his powers.


Another enemy, he's the one that alerted Error!Sans of Warriortale's existence


A version of Error!Sans that was captured and enslaved by Level!Sans.


A version of Nightmare!Sans that was captured and enslaved by Level!Sans.


  • Symbol!Sans will kill any Chara/Chara type on sight.
  • Symbol!Sans also enjoys foods such as chocolate, tacos and popcorn.
  • Symbol!Sans will occasionally stop by random AUs for entertainment, sometimes even interacting with its inhabitants