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System TOR is an Out!Code Destroyer created by TOR Sans. He's the physical embodiment of the TOR system that its Sans ends up fused with. He became this way when he gain full control of the body.


System TOR is the physical representation of MoniTOR Sans' . He was, originally, a digital second consciousness created in a result of the TOR machine MoniTOR Sans fell in, but now he controls MoniTOR Sans most of the time as a single different entity, even having him create a physical embodiment of System TOR.



System is often very easy on MoniTOR Sans and actually is obsessed with MoniTOR Sans. If anyone insults MoniTOR Sans System would likely harm them to the point of nearly killing them. He rarely knows other AUs, making himself and MoniTOR Sans his only friends. (other than his clones)


System has two forms, one being very physical, the other being less recognizable. He wears grey shorts with red streaks, and his surface color is a very dark. He wears a red jacket with a puffy, purple hood. He has long, line-shaped, yellowish-orange glitches around him as well.


  • Digital Cloning: Can recreate his consciousness digitally and create clones
  • Teleportation: can teleport to any desired location or person
  • AU traveling: Can travel to different Universes
  • Brainwash: Can brainwash entities with low to regular intelligence or determination.