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Internal Error is an Out!code created by Windows!Sans89. He's a Sans that gone through so many genocide routes, that he lost the ability to feel happy. He now goes to pacifist timelines killing anyone and everyone who is happy.


It's been 25 Genoside’s Sans is trying to enjoy the few moments he has with papyrus before the Human kills papyrus. At that point he realized he can't be happy. But he keeps trying but he just gets more depressed. It got to the point where Sans couldn't feel happiness. Even during failed genoside he isn’t happy. So he tried to escape his timeline, to escape depression. It didn't work; he just got himself stuck in the anti-void. There he truly got depressed, it was at the point where it was an INTERNAL ERROR. But then, he thought that if he can’t be happy then why should other Timelines! So he learned how to open portals to other universes (only the happy ones) and killed everyone that was happy! Just so they can suffer as he has. This is Internal Error Sans



Sans but with a black jacket with a green(his left) and blue(his right) hood and white sleeves that have a green strip on his left and a blue stripe on his right shorts with a blue and green stripe and a blue slipper on his right and a green slipper on his left. his teeth are right half blue and left half green. his right eye is blue and his left eye is green.


  • Blue Bone: Classic attack but stay still or you will get hurt
  • Blue Soul: Classic Soul Blue, you now have the gravity affect
  • Blue blaster: same as blue bone but its a gaster blaster
  • Green soul: Classic Soul green, you cannot move but you have a shield to deflect attacks
  • (Special) light blue soul: Classic Soul light Blue, you cannot move but you can move the attacks coming at you
  • (special) Strings: works like muffets purple soul but your soul is still red



His enemy, there the reason why he is like this